♥ Ten Pink Balloons ♥

How much will it take for Josh and Melissa to realize, that they are made for each other? The classical story of the impossible love - Or is it? A choice with a ton of consequences are to be taken... The most difficult question of their lives requires an answer! Give up - Or give in?

Authors Note: It would mean so much to me, if you gave it a chance!c:


1. Prologue.

What happens when two people are unwillingly drawn to each other?
When two people, as perfect for each other as two fitting pieces in a puzzle, refuse to admit this?
Josh and Melissa are about to find out...
How will the after-effects of their fatal first meeting affect them?
Promises are to be broken.
Risks are to be taken.
All in hope of making the impossible love possible - Will they succeed or is the mission doomed to fail?

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