An epic journey to find the hidden crystals So join Zed and his girlfriend Alice to find the hidden crystal!


2. Zed's life

Meanwhile back in town Zed carried on with his usual life. Zed was a blonde- haired 19 year old boy who lived in a rich family. He also had a sense of adventure but had never explored his whole life! He had an attractive 19 year old  light blonde haired girlfriend named Alice who was always looking out for him. It was a usual Tuesday morning, the birds chirping cheerfully on the swaying trees and children rushing outside to play. Zed yawned tiredly and stretched his arms out wide in his double bed he shared with Alice. He shoved off the duvet and placed his feet inside his furry slippers and put on his morning robe. Zed crept downstairs holding the banisters on the way down as he stepped into the kitchen/lounge. He spotted Alice sitting down sipping her black coffee quietly and slowly, "Morning Alice!" Zed said sleepily,

"Morning!" Alice replied. "Your coffee's on the table." she explained.

"Thanks!" Zed had a reasonable life and owned a two floored house. Zed and Alice were not married though. Zed took the coffee and sat down on the sofa next to Alice. Zed gently kissed Alice on the cheek, then he started sipping his coffee too. It turned 8:00 am as Zed and Alice started cooking breakfast. Alice was sitting on Zed's lap as Zed stroked her soft hair carefully. The oven beeped noisily as it startled them both. "I'll get it."


Zed walked over to the burning oven as he took the food out. He laid the food out on the separate trays as they sat and ate. "Sorry darling gotta go!" Zed called over to her. "OK bye." She replied in her soft gentle tone. Zed kissed her goodbye as he strode off into his gleaming white Audi R8. Zed's job was the boss of the national library. He hired and fired people and registered all the books that will come to the library. The library was always packed as it was always so popular. He arrived at the colossal building as he slammed the door of his car shut. He sprinted to the doors as they creaked open automatically. "Morning boss!" His secretary called over to him.

"Morning!" He replied. He rode the elevator up to his office where he sat down and worked. The computer was a new module that replied to his voice and turned on only to his password! Zed opened the laptop and whispered his password."*******************". He head over to the libraries website and scrolled through the list of books that were coming this evening.


Suddenly the metal doors slammed open as the secretary wandered inside, "Sir! We have a problem. An urgent one!"


"The crystal its back!"

"The crystal that killed my parents!?"

"Sadly... Yes." She continued, "It has killed the leader of the gang and without them this whole town can be in danger!"

"Well, what do you expect me to do?"

"We need you to destroy the crystal once and for all and avenge your parents souls!"

"Wait What?"Zed replied, "You need me, to kill the deadly crystal?"

"Yes your the only one that can help us."


"Great! Meet me at Densley Market at 9:00 next morning... Oh and a bring Alice with you. She'll assist you."

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