You got that one thing

hey im Ceaira Jade Carter... and i looove one direction untill one day.. every thing goes wrong but yet.. soo right? have i found the one? is this what they


4. Movie night!!

when we got home from nandos the other day loius had asked me out!! ahhh i am going to be at his house any minute now i was excited but i was also nevervous i remember him saying that the boys were going out on dates...except for harry he was with chealse. when i pulled up to his house i was sooooo amayzed his house was huuuuge!!! ahhhhhhh!!

all of the sudden i saw a shadow run past me...then it was gone


then i was picked up bridal style and was turned around into a long passionette kiss....i knew who is was this boy is so amazayn

"well i gues i know who it is" i said after the kiss

"hahahaha i scared you a little bit,, you jumped i am sorry"

"it's ok haha i am always up for a scare. So what movie are we watching tonight?"

"umm i was thinking about finding nemo?!" he said

i got down from his arms and started doing a happy dance and spinning in a circle"YAYYYYYYY!!!"

"hahahaha i know who likes finding nemo!"

"who?!" i asked teasingly

"you, ya big dope!"

"hahaha i know!" i said

we got to the part when nemo was found, and ya, i know this is a childrens movie and it supposted to be all funn and happy but i started crying:(

" It's okay love " he said with a comforting smile on his face"

" I- i- know b- bu- but its s- so s- sad" i said with tears coming down my face

" iknow but its happy at the same time nemo was found :)"

after that i stopped crying i ended up staying the night....the night was amayzing and i can't wait for the next date!!!







sorry guys for the kinda short chapter this is the first of my movellas and i hope you guys like it.

for all you people that don't like easy and fast pace stories this might not be the one for you but i hope you give it a try i am sorry again if you don't like it, it was my first and it's a working progress!!

c u soon!! <3cocogirl3>

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