You got that one thing

hey im Ceaira Jade Carter... and i looove one direction untill one day.. every thing goes wrong but yet.. soo right? have i found the one? is this what they


2. Is that...?!

When we got to the mall i could tell some thing was up... girls were screaming and running every where and by that... i mean...EVERY WHERE!!

when i met up with Chealse she was sooo excited...but why?

" omgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!"

"Chealse whats the matter!?! it looks like you saw a freaking ghost!"

"omg... i just saw harry styles with louis tomlinson!!"

hold up......did she just say... louis tomlinson?! That name stung and tingled my spine as it rolled out of her mouth... he was my favorite 1D person!!! ahhhhh!! i really want to meet him!!

"Omg louis tomlinson!!!! he is sooo cute" hahaha *Fangirling* is fun

"yes!! him!!!"

i didn't want to run after him because when you do that it kinda scares them... probably thinking you're crazy cause you're running and screaming random things at or after them...ya awkward...

" Chealse summer,samantha.. lets go i dont wanna scare them.."

Ya that sounds like a good idea" summer said

"common, lets go" Chealse added

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