You got that one thing

hey im Ceaira Jade Carter... and i looove one direction untill one day.. every thing goes wrong but yet.. soo right? have i found the one? is this what they


3. Falling hard

omg!!! did that...did he???omg Louis and I are face to face having a reall conversation!!ahhh we met up at a nandos when they locked the doors so the mob of girls wouldn't come in he saw me and made his way over to me and sat down...

-Louis's pov -

omg this girl was soo pretty!!omg I couldn't stop drooling!! I made my way over to her table and sat that was rdee... yet so right? idk all I wanted to do iis meet her she was just so gorgeous

- ceaira's pov -

omg he jst sat down didn't ask I was falling for him... hard I didn't care that he was from one direction any more he has a great personality and the best person ever! ahhh! I wish Chealse were here to see it but she was too buisy sucking face with a boy with lots and lots of beautiful brown hair....OMG!!

" hey lou, does that guy seem familiar to you?!"

" ya that's my boy hazza.. I am sure you know him lol."


" hmm looks like they are hitting it off lol...hope fully she isn't just another" one night stand"

OH noo I hope she doesn't get hurt that girl is like ym bff!

" ya it looks like it...and I hope she isn't just a "one night stand"!"

" why do you know her?"

" ya that girl is my bff!!" "

"oh...well harry is that you-don't-know-what-to-expect-to-happen-next kinda guy"

omg if her hurts her I will kill him

" I forgot to mention..." lou says blshing

"ya lou?"

"umm I really like you and when I talk to you...idk I just get this feeling in my stomach that I have never felt before...and a wobbling in my knees that make me feel special... ya know? well I was just wondering if you wanted to go...for a movie later at my flat?"

omg did he really just...omg!

"yes lou!! I would love too!!

as soon as I said that...his lips crashed into mine! I felt so amazayn!!! fireworks were flying and omg I was falling for this boy...and hard


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