Black Clouds


2. The Morning Of Departure

2/11/1916 08:00 hours, Children's Train

The tragedy of war is that it uses man's best to do man's worst.  ~Henry Fosdick


Their packed, ready to go. I have said farewell and I am now upstairs, typing away. Tea will need to be prepared shortly. Beef stew. That's all the ingredients we can get for now. No pig at the market anymore. Pig is cheap and goes like a shot from a bullet. (Ironic, yes?) Beef can be expensive and is mostly the only thing left. The next stock comes in next week, if it doesn't end up in smitherens, that is. Again, my bluntness cuts through people like a knife, but I am only stating facts, not opinions.  What is the point in not being able to control your feelings from one party of people to the next?You have to be straight out with the facts. Head news reporter, my title clear and bold like my opinions. One day the office was there, the next, rubble. That's how fast things went. From one minute to the next. Things change quickly, I can tell you now, but there is honestly no way around it, so you have to just barge through things like a bull. Quick, effortless, but brutal. I wish we didn't all have to be like that.

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