The Mess-Up

Long lost brother finds out his sister has been dating one of his best friends. Drugs and alcohol become someone's new best friend. Eleanor finds out she's pregnant. Who will she tell first? Who's the baby's father? Bromances and Romances will happen. New beginnings, rejoined relationships, death, trouble and crimes will come throughout the story. Unexpected pregnancies and miscarriages. Unexpected twists and secret relationships and kissing will come out. Hook ups and Break ups. New stars will be born. Read to find out more


2. Will He Make It? -Heart Attack-

Liam's P.O.V

Poor kid. Will he make it? We are in the waiting room. The Doctor come in. "Is he alright sir?" I ask with a worried face. "Yes, but he did have a lot of water go up his nose, almost like drowning." He said "Can we see him" Louis asks "No, not yet. Give him some time." The doctor said. I don't understand Louis. It's his fault that this happened  First he's mad about him kissing El and now he's sorry?

Zayn's P.O.V

 The doctor came in once more. What now? "Earlier Carlos was fine, but... it seems like he is in a minor coma. I'm sorry." The doctor told us. OMG. Poor kid. I barely met him and I feel like he's my brother. I walk toward Jocelyn to see how she is taking it. She seemed worried but Andrea was crying. I go up to her and comfort her. I wrapped my arm around her. She smiles. I noticed that she started to blush. I Kiss her softly on the cheek and whisper in her ear, "He's going to be alright. I promise" She looked up at me. She smile and let one more tear fall down. She laid her head on my shoulder. "Why are you crying?" I ask curiously. "It's okay, he's gonna be alright." I continue "Stop crying." "I like him". She said in a low voice. "As a crush?" I asked "Yeah, bur please dont tell anyone, nobody knows." She replied with a worried face. "Don't worry, it's a secret and it's safe with me. I promise." I told her smiling. She had stopped crying but there was a tear on her cheek. I wiped it off with my thumb. I like her, but she likes Carlos. I can't tell her. Not yet

Andrea's P.O.V

I just told Zayn I liked Carlos. He seemed okay with it. He didn't react like I know the others would have. I hope he doesn't tell the other lads. We all decided to go home and come back tommorow.

Carlos' P.O.V

Where am I? I can't see anything. It's pitch white. I could still hear people. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. What's going on? I tried to move but it was impossible. Everything is. I could hear Andrea crying. If only I can wake the fuck up! I wanted to tell her that I was okay. But I couldn't. I wanted to talk to her so bad. The only person besides Andrea that was on my mind was Christina. I wanted to see Christina's pretty face but all I can see is white. I tried to open my eyes one more time but they just rolled back. It burned. I wanted to scream of the pain. But I couldn't do anything. It felt like someone had poured lemon juice in my eyes. I hated it so much.

Stephanie's P.O.V

I don't get it! Zayn is helping Andrea and i'm her balling eyes out. I love Zayn. He's my favorite. And Andrea knows that! I'm so fucking sick and tired of her! I walked up to Zayn and pull him away. I was about to kiss him when Christina says that we should eat. I am so fucking pissed off. My day isn't going well. "I'm not hungry!" I shout with anger. I ran up to the guest room since we are staying at Jocelyn and Samantha's flat. I slammed the door. I roll up in a ball and start crying more that ever. I start to hear foot steps. Who could it be? Whatever I don't care. All i care about is Zayn... I want him to me and only mine! I mean why doesn't he like me. I'm way more prettier than Andrea. I hate her. 

Zayn's P.O.V

(Knocking on the door) *Knock Knock* What is wrong with Stephanie? She sounded a bit mad. Maybe I can help her out. But she isn't answering or opening the door. "Who is it?!" she yells "It's me Zayn." I say "What do you want!!?" she yells again. "Just let me in!" I say loudly so that Louis can hear me. He liked her. He told me earlier at the hospital. "Come on let me in please" "fine" i hear her say. She opens the door and I slowly walk in. "Are you okay?" She stays quiet "What's wrong?" I questioned her. "I'm fine! You don't even like me! So why the fuck do you even care about me?" She yells at me. Her face was red. "Who said that?!" I yell back "You LIKE Andrea! I saw the way you fucking looking at her!" I just stayed quiet. "You wanna know something?!?!" I yell "What?!!" "I LOVE YOU!! I'm not able to show you because Louis is in love with you" I say. She just stayed quiet. I leaned in and we kissed. I was my dream kiss. Well sort of. The room was dark and in the ceiling there were stars. It was amazing. We kissed once more. This time, Andrea walked in.


Andrea's P.O.V

WTF???!!!!! Did Zayn just kiss Stephanie? OMG... I think i'm... Jealous. I...Love...Zayn. I can't do anything about it though. "OMG... I'm sorry if I interrupted your... moment" I say in a low voice. "Andrea! I just kissed Zayn" She yells at me with a happy voice. I just nod and give her a fake smile.

Zayn's P.O.V

 I noticed Andrea was sad. She had a sad look on her face. What do I do now? I love them both. This is a hard decision. Who do I choose? Andrea slowly walked out of the room and I run after her. "Andrea! Wait!" I scream out. "I'm broken do you hear me?" She sings and keeps walking. "Wait! Andrea Please!" I know she can hear but she's ignoring me. Can't blame her. I would do the same thing. Oh god I left Stephanie alone. "Listen. I know I made you fall for me and I fooled you" "Just shut up and go back to Stephanie" She yelled at me. I was hurt. All I could say was, "Sorry..."

Liam's P.O.V

I could hear Andrea and Zayn fighting. I rush towards Andrea and take her to the couch. "Sit down love" I say to her. "Hey Liam" She said sighing. 

Andrea's P.O.V

"Why is he taking me as a joke? Why can't he make up his mind? Doesn't he know that he hurts me everytime I see him with Stephanie?" I ask Liam. "He doesn't see you as a joke Andrea. He actually really likes you but... he also likes Stephanie" He tells me. I don't wanna end up fighting with one of my closest friends just because a stupid guy can't make up his mind." You know that I'm trying to put my defenses up, trying not to fall in love with Zayn. But there's just something about him that makes me so nervous and makes my heart stop" I tell him. Wow... I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth. "Hey... Do you mind if I talk to Andrea?" Samantha says. "Yeah... You don't mind right?" Liam asks me "It's fine" I say. She sits on the couch, next to me. " I couldn't stop but over hear that you are trying to put your defenses up." She tells me. "Well yeah... I mean.. every guy i end up liking always ends up liking another girl or makes me feel like i'm not good enough." I tell her. She had a smirk on her face."What are you thinking?" I ask her nervously. "I'll be right back" She comes back with our music journals, pens, and guitars. She hands me mine and i ask "What are these for?". "We are going to write and sing about how you feel and I'm going to help you." She says opening her journal. "OK!" I say a little happier. 'So, you said that you don't wanna fall in love. Right?" She asks "Yeah" i reply "Ok, so if you do ever fall in love and get your heart broken how would YOU feel?"  "It would make my world come down or my heart with fall into pieces and stop" "So basically like having a heart attack?" "Yeah" I say. She nods and smiles while shes writing in her journal. "How this?: I'm Puttin’ my defenses up ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love. If I ever did that .I think I’d have a heart attack." She sings while strumming her guitar. "OMG!! That's awesome!!!" I say while hugging her. "Now you go." She tells me. "Never put my love out on the line. Never said 'Yes' to the right guy. Never had trouble getting what I want. But when it comes to you I'm never good enough." I say while she's writing it down. "When I don't care, I can play them like a Ken doll. Won't wash my hair, then make them bounce like a basketball. But you make me want to act like a girl. Painting my nails and wear high heels. Yes, you, make me so nervous that I just can't hold your hand." She sings "You make me glow. But I cover up won't let it show. So i'm puttin' my defenses up. 'Cause I don't wanna fall in love.If I ever did that I think I'd have a heart attack. I think I'd have a heart attack. I think I'd have a heart attack" I sing. " Hmm... Okay how about: The feelings are lost in my lungs. They're burning, I'd rather be numb. And there's no one else to blame. So scared, I take off in a run. I'm flying to close to the sun. And I burst into flames" She sings. "Perfect!" I say. " I could get used to this" I say "Huh?" she asked confused "I mean writing about how I feel." "Ahh..." "So how did you know that this would work?" I ask "Well remember when me and Harry broke up?" she asks. I nod. "Well, I would stay in my room just singing and playing my guitar. Writing about how I truly felt and... it just made me feel relieved of all the stress and sadness that was going through my mind." I nodded " Thanks Sammy. For everything, you're the best!" "I'm glad I can help. Lets finish the song yeah?" She asks "Yeah" I smile. 

~About an hour later~

"Puttin’ my defenses up‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in loveIf I ever did thatI think I’d have a heart attackNever put my love out on the lineNever said yes to the right guyNever had trouble getting what I wantBut when it comes to you, I’m never good enoughWhen I don’t careI can play ‘em like a Ken dollWon’t wash my hairThen make 'em bounce like a basketballBut you make me wanna act like a girlPaint my nails and wear high heelsYes, you, make me so nervousThat I just can’t hold your handYou make me glow, but I cover upWon’t let it show, so I’mPuttin’ my defenses up'Cause I don’t wanna fall in loveIf I ever did thatI think I’d have a heart attack [x3]Never break a sweat for the other guysWhen you come around, I get paralyzedAnd every time I try to be myselfIt comes out wrong like a cry for helpIt's just not fair
Pain's more trouble than love is worthI gasp for airIt feels so good, but you know it hurtsBut you make me wanna act like a girlPaint my nails and wear perfumeFor you, make me so nervousThat I just can’t hold your handYou make me glow, but I cover upWon’t let it show, so I’mPuttin’ my defenses up'Cause I don’t wanna fall in loveIf I ever did thatI think I’d have a heart attack [x3]The feelings are lost in my lungsThey’re burning, I’d rather be numbAnd there’s no one else to blameSo instead I’ll take off in a runI’m flying too close to the sunAnd I’ll burst into flamesYou make me glow, but I cover upWon’t let it show, so I’mPuttin’ my defenses up‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in loveIf I ever did thatI think I’d have a heart attack [x5]" 

We both sing and play to our guitar and hear clapping. We look at eachother confusingly and turn around to see everyone except... Stephanie.


Give Demi Lovato all rights to her song. We own nothing!!

We just thought that it would fit in the ending of the chapter

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