Bound By Magic

Chelsea Jamison would love to be a normal girl and go to university like everyone else her age but she can’t. Her controlling parents keep her at home under their watchful eyes waiting for the moment that her powers awaken.
Leo West came to Eastbridge with only one thing on his mind. Revenge. Revenge on the people that murdered his parents.
One touch and their lives are changed forever.
Will Chelsea be able to control her powers? Can they learn to love a stranger? Or will dark secrets tear them apart?

Cover by Zillah Designs.


18. Chapter Seventeen: Chelsea

I’d never been on a date before. This counted as a date, didn’t it? Leo and I were sat in a fancy restaurant. That sounded like a date to me but I wasn’t brave enough to ask him.  In fact, I hadn’t been brave enough to do anything but smile nervously. Leo was telling me funny stories about Harry but I was only half listening – a memory was playing in my mind of the last time I had been in a restaurant which had also been the last time I had seen Uncle Jack alive.

I had always loved going out with my aunt and uncle – they would take me to places and let me do things that my parents wouldn’t. I secretly liked to pretend that Lindsay and Jack were my parents. The restaurant they took me to that night hadn’t been a special one, just a popular pizza chain, but I remembered being happy.

I was drawn from my thoughts when a hand touched mine. Leo’s green eyes fixed on mine as electricity bolted up my arm.

“Are you okay?” he asked, voice quiet.

I opened my mouth to reply.

Then my glass exploded into hundreds of pieces. 

Leo was at my side in an instant, making sure that I hadn’t been hurt. Everyone in the restaurant had fallen silent making Leo’s flustering louder.

“I’m fine!” The words came out slightly harsh and I felt mean. “Really, Leo. See? No harm done.” I showed him my hands which were cut-free.

Satisfied he returned to his seat and a waiter appeared to get rid of the glass.

“I’m sorry.” Running a hand through his hair, Leo exhaled shakily. “I just . . . the thought of you getting hurt . . .” he trailed off, his concern clear.

“I wasn’t hurt,” I told him, wondering how he would react if, when, he saw the burns that marked my skin. Reaching out tentatively, I pressed my fingers to the back of his hand. Nothing exploded but the thrill of Leo’s skin on mine made my heart race. I withdrew my hand and smiled.

A waitress came to take our orders and I found my thoughts consumed not with a memory this time but a startling question – had I made the glass shatter? If it had been me then I was finally getting my power, a possibility that both scared and excited me.



The room was blanketed in darkness when a noise startled me from my sleep. I clutched the duvet closer in confusion and fear. Had my parents come for me?

Hands gripped my arms and the beginnings of a scream built in my throat.

“It’s me, Chelsea.” Leo’s voice was full of panic and was nearly drowned out by the alarm that was ringing throughout the house.

“What’s wrong? What’s happening?” I asked as he ushered me from the bed and to the hallway where the lights were switched on and movement could be heard downstairs.

“We’re being attacked. I need you to stay with Phoebe – she’ll keep you safe.”

“What do you mean ‘attacked’?” I cried in horror.

A window shattered downstairs and Leo shoved me towards Phoebe’s door.

“Do what she tells you.” He gave me a lingering look and squeezed my hand before galloping down the stairs.

I stared after him in shock. Swearing and shouting roused me from my stupor and I took a step towards Phoebe’s room. Someone pushed me out of the way but when I glanced around I couldn’t see anyone.

“Phoebe!” I pounded on the door which swung open instantly.

Phoebe was standing by the window dressed in a baggy t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. She looked surprisingly calm given that the house was under attack.

“What’s happening?” I asked, closing the door behind me. “Leo told me to stay with you.”

Gesturing for me to join her, Phoebe moved over to give me space. Outside, lit by several street lamps, I could see Leo, Harry and Lucy in front of the house. They were just standing there talking.

“I thought . . .”

“An enemy sect attacked us but it was just a warning. It happens sometimes.” Phoebe shrugged as if everything was normal.

I pressed my lips together. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay here if random attacks were an everyday occurrence. Hadn’t Leo said that I would be safe here? I didn’t feel safe.

Seeing my face, Phoebe smiled. “This is the safest place for you to be, Chelsea. Leo would never let anything happen to you.”

I tried to return the smile but at that exact moment I didn’t have the confidence in Leo that Phoebe did.


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