changing my life (left alone but not forgotten sequel)

after the amazing party the gang goes to ends anna must decide to marry harry or not? her,hailie and lauren are living the dream with the boys like going on tour with them. but along the way anna makes some friends and even some's all fun and love but when fans threaten to kill her and she has a mental patient stalking her anna just doesin't feel comfortable around anyone not even her best friends?....


13. gabrielle

anna's P.O.V

i walked out of harry's hospital room shaking. i needed to talk to niall, i looked at him and said "niall come on i need to talk to you in private" he nodded and got up from his chair. we walked down the hall to the cafeteria, we sat down and i started talking "listen niall this isin't going to work, i'm in love with harry, i know it kills you to see us together but i love him so much i'm sorry" he just sat there quiet "anna i understand i knew it wasin't going to work, i actually still have a soft spot for lauren i do love her very much i i really fucked up with our relationship." he said "good you should ask her out again but before you do that i'll talk to her." i said "deal" he said back. as we walked back to harry's room we held hands. we took a different way to get back to harry's room. we were lost roaming the hallways of the huge hospital, still holding hands we were about to turn a corner only to see two teenagers making out against a wall, the boy was struggling to get away but the girl kept getting closer. we were about to walk away when we realized that the boy was HARRY! but who was that bitch making out with my boyfriend! we watched as harry pulled away looking furious "listen gabrielle i have a girlfriend i told you 100 times we are done" he said to the girl who i'm geussing is gabrielle "oh but baby we don't have to tell her now do we?" she said but before harry could say anything back "okay babe well meet me at my hotel room tonight and we can talk about this alright?" she said as she wrote something on harry's hand and walked away. harry let out a sigh and walked back to his room. i can't belive what i just saw me and niall walked back to his room and once harry saw me and niall holding hands he immidiatly came up to me. "hey babe can i talk to you?" he said i nodded and we walked out of the room "listen one of my ex-girlfriends came up to me when you were gone.she kissed me and baby i tried so hard to stop her i really did i am so sorry" he said "babe i know i saw and i know you tried to stop her it's okay i trust you" i said and kissed him "now you are going to her hotel tonight" i said again "awhhh no i don't want to" he said 'yes you are and you are going to talk to her" i said "fine anything for you gorgeous" he said while kissing me. i love him <3


sorry for not updating in a while guys and sorry for the short chapter im really tired i have a cold and it sucks :(

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