Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


9. Chapter 9

*Authors Note* so sorry i haven't updated in a while, i've been so busy. I'll make it up to you though! hope your all enjoying it so far! please let me know what you think of it :) thanks!!!


I still couldn't believe all this. In the last few months its gone from me being the typical physco fangirl to now actually being Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend! i kept thinking i'm his girlfriend, wow that sounded so weird. It was only  last night that Louis had asked me to be his girlfriend. He said he was going to bring me out for dinner tonight to celebrate and all the boys were coming too and of course all the girls, apart from Shannon. She had gotten devestating news that her granny had gotten sick and she had to go home for a good while to look after her. its a pitty because all of us girls and the boys were so close to her. i think its hit zayn the worst because the two of them were just friends but they were actually inseperable.

     Louis had text me at 2pm to say that we were leaving the hotel to go to this new restaurant somewhere in town at 6pm. Oh and he added that he text me a good few hours early because knowing us girls it would take us that long to get ready. I smirked just thinking of his cheeky little comments, it was one of the many reasons i had fallen in love with this boy.

      It was about half 3 and i decided i would go for a shower and start to get ready, this way i could take my time and be able to look my best for Louis. I walked into the bathroom, but out a towel, turned on the shower, took off my clothes and hopped in. some me time, some time for my to just relax and not think about anything in particular. i got out after what felt like a lifetime. i was so relaxed. "wow i really needed that time to relax" i thought to myself. i jump as i hear a shout coming up the hall, and then a quick scrambling of footsteps and a sudden bang of the front door. What the hell i thought to myself. the only people that can even get up to this floor is me, the boys, the girls and a few members of the management team. i couldn't exactly walk up in a towel, so i ran to my room making as little noise as i could and threw on a pair of baggy tracksuits bottoms and a tank top. I rushed up the hall to find the whole hotel room in an utter mess. Drawers were emptied and thrown all over the floor, tables were upside down, tv was gone, clothes from the boys suit cases that were still not unpacked, thats boys for you, completely gone. i snuck my head around the door to see if who ever that was here was gone. The door was closed but the sliding door out to the balcony was wide open with the lock smashed off it. how could i not have heard all this going on? how could anyone get in? Thats when i realised i had heard the front door bang earlier! i ran to the front door and swung it open to find now security guards anywhere to be seen. Shit!!! what am I going to do? i have to call Louis!


Damn it Harry! why are you so fucking good at darts? i laugh while running towards Harry play fighting! "How do you know that its not just you thats shit at them" Shouted Harry in the middle of our play fight. Oy!! your gonna get it now i scream, running head first towards Harry just ready to topple him over the back of the sofa when my phone started to ring. OHHH your a lucky man Styles! i smirk at him. I pull out my phone and see that its Ally calling me. her picture that i have on my phone of her just brings a smile to my face every time i see it. Those gorgeous brown eyes, that perfect cute face, her hair, just her everything, it makes me go weak at the knees just thinking of her and now that she is finally mine. "Hi Love how are you?" "Louis I need you and the boys back her asap! im scared, the suit has be robbed and trashed while i was in the shower and theres no security guards around" Ally whispered in a terrified little voice. I was in shock, was she ok? what happened? how is this even possible? On our way, hold tight everything is going to be ok, i say into the phone. In one quick second i waved at the boys to follow me up to the suite, I'll explain on the way i shout over my shoulder to the boys.



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