Bring the Fire

This is not a fanfic I just wanted to see what you guys thought of this two best friends named Damien and Haley want to be performers so they get jobs at a yogurt shop where the waiters perform for the customers their friend Wyatt also works there Cynthia/ CeCe Bell is their 21 year old boss she desperately wants to be a fashion designer but her father won't let her this story is about making your dreams come true


3. Bring the exploding yogurt

Haley: how do I work this 

Damien: I don't know and I don't care 

Haley pulls a lever and yogurt squirts all over her

Damien: but not that 

Haley goes to the bathroom 

20 minutes later

Haley: AHH 

Damien: what!  

Haley: that stupid yogurt turned my hair blue! 

Damien: ha ha ha ha ha 

Haley: laugh one more time baker I'll get you 

Damien: ooh I'm soooo scared 

she steps on his foot

Damien: looks like beauty just turned into the beast 

Haley: well your about to turn red 

Damien: what that's.... Oh 

Haley: yep BLOOD

Damien: yikes some one ate a grouchy sandwich 

Haley: you about to eat a mouth full of fist 

Damien: you wouldn't 

she punches his arm

Damien: that wasn't my mouth 

Haley: shut up



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