Bound By Magic

Chelsea Jamison would love to be a normal girl and go to university like everyone else her age but she can’t. Her controlling parents keep her at home under their watchful eyes waiting for the moment that her powers awaken.
Leo West came to Eastbridge with only one thing on his mind. Revenge. Revenge on the people that murdered his parents.
One touch and their lives are changed forever.
Will Chelsea be able to control her powers? Can they learn to love a stranger? Or will dark secrets tear them apart?

Cover by Zillah Designs.


1. Prologue

After years of searching he had finally found them.

Pulling the car over, he got out, stretching his legs from the long drive. The sun was rising in the sky, sending beams of early morning sun onto the sign before his tall form. Eastbridge. He’d never even heard of the place before his contact had told him it was where they were hiding.


The people that had murdered his parents.

Anger coiled in his stomach and he clenched his large hands into fists. They would pay. He would make sure of it.

He withdrew a photo from his jacket pocket. The image of a young girl with ruby red hair looked back. She was smiling shyly, as if embarrassed. It was a school photograph from a few years ago. He had stared at it so many times that he knew every freckle, eyelash and hair intimately.

Smirking, he tore the photo in two. Then, reaching into the pool of power within his chest, he manipulated the air around him, creating a small gust of wind which blew the pieces away.

How they would pay.

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