changing my life (left alone but not forgotten sequel)

after the amazing party the gang goes to ends anna must decide to marry harry or not? her,hailie and lauren are living the dream with the boys like going on tour with them. but along the way anna makes some friends and even some's all fun and love but when fans threaten to kill her and she has a mental patient stalking her anna just doesin't feel comfortable around anyone not even her best friends?....


16. leaving you

anna's P.O.V

i was so freaking upset i can't believe harry would do that to me right after he swore it would never happen again.i think i'm done with him.done with all of this.done with life. i walked downstairs crying my eyes out.everybody asked what happened. "i caught harry having sex with gabrielle" i said "how?!" they all asked at the same time."i guess he dialed me by accident and i heard them" i said "that fucking bastard i'm going to kill him" Louis said. i couldn't stay there any longer. i ran upstairs in tears and ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. i couldin't take life anymore if this is what happens to me. i took one of harry's disposable razors and rested it on my skin. after a few seconds i slowly started cutting the skin upwards on my arm. I could hear hailie and lauren banging on the door and telling me to come out but i couldin't now. I was crying really hard now.I got up after a couple minutes and washed my arm off from all the blood and walked downstairs to see hailie and lauren on the floor crying but nobody else. "where did everybody go?" i asked still crying "anna oh my god don't ever fucking scare me like that again you bitch!" hailie yelled at me. They both got up and ran to hug me.We just sat there for like 5 minutes hugging eachother."The boys went to find harry and kick his ass for doing that to you" lauren said."okay" i said. Hailie looked at my arms. "Anna why did you do that" hailie said "because i thought it was the end of my life i had been cheated on, i felt like just jumping off a cliff and dying so the pain of him in my heart would be gone" i said.They just stayed silent.


louis P.O.V

i am going to kick that guys ass for doing that to anna.Especially with gabrielle? that super slut?. we were driving down the street to gabrielles hotel when we found harry getting mobbed by fans.Good. We stopped and pulled him into the car."Thank you guys i thought i was a goner for a minute there" he said.We all just sat there staring at him angrily.once we were back home we just pulled him out of the car and niall and zayn held his arms behind his back as they walked into the house. Once they were in hailie and lauren told zayn and niall to make harry go see anna in the living room so they did. harry was so confused. we walked in the living room to see anna in leggings and a big sweatshirt crying.Harry walked up to anna and tried to hug her but she pushed him away. "babe what's wrong?" he asked.Oh act like you don't know and she slapped him across the face and ran upstairs slamming her door behind her. harry turned around and looked at me with his eyes all red.He was crying.Then he just walked up the stairs.


anna's P.O.V

that's so like him to act like he didin't know what the hell happened. i sat on my bed crying.and i called justin. "hello justin?" i said "hi anna what do you want?" he said i could tell he was still mad about what happened "listen justin i'm really sorry about what happened between me and harry i regret even meeting him at this point i thought i couldin't live without him but i've just learned that he is a cheating liar i'm soooooooo sorry could you ever forgive me?" i asked "first,tell me what happend" he said.So i told him the story."okay i forgive you" he said "i just want to get out of here" i said "well yoi are welcome to come stay with me and my mom again if you want?" he said "oh my god seriously? that would be amazing, thank you so much you are the best." i said "hey no problem besides you are my friend that's what friends do,okay well i have to go now. but i'll meet you at the airport later okay?" he asked "sure see you then bye" i said. i hung up and started packing.In about 20 mintues i was packed and ready to go. Iwalked downstairs to see everyone sitting on the couch's watching t.v. i walked past them with my bags and headed out the door.

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