Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


8. Chapter 8

*authors note* Really sorry I havent updated in a while, i've been really busy with school work (stupid english project) but i hope you guys like this :)


"OH Jesus, I had just text Ally, no going back now. I think I should have sent her a less serious text. She might be worried now. Damn it! What is wrong with me? why is it that when anything good happens in my life I find some way to fuck it all up" I had subtly told the boys to get lost for a few hours to give me some time alone with Ally. It would be the first time since she's been here with all of us that i've had time alone with her. I started to panic when I reaslise I had no idea how i was going to tell her how i feel about her. I seriously did not think this through. My panic escellated when i heard the knock on the door. "SHIT, i'm so beyond screwed now" i thought to myself, my mind racing. Play it cool, relax, just let your heart do all the talking. I took a deep breath and walked towards the door and fidled with the chain.


I'm standing at the door, waiting to have my heart crushed by this boy that i had so much feelings for. I just wanted to cry and run away, but i couldnt, i had to pretend like I didnt care and that i didnt have any feelings for Louis. This was going to be impossible. i could hear him fiddling with the chain on the other side of the door. "Ok ally deep breaths" i thought to myself. "hello Love, mumbled Louis" Something was deffinatly up, he wasn't hyper, wasn't happy, he was so serious. Louis was never serious. "hey boobear everything ok? " i manage to get out of my mouth while fighting back the tears ready to just stream down my face. "Ehhh yeah , i just, i just need to talk to you about something important, can you come out by the pool with me? its quite out there"  says Louis so serious. I dont like this Louis. I really dont, i want my Boobear back.

     He put his hand out to hold mine. I placed my hand in his as he lead me across the sitting room and out the sliding doors onto the balcony. My heart was racing, im pretty sure im shaking, or was that him? i can't tell. He left go of my hand and put his arms resting on the wall that railed off the balcony. the view was truely breath taking. We stood there in silence for a few minutes staring at all the lights and the cars passing in and out of the city. I suppose if he isnt going to say anything im going to tell him how i feel. i have to. i know i said i wouldnt but i cant hold this in. ok, deep breath, here we go. "Louis?" i squeek. "yeah?" " i seriously need to talk to you about something"


What could she want to talk to me about? Shit! the girls had told her what i was planning on saying. I had spoken to Emma this morning because i needed advice on how to do this and she promised she wouldnt tell her but obviously she couldnt keep her mouth shut. Damn it, she doesnt feel the same way, Damn it!! " Ally i Know what your going to say, but I have to tell you" i say so fast so i didn't have time to argue with myself. "wh... What? how do you possibly know what i'm going to say?" she stuttered in utter shock. " I was talking to Emma earlier and she promised me she wouldnt tell you, she promised, and now you dont feel the same, and now its ruined, and i've messed up again!" i begin to shout, i was so annoyed, the tears were streaming down my face, what is with me? Ally makes me feel so different, i've never felt like this about a girl before.

"feel the same about what?" said the quite, shocked little voice. She brought me back to earth. " Ally I.... I... I'm in love with you, i couldnt go any longer with out telling you this, i know you dont feel the same and thats why your so shocked but please dont hate me, i've never felt like this about any other girl, i have so many feelings for...... " all my rushed sentences and words were just stopped. Her lips were on mine, she had kissed me. this was our first kiss. it felt amazing, i didnt want it to end, but i had to see how she felt. I pulled away slowley, I wrapped my arms around her waist and looked down into her brown eyes, the same eyes that caught me on the first day and still they look stunning, " does this mean you feel the same way? " i mumbled half whispering. she looked at me, smiled and said "Louis, I love you" i sighed with relief, i grinned " ok then, ally will you be my girlfriend?" she shyly nodded her head with a massive smile on her face. we leaned into another kiss and i knew i had made the right choice. I cant wait to tell the lads!.


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