changing my life (left alone but not forgotten sequel)

after the amazing party the gang goes to ends anna must decide to marry harry or not? her,hailie and lauren are living the dream with the boys like going on tour with them. but along the way anna makes some friends and even some's all fun and love but when fans threaten to kill her and she has a mental patient stalking her anna just doesin't feel comfortable around anyone not even her best friends?....


12. im so sorry

harry's p.o.v

i was so pissed off anna was mine first! i only kissed lauren so it would get anna jealous so she would take me back! i just ran out of the house and left i had no idea where i was going but oh well so i decided to go get shitfaced at the sluttyiest club there was... once i was there i sat down and immidiatly a girl that was  only wearing a winter? she started giving me a lap dance  ihave to say i enjoyed it very much but all i could think about was anna kissing niall and how sad lauren looked when they did kiss.i couldin't take it anymore i had to tell anna how  really felt about her not just sit here with this slut all over me for my money. i got up fast and ran out the door.i was speeding the whole way back to the house it was really dark on the highway tonight. i saw a flash of white and then black and pain.


niall's p.o.v

i was probably the happiest guy alive right now. anna actually kissed me and said she loved me i can't explain the emotions in me right now.we were all asleep on the couches happily and peacefully when someone's phone started to ring i looked around to see that it was anna's phone that was waking everyone up she answered it "hello?" she said in a huskey morning voice. "WHAT SERIOULY!!! OKAY WE'LL BE THERE AS FAST AS WE CAN!!!!' and she hung up the phone "GUYS GET UP HARRY WAS IN AN ACCIDENT!!! WE NEED TO GET TO THE HOSPITAL AS FAST AS WE CAN!" she yelled to everyone. they all jumped up and started getting their shoes on and getting in the car. we were on pur way to the hospital and everyone was in tears. liam was praying,anna was in hailie and laurens arms crying and i was driving with my eyes all blurry from my tears.once we reached the hospital everyone ran to the front desk. the lady told us wich room harry was in and we ran down the hallway to get to it. a docter stopped us from coming in "uhmm are you all here for mr.styles?" he asked we all nodded "well wich one of you is anna? he wants to see you now alone" he said again. anna let go of me and walked into the room and shut the door so we all just sat down and waited....


anna's p.o.v

i walked into the hospital room to see harry on his phone. i shut the door wich made him look looked like he was on the verge of crying when he saw me "listen anna i need to tell you something i fucking love you and seeing you with niall just makes me feel dead from the first time i saw you i said to myself that is my future wife.and ive never let go of that because i know someday we will get married and spend the rest of our lives together.but it will take a long time if you get together with niall, so will you please forgive me and we can be together again?"he said while sobbing "yes harry i forgive you and yes we can be together again but i don't want anymore lies between us if were going to be together again okay? " i said "okay then i will be honest this morning when we got back from the mall i kissed lauren but only to make you jealous and im so sorry. and tonight when i left before the accident i went to the club to get drunk and see strippers. i hope you forgive me?" he said i was happy he was honest but kind of disapointed that lauren didn't tell me. "i do forgive you mr.styles" and i kissed him "i love you future mrs.styles" he said and we kissed again. <3

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