You got that one thing

hey im Ceaira Jade Carter... and i looove one direction untill one day.. every thing goes wrong but yet.. soo right? have i found the one? is this what they


1. Just a normal day...?


Ceaira's pov

today i wasn't really planning on doing anything, i just wanted it to be a normal...relaxing day. But then i heard my girls were going to the mall, so i called Chealse up

`convo starts`

"heyy i heard your going to the mall?'

" ya... its gonna be soo fun summer and samantha are going to be there!! Hey you wanna come?!"

"ya sure!! that would be great.. so what time do u wanna meet up and where?"

" about nandos?"

" hahaha oook, i will see u at what time?"

" at like 1:00"

"ok, sounds great. See u there!!"

" kkz bye"


`convo ends`

Eeeep yay a day out with the girls this is gonna be sooo fun i really needed this... to get things off my mind.My break up was baad i needed my friends to talk to.




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