Bring the Fire

This is not a fanfic I just wanted to see what you guys thought of this two best friends named Damien and Haley want to be performers so they get jobs at a yogurt shop where the waiters perform for the customers their friend Wyatt also works there Cynthia/ CeCe Bell is their 21 year old boss she desperately wants to be a fashion designer but her father won't let her this story is about making your dreams come true


4. Bring the Britney

Wyatt: watch out the she devil approaches 

Britney: shut up Jones 

Wyatt: what would you like 

Britney: a strawberry smoothie 

Wyatt: coming right up 

Haley walks up 

Haley: well if it isn't Britney Bubblegum 

Britney: shh no one needs to know my last name nerd 

Haley gets up on a table 

Haley: hey everybody Britney's last name is Bubblegum

Britney: really Gem 

Haley: oops 

Damien walks up 

Damien: Hales .... Bubblegum 

Wyatt: walks up 

Wyatt: here's your smoothie 

Britney: thank you 

Wyatt: your welcome Bubblegum 

Wyatt and Damien walk off 

Britney: I will get you Gem and your little friends too 

Haley: maybe you are the wicked witch 

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