The Mess-Up

Long lost brother finds out his sister has been dating one of his best friends. Drugs and alcohol become someone's new best friend. Eleanor finds out she's pregnant. Who will she tell first? Who's the baby's father? Bromances and Romances will happen. New beginnings, rejoined relationships, death, trouble and crimes will come throughout the story. Unexpected pregnancies and miscarriages. Unexpected twists and secret relationships and kissing will come out. Hook ups and Break ups. New stars will be born. Read to find out more


3. Reunited

~Next Day~

Samantha's P.O.V

Ughhh! Stupid phone! I grab my phone from the nightstand to turn it off. It's 10 a.m. I do my everyday routine. Get up. Shower. Brush my teeth. Get changed. Do my make-up and hair. When i'm done its about 10:40. I go downstairs to the kitchen and see Christina starting to make breakfast. "Morning" I say "Morning" "Need help?" "Yeah sure" I grab the things to make pancakes while she starts to make the eggs. There was about a 5 minute silence. Talk about awkward. "Hey, look i'm sorry for the other day. I over reacted." She says looking at me. Ya think!! I mean its fine. She doesn't known about my past with Harry. "Don't worry about it. I over reacted too. I shouldv'e never kissed Harry in the first place. You always liked him and I think I was just fan girling and couldn't resist. And besides Zayn and Liam are my favorites right?" I say "Yeah, your'e right Samantha." To be honest, I like Zayn... but not as a crush or anything. More like a friend/brother. Should I tell her? I just don't want to fight with her. Like Stephanie and Andrea did. Ughh! Why does life have to be so complicated?! I'm gonna tell her. "Hey, I have ..." I was interrupted by Harry saying, "Morning" in his deep raspy morning voice that I missed and remembered. "Morning" Me and Christina say back to him. He approaches to for a hug and I just move away. I really do wanna hug and kiss like we used to. :( I miss being known as 'HIS'   

Harry's P.O.V                    

      I wake up because I smell food and I'm hungry. I walk downstairs to go get food. Then I hear... "Hey, look i'm sorry for the other day. I over reacted."  "Don't worry about it. I over reacted too. I shouldv'e never kissed Harry in the first place. You always liked him and I think I was just fan girling and couldn't resist. And besides Zayn and Liam are my favorites right?"  I hear to girls saying. "Yeah, your'e right Samantha." Wow... I can't believe that Samantha regrets our kiss or maybe... Christina doesn't know about us. I walk in the kitchen and say "Morning" I walk up to Samantha to give her the 'Good Morning' kiss on the cheek and hug that I used to always give her. Then she realized what I was gonna do and she just walked away. Does she feel the same way as I do? Does she really like Zayn or Liam? I look at Samantha with a confused look and when she looked up at me.. our eyes met and I realized.... she had tears in her eyes and mouthed, "Sorry" and let the tear fall. With that, she left the room and Christina started to talk to me. I wasn't really paying attention to her... all I could think about is losing Samantha...again.  


Niall's P.O.V                                                                                                                                  

   I couldn't sleep last night. The bed was comfortable and all bur I kept thinking about Jocelyn. I just wan't to hold her in my arms and be able to call her 'MINE and ONLY MINE'. Does she feel the same way? I hope she does. I'm gonna ask El and the girls to help me ask her out.           

                                                                                                                          Eleanor's P.O.V      

                                                                                                                                 What should I do?! I'm still in love with Carlos but I'm with Louis. I just want to .... Niall interrupts my thoughts by coming in the room. "Hey Ni" I say "Hey, can I ask you a question?" He asks, I nod. "Can you help the girls and me plan a way to ask Jocelyn out and what I can say to her?" "Yeah!! OMG! My little Ni is growing up!" I say happily pretending to cry. "Stop!" He says "Ok i'm calm" "Ok... Thanks" He says "Your Welcome" I reply. I'm really happy for him! I decided to call the doctor and ask if we can go see Carlos. I call the Hospital and ask if I can speak to the doctor who is looking after. "Hello. This is Eleanor Calder and I'm calling to see if me and my friends can go visit Carlos today?" I ask "Hello Eleanor. Unfortunately not today. Maybe tommorow. You and your friends should maybe have a small gathering to get your minds off the whole situation" He says "Ok. How is he doing?" I ask "He is doing great!" "Ok. Thanks. We will be coming by tommorow." "Ok. Until then. Bye." "Bye"  


 Jocelyn's P.O.V                                                                                                                        

 "Eleanor just told me that we can't see Carlos today because he wants us to take out minds off a bit on the whole situation." I tell everyone "Ok. So what should we do?" Harry asks "Maybe we can have a little barbeque with lots of food, beer, soda..." Niall says "You call that little?" Christina says being the only one laughing. "I'll text Mike" Samantha says "Who's Mike?? Your boyfriend???" Louis says making kissing noises  "He's our brother!!" Samantha says laughing. "Ohh... Sorry" Louis says looking embarrassed. "Niall and I will go buy the beer and soda. Harry, Liam and Samantha stay here to invite some close friends over. Andrea and Christina go get meat at the market. And Zayn stay with Harry, Samantha and Liam . And Stephanie come with me and Niall." "What about me and El?" Louis asks "Umm... you guys can set up outside or we can do it in here?" "Ok" "Lets go!!"                


Samantha's P.O.V                                                                                                                  

 It can't get anymore awkward than this right? Well....this outta be good. Harry...  my ex and the guy I have to pretend I hate because of Christina. Zayn... my friend who is like a brother to me. Liam... my other friend who I just can't seem to act normal around, there is some weird feeling I get in my stomach when ever I look into his eyes. Damn It Samantha! Snap out of it! I bet you Harry thinks I like Zayn and Liam. What am I gonna do??                                                  


Liam's P.O.V                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Well everyone's gonna show up... When me and Samantha were looking for people to call, Harry kept giving me death glares. What's his problem? "Hey Liam.." He says "Yeah?" "Can I talk to you for a second... PRIVATELY?" He asked with a mad tone. I nod. "What the FUCK???" " What's up with you?!" "Remember when we were in the Judges House for the X-Factor?" "Yeah... You were really sad about something." "Not something... Someone" "Who?" "Samantha." "Really?? You knew Samantha during the X-Factor?" "Yeah.. Well anyways... I was upset because me and her had just broken up because I knew that I wouldn't be able to be that boyfriend she needed." He tells me with tears coming down his eyes "And I just still love her and this morning I was going to give her the 'Good Morning' kiss and hug like before but she just walked away" "Just tell her how you really feel Harry. Maybe she's hiding something." "Thanks Liam" "Your welcome" We give eachother a hug and go back to the living room.         


~1 Hour Later~ 

Niall's P.O.V 

I'm gonna ask her in a little bit. "Just be cool Niall"  I think to my self. It's gonna be fine.

Landon's P.O.V(Jocelyn's Ex)

(Knock Knock) Samantha opens the door and says "He... What the fuck are you doing here?!!!!" She's pissed. "You invited me!" I yell at her and showed her my phone. "Shit. I'm really gonna get smacked talk by Jocelyn!" she says "Where is she?" "Her room!" Some curly haired guy behind Samantha, who had his arms wrapped around her waist says


Samantha's P.O.V

Shit!!! I must have accidently texted Landon the invite. Jocelyn's never going to forgive me!! When I'm talking to Landon I feel arms move down to my waist and I turn around to see Harry. Why does he have to play with my emotions when I'm trying to hate him?!?! I just pull out of his grasp and he looks at me with a sad and confused face. I fake an emotionless face while deep down inside, my heart is beating a thousand miles per hour. This is soo hard to do!!


Jocelyn's P.O.V

Niall said to meet him in my room because he has something to tell me. I wonder what it is? When I walk in my room I see Niall sitting on my bed. I walk over and sat down next to him. "Hey... So what did you want to talk to me about?'' I ask "Joc(Joss) I really like you and I hope you feel the same way. Everything about you makes me nervous. The way you laugh, your gentle yet loving smile, the way your hair falls, how you are never self conscience about yourself. So if you feel the same way.... Will you.. go out with me?." I couldn't reply because I was interrupted by someone opening the door. I looked to see who it was. And there he was.... Landon. What is he doing here??!! I swear if Samantha invited him... I'm gonna kill her!!! But what if it was an accident?? "Hey Babe" He says coming towards me. "Babe?" Niall says sounding sad. "Don't call me that! You lost the fucking right to call me that!! You think it's fine to tell a girl you love her and then go and play with her heart?!" I yell at him "I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean it..." I cut him off "You think 'SORRY' is fucking gonna fix what you did to me??" I ask "Just get the fuck out!!!" I yell at him He walks out. "Niall... Can you please give me some time to think?" "Yeah... No problem love." He said kissing my cheek. Can this day get any worse. Wait it can... when I go outside I see that Samantha, Louis, Andrea, Zayn, Stephanie, Harry, Niall, and Christina are drunk!!! Fuck It!! I need to get my mind off things! We start drinking some more and later play Truth or Dare.




What will happen next chapter??  Will things get spiced up during truth or dare?? Will there be hook ups? Comment on what you think.

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