Bound By Magic

Chelsea Jamison would love to be a normal girl and go to university like everyone else her age but she can’t. Her controlling parents keep her at home under their watchful eyes waiting for the moment that her powers awaken.
Leo West came to Eastbridge with only one thing on his mind. Revenge. Revenge on the people that murdered his parents.
One touch and their lives are changed forever.
Will Chelsea be able to control her powers? Can they learn to love a stranger? Or will dark secrets tear them apart?

Cover by Zillah Designs.


12. Chapter Eleven: Chelsea

THE DAYS PASSED as they usually did – with my parents testing me to see if my power had finally decided to make an appearance and with me spending most of my other time doing chores. There was, however, one big difference – they had never cast a spell on me before, well not that I knew of, and now I could not leave the house. They’d done it when I’d been eating my breakfast, both swarming into the kitchen, chanting something in a language I didn’t understand before Mum had blown something in my face that had made me sneeze.

“Try leaving the house now.” Dad had sneered.

It didn’t take me long to realise what had happened. I’d thought it impossible for me to hate my parents more but I’d been wrong.

As I lay in bed, the night after I’d been condemned to being stuck in the house for possibly forever, thoughts and memories whirled around my head in a jumble. What if Leo didn’t come back? What if I never left the house again? An idea floated to the front of my mind that made me dig my fingernails into my palms. I could kill myself – after all what did I have to live for? My parents didn’t love me, something they proved daily, and I was never going to see Leo again. I had nothing to live for. The only chance for me to escape was death.

I spent the next afternoon planning how to do it. It had to be quick I decided as I cut up vegetables for our dinner, otherwise Mum might walk in and save me – my parents hated me but they wouldn’t let me die, not unless it suited them, but the death of their pathetic daughter would mean questions they didn’t want to answer and would ruin the reputations they had worked so hard to build. Mum also checked on me during the night so I wasn’t sure when the best time to do it would be. Hmm. Who knew that planning my suicide would be so hard?

Pushing some rogue locks of hair, that had escaped from my hair tie, behind my ear, I froze at the sight of my soul mate outside the window. Aware that I was gawping at Leo, I put the knife down and opened the window as far as I could – which wasn’t far thanks to my parents’ spell; I couldn’t open any windows or doors leading to the outside world wide enough for me to fit through.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered, afraid that Mum would somehow hear me from wherever it was that she’d teleported to.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay.” Leo’s dark green eyes were filled with worry. “You didn’t call me.” I was surprised how good it felt to see him – just the sight of his face, which I wasn’t going to deny was good looking, was like the sun appearing and scaring away the storm clouds that had seemed to darken my mind lately.

“That’s because I don’t have a mobile and I can’t use the home phone because they’ll know.”

“Is your mum home?” Leo asked.

I shook my head. “No but she’ll probably be back soon – they don’t like leaving me alone since . . .” My eyes fell on the black, whirling design that covered my hand and wrist.

“Are they forcing you to stay inside?” Leo was surprisingly enraged. When I didn’t reply, he said, rather insistently, “Come with me.”

Shocked, I looked up. “What?”

“They may be your parents but they treat you badly – why would you want to stay? Come to the hotel with me,” he insisted.

I didn’t speak. Had Leo somehow known what I was devising to do? Did he care about me as much as he appeared to? We were soul mates, apparently, but we barely knew anything about each other.

After a while, I sighed. “Of course I would have left by now if I could, but I can’t – I literally cannot leave the house.”

Leo’s eyebrows formed a V shape. “They put a spell on you so that you can’t leave?”

Nodding, I was unable to stop tears from welling in my eyes. “I’m stuck here just like I’ve always been.” I returned my attention to the vegetables. “You should go.” I told myself that I shouldn’t get my hopes up, that I shouldn’t place my trust in Leo; after all who was to say that he wouldn’t treat me the way my parents did?

“I’ll be back. I’ll find a way to break the spell. I promise,” Leo vowed.

Tears dropped onto my hand as I whispered, “Goodbye, Leo.”

I didn’t expect to see him ever again but surprisingly I did.



In the end I decided to overdose on paracetamol. It would be a quiet and hopefully peaceful way to die and I knew that Mum wouldn’t notice that the two boxes of painkillers at the back of the cabinet were missing until it was too late as no one ever used them. Also if Mum came in during the night she would think that I was asleep.

Placing the drugs next to the glass of water I’d brought up from the kitchen, I changed into my favourite pyjamas – they were the brightest item of clothing I owned and I loved the aqua colour. Padding over to the window barefoot, I peered through the curtains. It was dark outside and the moon was hidden by several clouds. I gave a small sigh, wishing that I could have seen the lake and my aunt Lindsay one more time.

Moving back over to my bed I sat down and traced the Ánuims that covered my right hand. It was a day and a half since I’d seen Leo and he hadn’t come back yet. I knew I shouldn’t have but I’d really hoped that I would see him again, that he would rescue me from this hell. I’d been wrong. Of course I had. It was obvious that Leo was gone. So what if we were soul mates? I was too much hassle – there were bound to be plenty of girls out there that would be less trouble than I was. The thought of Leo with someone else hurt just as much as the thought that I would never see him again.

My hand shook as it reached for the boxes of paracetamol. I opened one and peeled the foil back from all of the tablets, hoping that I wasn’t being too noisy. There was a tap on the window and I paused. Thinking that I must have imagined it, I picked up one of the pills and placed it on my tongue. But there it was again, more insistent this time. Swallowing the pill with some water I got to my feet and quietly drew back the curtain.

“Leo,” I gasped.

He was floating outside the window, his sandy brown hair whipped across his face by a harsh wind. “Let me in.” His voice was muffled but I did as he asked without a second thought.

“Why are you here?” I kept my voice low, praying that this was real and that I wasn’t actually unconscious on the bed already dying of an overdose.

“I told you I’d come for you, Chelsea,” Leo replied softly. He took my hands in his. They were surprisingly warm but despite that his touch caused the hairs on my arms to stand up. My breath caught in my throat. Leo visibly stiffened when he saw the packets of drugs on my covers. “What are those? Were you . . . you were going to kill yourself.” He stared at me horrified. “How many have you taken?” Leo’s voice rose and I motioned for him to be quiet.

“Just the one. I . . I didn’t think I would see you again.”

Saddened, he cupped my cheek. Electricity danced across my face. “I always keep my promises.” Withdrawing two items from his pockets, Leo held them out to me. There was a small vial and a necklace with a frosted orange crystal. “The contents of this vial will stop the confinement spell that is keeping you here.” I eyed the brown liquid warily. “This sunstone will stop anyone from casting anymore spells on you such as a tracking spell.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked confused. What had I done to deserve such kindness?

“We’re soul mates, Chelsea.” He pressed the gifts into my hands firmly. “Even if we weren’t I couldn’t just leave you here with them. You deserve better, much better.”

“Thank you.”

“Now drink that so we can get out of here,” Leo replied with a small smile.

Excitement mixed with fear in my stomach. I was finally going to be free from my parents but I was escaping with a man who could potentially be just as bad as them. Telling myself that nothing could be as bad as the life I’d been living, I unscrewed the vial and swallowed what was inside. I pulled a face at the bitter taste and Leo fastened the necklace around my neck, his fingers gently brushing my skin as he did so. The pleasant sensation sent a shiver down my spine.

“Ready?” Leo walked over to the window.

“How did you get up here?” I whispered, peeping outside. “It looked like you were floating.”

He grinned. “That’s because I was.” Leo climbed out the window and didn’t drop to the ground. He stayed exactly where he was, standing in the middle of the air. “I control the wind,” he explained. “I’m manipulating the currents. Come on, you won’t fall.”

I gazed at Leo’s outstretched hand and bit my lip. I didn’t trust him but I wanted to, I really did and that was why I took his hand.



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