changing my life (left alone but not forgotten sequel)

after the amazing party the gang goes to ends anna must decide to marry harry or not? her,hailie and lauren are living the dream with the boys like going on tour with them. but along the way anna makes some friends and even some's all fun and love but when fans threaten to kill her and she has a mental patient stalking her anna just doesin't feel comfortable around anyone not even her best friends?....


18. babies r us

anna's P.O.V

justin was waiting for me at the airport when i landed.i got in his car and it was quiet the whole way to his house;"thank you so much for letting me stay with you after what happend" i said "its fine" he said and more silence until we got to his house "so here's your room" he said opening the door to the room "thanks.i think i'll take a nap" i said "alright " he said so awkwardly. so i just layed in bed with the door shut when i got a text from lauren "babe?where are you? were worried?" so i texteed her back "well i called justin and im staying at his place for a while" "oh okay" she said. i turned my phone off and took a nap for about an hour.when i went downstairs i found justin sitting at the table eating a sandwich "hey" isaid "hey how was your nap?" he said "good" i said smiling.and made my self a sandwich.and we just sat  there throwing peices of sandwich at eachother.


lauren's P.O.V

i was sadi lost my best friend. we should've hung out more i was so distracted with niall i mean i definitly don't regret the nights we spent together doing naughty things but i really should have been there for anna.i had to find her. i went downstairs to fins everyone watching t.v liam with his arms tightly around hailie while she was still crying. "guys we need to go and get her" i said 'well that would be nice if we knew where she was wouldin't it?" louis said "well i didn't tell you guys but,i was texting anna earlier and she said she was staying at justin's for a while" i said harry looked up at me with his eyes all red "come on let's go get her" he said so we all got into 2 different cars me,hailie,harry and liam in one car with me and hailie in the back and then zayn,louis and niall in the other car me and hailie were talking in private "lauren i need to tell you something really important" she said "yah sure whats up?" "well me and liam have been VERY close lately like weve done naughty things..and ....i think im pregnant.that's why we haven't really been hanging out lately." she said  i was so shocked it made me think about what if i was pregnant too.. "oh my god hailie does liam know?"i asked "no. im scared to tell him because like what if he doesin't want to be a father? what if he breaks up with me?" she said almost in tears "well hailie, i have something to tell you me and niall have also been sleeping together and i think i maybe be pregnant too. so here's what were going to do we'll say that we have to pee and we stop somewhere and we get one of those pregnantcy things and we'll check together" i said "okay" "uhmm liam uhh we have to pee" i said "okay girls we'll stop at this mall for a bit so we can get a change of clothes also" he said. just then we stopped and parked and walked into the mall. "okay we'll go find the bathroom and we'll meet here in an hour okay?" i said and they all nodded and went to do their own thing. we went to the pharmacy and bought the stuff and went to the bathroom.we both walked out of the stalls and looked at eachother."okay it says it will take about 7 minutes for it to dry and show the answer.(7 minutes later) "alright are you ready to do this?" i asked "yes im ready" she said so we both looked at our sticks mine said oh my god im 19 and im pregnant...i looked up at hailie,she had her hand over her mouth.. she nodded and said "im pregnant" we both hugged thightly and were crying after a few minutes of talking and crying and hugging we decicded to go look for onesies to wear for the hour was up and we went to go meet the boys once we met them me and hailie asked niall and liam if we could talk to them in private. "listen niall i have something very important to tell you...but i need you to promise that you will love me forever no matter what pregnant..." he looked so shocked "are you sure? how do you know?" he asked "well me and hailie both took pregnantcy tests in the bathroom they both turned out positive" a huge smile grew on his face and he hugged me so tight an d whispered in my ear "i'm going to be a dad" this could be the happiest day of my life exept for my best friend is gone" i could see liam and hailie..they we both hugging too i geuss he was happy too..after a few minutes of telling the other boys the news and hugging we decided to get back into the car with our onesies on and fell asleep.


harry's P.O.V

now i am scared after hailie and lauren telling me their good news im nervous that the same thing could been happening to anna and she just didin't tell anyone or doesin't even know yet.i mean we have 'done it"alot it is very possible.we were finally at the airport and we ran through security to get on our flight. it wouldin't be a very long ride but i decided to take a nap.


anna's P.O.V

it was 6 a.m in the morning and i felt horrible. then suddenly i got this queezy feeling in my stomach oh god im gonna throw up i got up and ran to the bathrrom and puked my face off and i was crying just then justin came running in in his boxers with no shirt on "ANNA ARE YOU OKAY?" he said "yah just i geuss i ate something bad im fine now it's okay" i said. he helped me up and layed me on the couch with some water "haha by the way nice pajamas" i said he turned red "not so bad yourself" he said laughing i was only in  a big sweater and my underwear we both laughed and he went back upstairs. it felt good to laugh again after all thats happend between me and him.just then there was a knock at the door and justin came running down the stairs still in his boxers and no shirt all iheard was him saying "what the fuck do you want" and then a familiar voice "where is she" it was harry what was he doing here? i got up and walked towards the door and he looked at me and pushed justin out of the way and walked toward me "anna i love you so much i dont understand why you left me i would never do anything to hurt you we made a promise remeber?" he said "what do you mean you dont understand?" i said "i dont know why you are mad what happened was i got there and gabrielle spilt wine on me so i went to take a shower and then i left that was it im telling the truth" he said "oh my god she set you up im so sorry harry please forgive me i made a huge mistake please please please forgive me" i begged "i will only forgive you if you answer this question" he said just then he got down on one knee and took a little box out of his pocket and opened it.inside there was a beautiful ring "anna,will you marry me?" he said i was shocked "yes harry i will marry you!" i said and he put the ring on my finger and got up and hugged me and i whispered in his ear "harry i think im pregnant..." he looked at me completly shocked but happy "i love you so much" he said 

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