And She Then Danced With Death


1. Choose

The girl stood, sweating as she clung onto the faded red railings, feeling her way to the edge of the stone and placing her foot on the ledge.

"But do you really wish to destroy your love of life? To dance with death as though he was your brother or sister? And tear away the emotions of another?" Life asked, grabbing hold of the girls arm and tugging onto it as though she was a frail rope.

"I have no love to life, it just sits and waits, it only becomes precious when it is a vital fact, when you are lying on your death bed, crying to loved ones about your time being up. Death is apart of me, not just a sibling but something I embrace as a person and has a meaning to myself. I do not care for others, neither do they care for me. I'm invisible to everyone but myself, Death and of course you." The girl answered, pulling her arm away from Life and using it to cling onto the damaged railing.

"Death is not happiness, death is a cold dark pain that seeps through each human being as they grow old, a young and precious girl has not yet began to age and still has her whole life, which you are prepared to throw away to stop emotions such as sadness." Life argued, holding back a tear.

"Why would I want to choose sadness over nothing? Why would I grow old, still full of pain and hate when there is a chance to be free and something so precious. You are never noticed as a human, it is only when you have passed that anybody cares." And with that, the girl let go, leaning forward and greeting death with open arms. She smiled, as for so long she had felt a pain like no other, and now, none at all. But little did she know, she held another soul inside of her, which grew day by day and had started to feel emotions like she did.

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