You got that one thing

hey im Ceaira Jade Carter... and i looove one direction untill one day.. every thing goes wrong but yet.. soo right? have i found the one? is this what they


5. lets have some fun...

louis woke me up at 3:00 in the morning...

"whaaaat?" i asked tiredly

"wanna have some "fun'' ?" he asked

"what do you mean by fun?"

"like this" he leaned over and kissed me on my neck. i moaned he hit my sweet spot

"i take that as a yes" he said teasingly

he kept kissing my neck and i moaned every time this boy knew how to turn me on

"louuuuiiiisss!!" i moaned

"yes love" he said with a smirk on his face

"i want you, know!"

he just looked at me and smirked we kissed very passionatly as he started to tak my clothes off as i took off his our lips were insinc moving together then we went down and put himself inside me

"lou!" i gasped he gave my time to adjust then he thrusted inside me in and out i moan really loiud on accident i quickly put my hand over my mout playfully i removed it a couple seconds later and bit my lip

" you're s-so t-tight" he gasped

"im cloosee" i whimpered

"m-me t-too"

we both moaned really louid. after that his thrust were getting sloppy so we stopped he layed down next to me....that was fun ;)






sorry for the short chappie i was bored and felt i needed to update lolz

this was a "fun" chapter and i hope you guys liked it ;) i will update more tomorrow i am doing contest for zayns girl friends!! plz tell me ur name and all about yourself and i will see who the winner is

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