♥ Ten Pink Balloons ♥

How much will it take for Josh and Melissa to realize, that they are made for each other? The classical story of the impossible love - Or is it? A choice with a ton of consequences are to be taken... The most difficult question of their lives requires an answer! Give up - Or give in?

Authors Note: It would mean so much to me, if you gave it a chance!c:


2. One Shot - Ten Pink Balloons.

Josh’s P.O.V

   I had no idea how much time had passed. How long I’d been wandering the streets. Obviously long enough for the crowded streets to become almost empty. I had no clue as to where I was. The sun had set, a cool breeze send chills down my spine, making me regret not wearing a jacket. I guess it was a bit stupid to storm off in rage, since it was the first day after moving to a whole new town. I just couldn't help myself. When my mom began crying, shouting that it’s my entire fault we had to move, I just needed to get away.

   So here I was. I don’t know if I was more sad or angry. I was sad, because I knew it was true, that she was right, because I’m such a disappointment. I was angry with her for not even trying. She wasn't even trying to be a good parent, such one would tell me: “It’s not your fault Josh. Don’t blame yourself. Let it go. Remember, I still love you.” And sometimes, those words were what I needed to hear.

   My stomach growled loudly, reminding me that I’d forgotten to eat as well. I figured I’d better find my way back now. My feet were aching, and I was thankful I’d had time to set up my bed before leaving. My mom would be asleep on the couch by now, which meant I could avoid the awkward conversation, if only I sneaked to my room.

   A muffled shriek coming from an alley down the street interrupted my thoughts. I immediately ran to the end of the alley, tapped my pocket and remembered I had left my phone on the kitchen counter. I peaked around the corner, praying not to be noticed. What I saw made me cringe: A girl, whose face I wasn't able to see, was pressed against the brick wall. The man she was held by looked rather intimidating. They were talking quite loudly, so it wasn't too difficult to make out what they said.

   “Please... Please don’t... I don’t feel so good,” she stuttered with panic in her voice. “I... I don’t want...” She then screamed, as he banged her head against the wall.
“Shut up!” he yelled in a husky voice, while tearing off her dress. I couldn't stand it. I had made a promise not to get in trouble, but I wasn't going to let this happen.
   “Get your filthy hands off her you prick!” I said, taking a step forward. I had been in plenty off fights, but hopefully I could avoid having to kick his ass. He turned and glared at me for a second, then slapped the girls’ cheek. The sound echoed in the alley, making me even more furious.
“Look what you did! Why can’t you just shut up?” he asked the girl, who was still crying in pain and probably fear too.

   Without thinking, I made my way down the alley in a hurry. The man, who was well built with short blonde hair and greyish eyes, hovered before me.
“I said, leave her the fuck alone!” I growled, whilst pushing his chest, causing him to stumble backwards a few steps. He then spat at my feet, before sneering: “None of your business dumbass!” Jeez, his breath smelled awfully of booze! I managed to dodge the punch he threw me, and I hit him solid on the side of his head. For a brief moment I noticed the girl had disappeared. He caught me off-guard. His fist connected to my eye. I stifled a groan. I blocked out another punch and kneed him hard in the stomach. A second later he had been tackled to the ground, his head hitting the concrete with enough force to knock him out.

   I sighed inwardly. Now, where had she gone? I heard crying from behind some old boxes.
“Please, don’t worry. I won’t hurt you,” I said, walking around to stand before her, holding up my hands. She was a sorry sight. Half naked she sat on a pile of planks, her face hidden in her hands, her body trembling.

   “I want to go home,” she whispered, lifting her eyes to meet mine. Her eyes were blue, bright blue like the summer sky. Slightly wet from crying, they glistened in the dim moonlight. Her long, blond hair fell straight down to her waist. Her pouting lips were a delicate pink, perfectly shaped. I could stare into those beautiful eyes forever. I wanted to run my hands through her hair, just to see if it was as smooth as it looked. I wanted to be the one to make her smile. Even with her makeup smudged around her puffy eyes, she was mesmerizing.

   I snapped out of it, suddenly remembering what she’d said.
“I’ll take you home,” I said. She looked like she was about to protest, so I quickly added: “I insist.” She just nodded and got up, looked down upon herself and blushed when she must have realized, she was only in her underwear. It took me a second to avert my eyes from her gorgeous body, but then I swiftly yanked my shirt over my head and tossed it to her.
“Here, wear this. You must be freezing.” I noticed the way her eyes lit up for a split-second, when she gazed upon my exposed chest. I was pretty fit.
“Like what you see? I know I do,” I said smirking at her. This made her scowl at me, but she slipped on my shirt.

   Damn, that suited her well! I didn't think it was possible, but she looked even sexier now. It covered only the top of her thighs, and the dark blue materiel really complimented her eyes.
“Shall we?” She asked, gesturing with her hand. I did a little bow as I answered: “Lead the way my lady.” She giggled, and the sound was the best sound in the whole wide world.

   She walked a bit ahead of me, glancing down at the unconscious body as we passed, with a look the resembled remorse. Why, I don’t know. I just hoped she wasn't familiar with that douche bag. He probably would've forgotten in the morning anyway.

   “Stop staring at my ass, idiot,” she mumbled. Bewildered, I blurted out: “That’s one fine ass though.” Still not looking at me, she pointed a finger to the ground next to where she was walking.
“Come here,” she ordered. Without hesitation, I did as I was told. I’m thankful I did, because the next moment she tripped in her heels, almost face-planting the sidewalk. I reached out just in time to grip her arm and pull her back up. Perhaps I was a little too rough, because she let out a small whine.

   “I’m so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you,” I apologized. I still held her arm, glad she didn't seem to mind.
“No, it’s not that... I think, I twisted my ankle,” she said. I immediately swept her off her feet, a surprised scream leaving her mouth, and carried her bridal-style down the street.
“What are you doing? Set me down!” she cried out. The tone of her voice almost made me give in, but I knew she wouldn't be able to walk.
“So you can walk home on your hurt ankle? Yeah right,” I snorted. I saw a pained expression cross her face as realization hit her.
“No... But... But I could call a cab! But I don’t have my phone, nor have I got any money... I’m too heavy for you!” she said debating with herself.
“Yeah, heavy as a feather,” I commented with amusement. She huffed in defeat.

   “So where do you live?” I asked raising an eyebrow. My memory had always been pretty good, when it came to remembering directions, but I seriously doubted, I would be able to find wherever she lived.
“Oak Street. Just turn right when you reach the park, it’s the first house on your left,” she said with a yawn. I had a big smile planted on my face, when I looked down to tell her I did too. What a coincident. I never got to tell her though, because she had drifted off to sleep in my arms. The smile on my face grew wider.

   Not even ten minutes later, we arrived at her house. I was a lot closer to home, than I had thought. Not really my type of luck, but it was awesome never the less. I gently shook her awake. She looked at me with wide eyes, and the next thing I know, she landed before me with a whimper. I suddenly felt empty without her in my arms. As she limped towards her house, I heard her mutter: “So it wasn't a dream then...” while lifting a hand to her sore, slightly bruised cheek.

   “How about a thanks to your handsome rescuer?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. She turned around and ran her eyes over me before replying: “Cocky much, huh?” She turned her back to me once again, and right before the door slammed shut, she said: “Thanks... Idiot.”
I felt my mouth fall open. Was she serious? Girls normally threw themselves at me. Usually it wasn't a big deal, but her rejection made me both disappointed and insecure.


   As I lay in bed that night, I was unable to get the picture of her intense blue eyes out of my head. The thought of them, all red and puffy from crying, and the thought of why she cried, made anger boil up inside me. I looked down to my hands. I was clenching my fists so tight, my knuckles had turned white. For God’s sake, I didn't even know her name! Yet, she had this effect on me. Why had I been such an arrogant jerk? Maybe it was for the better anyway, my promise of not getting into trouble involved girls too. I ought to stay away, but the thought alone scared me shitless. Finally, with less than five hours until my first day at this new school began, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


   I woke up with mixed feelings; I was a little nervous to start the new school, but exited at the same time, because I hoped I’d meet the mysterious girl again. But it didn't really matter; I had decided to stay away, though it might be a bit difficult, considering she’s my neighbour. I had a black eye. Great first impression, I thought. However, I managed to sneak past my mom once again, so no scolding for me this morning.

   The school was only a ten-minute walk away, and the weather was warm enough for me to wear just denim shorts and a t-shirt with my favourite band on it. As soon as I entered the schools parking lot, the whispers began. The girls were checking me out, and some boys nudged each other’s shoulders and pointed discretely at me. I made it into the school without anyone trying to talk to me. I heard people whisper stuff like: “Troublemaker”, “Bad boy” and also “Hot!” when I passed them in the hallway. I needed to find the headmasters office. I approached a lonely-looking guy, wearing an oversized hoodie with the hood up and some big comfy pants, and tapped him on the shoulder.

   “Excuse me, can you tell me...” I began, but I couldn't finish my sentence, because in front of me stood not a guy; – You've probably guessed it – but the girl, who had been roaming my thoughts since last night. The same extraordinary pair of blue eyes stared at me with as much shock I suppose could be seen in mine.
“What do you want?” she asked me with a stern face, and my smile faded as fast as it had come, but only for a second. I was grinning widely, when I answered: “Your name and phone number!” In response, she rolled her eyes and gave me an: “In your dreams” comment.
“Definitely!” I replied with a wink.
“Idiot,” she muttered under her breath, before walking away. What was her problem, and why did I even care?

   Somehow I found the headmasters office by myself, but the bell had already rung when I found my first class: Math. I knocked a few times and felt everybody’s eyes on me, as I entered the room.
“So, you must be Josh?” the teacher said, but it sounded more like a question, so I gave him a slight nod. “Take a seat then! You can sit in the back, with Melissa.” I followed his gaze, and skipped happily to my seat. How lucky could I be? The only empty seat in class and it’s beside her!
“Hey Melissa!” I said excitedly. She wouldn't even look at me, as she said: “Please don’t call me that! I prefer Liz.” She had a frown on her face, and she gave me a quick, begging look.
“Can I call you Lizzie?” I whispered, secretly wondering why she would hide that perfect body of hers under all that clothing on a warm summer day?
“I’d rather you didn't,” she answered, while biting her lip.
“Lizzie it is then!” I coughed to cover up my laugh, as she slapped my arm. Her touch made tingles shoot through my entire body. When I looked at her again, she was glaring at me.
“Idiot,” she sighed and turned away from me. Why was I so drawn to her, when I shouldn't be? Why was she so dead set on disliking me, so that she wouldn't even look at me? She obviously wanted me to leave her alone, but I knew within myself; that wasn't possible for me to do.

Melissa’s P.O.V

   As soon as the bell had rung, I practically ran out of class. I couldn't stand being so close to him - to Josh. Not because I didn't want to, I certainly did! Way too much in fact! Despite math being my favourite subject, I had been unfocused and distracted by him. I caught him staring at me all the time, but I dared not to look at him in fear of getting lost in those chocolaty brown eyes of his. I always had a thing for brunettes. I knew that I couldn't even consider giving in. Never before had I felt this vulnerable.

   This Josh guy hadn’t even been in my life for a day, yet I wanted so badly to take all my harsh comments back and forget the look of hurt in his eyes, whenever I rejected him. I wanted him to hold me tight. I wanted to cry about my own misery. Normally, I hated being called “Lizzie”, but even that sounded cute coming from his lips. I had no choice but to stay away from him and keep up my tough attitude in hopes of scaring him off. That was a lie. I didn't hope to scare him off, still it was for the best. I wanted nothing to do with him, my brain said. My heart, on the other hand, had its ways off its own.


   Ten days had passed. Josh kept chasing me around; I kept telling him to leave me alone. I could might as well have been talking to a wall. It was like, he saw right through me. Like he knew what I was thinking. I had reluctantly agreed to go on a date with him. Inside I was screaming with happiness. His mere presence made everything seem so simple, being around him seemed so right. In today’s occasion, I wore a sleeved dress with a belt and some heels too, instead of my normal hoodies and baggy-pants.

   I heard a knock on the door, and I ran to open it.
“Wow, you look beautiful,” was the first thing he said. I felt myself blushing. He grabbed me by the hand and dragged me behind him, laughing like a kid on Christmas Eve.
“The park? Seriously?” I asked him as we entered a minute later.
“Yup!” He responded, popping the ‘P’. I had no idea where this was going. He told me to sit on some stones and wait for him to come back. When he returned, he was holding a bunch of pink balloons.
“A bit more original than roses, right?” he commented, when he saw my confusion. “There are ten. One for each day I have known you. All I’m asking for is a chance, please?” he asked quietly, giving me the puppy eyes.
“I should have said this sooner. I have a boyfriend. I don’t love him anymore, but he has threatened me to stay with him. He’s extremely possessive and jealous.” I gulped. I had never told anyone before, but I felt like Josh deserved to know. “I do like you. I do. Trust me. But he’ll beat up anyone who looks at me.” Josh took hold of my hand once again and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“It’s him. From the alley?” he asked, and I gave a slight nod to confirm his question. I saw how his entire body tensioned. He cupped my cheek and I let myself get lost in his eyes as he said: “I won’t let him hurt you. I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you. We’ll get through this together, trust me.” And I did. I trusted him. I saw the honesty in his gorgeous eyes, and it had me convinced. I had sworn not to fall in love with him, but it was already too late... This was the thought, which went through my head as my lips met his, and by that sealed an unspoken deal. 

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