changing my life (left alone but not forgotten sequel)

after the amazing party the gang goes to ends anna must decide to marry harry or not? her,hailie and lauren are living the dream with the boys like going on tour with them. but along the way anna makes some friends and even some's all fun and love but when fans threaten to kill her and she has a mental patient stalking her anna just doesin't feel comfortable around anyone not even her best friends?....


19. goodbye

anna's P.O.V

harry has to go on tour tommorow.but good thing since me,lauren and hailie are having the boys children with get to go with! im so exited.but to be honest im kind of nervous about becoming his wife and the mother to his child.



anna's P.O.V

we leave in about an hour.were all packed and ready to go for about until christmas then we get a break then were back on the road.harry came up to me "i can't believe this is happening,i get to go on tour with my future wife and her cousins that will all be having my best friends babies.this is like a dream" he said in his early rhaspy morning voice.he kissed my neck softly and i bit my lip enjoying the little butterfly kisses.just then niall came in "woah didn't mean to interrupt anything but its time to go" he said so me and harry both got up and brought our bags to the tour bus and we got on to make our way to the airportto go to strantford. (a few hours later) we were at the stadium and there was approximatley 2 hours until showtime.the boys were backstage getting ready and me and the girls were bored so we decided to do a,lauren and hailie did a talent show when we were inthe 6th grade we sang titanium by david geutta.we were pretty me and the girls when up on to center stage and grabbed 3 mics and started singing little things by one direction (since we knew like all the lyrics to every song) and it was the most amazing feeling in the world i could just imagine what it would feel like for all the seats in front of us to be filled.before we knew it it was silent and all there was was the clapping hands of the boys as they came up to us. "you guys are amazing" liam said "thanks" i said "we were always told that we were horrible singers and we should just give up " hailie said "well we dont think you should" niall said and it was quiet again just then paul came up to us "alright guys 10 minutes until they start letting people in time to go.and girls there is special seats for you right on the side of the stage so you can watch live too" he said "thats great!" lauren said so we all did as he said and went to our places.the security guards started letting people in and the seats filled in no time at all with screaming teenaged girls wearing stripes,red,nerd glasses and too much makeup. the boys did their into song "what maks you beautiful" then a few more songs and then they started reading the tweets from fans there were alot like "marry me" and " i love you guys" but there was one i noticed that said "me and my friend brittany got tickets to cme here months ago do you think we could come on stage and see you guys up close?" it said and i noticed it was by a girl named rebecca...oh god no...ugh i hate them so much... so surprisingly the boys actually let them come on stage and see them and i was right it was rebecca and brittany. so they got on stage and flipped out hugging the boys and skreeching when rebecca pulled harry close to her and kissed him on the lips  he pushed away kind of angrily. i almost got up and killed that girl but lauren and hailie kept me down. "uhh that was so uncalled for..anyways while you girls are up here why dont you meet the boys girlfriends and my fiance?" he said and just then niall,and liam came to get hailie and lauren and harry came up to me and pulled me on stage. rebecca and brittany froze in defeat and i went up to them and whispered in their ears "oh and im pregnant too" rebecca fainted and the security pulled them ooff stage.the rest of the night was a blur i was happy to go to sleep in harry's arms...and then i woke up.. i wasin't in harrys arms anymore i was at my old house when i got up and went downstairs i saw my step dad at the table and my mom on the couch like my old life again....meeting harry was a dream...

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