Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


7. Chapter 7

Allys POV

     "I can't believe this" i giggle to the girls. We had told all the boys that we wanted to go for a walk to check out the hotel when really we just wanted some girl time to talk about  all that has happened. "This is unreal!" Emma shoutrs while jumping around. We were heading up to the roof where there were benches for people to sit on and admire the views of Dublin.

    To get to the roof you had to walk through a series of corridors. The corridors were even fancy, expensive glass chandeliers, fancy wallpapper with gold pattern and matching carpet. I would hate to even see the bill for staying a night in a normal room here. I was surprised i wasn't charged to even walk in the door. Here was me with my cheap suit caseand just a plain t-shirt and jeans with my hair thrown back in a bun and everyone else in the place was either in a suit and tie or a fancy evening dress.

     We were on the roof for about an hour just chatting and admiring the view. I've lived in dublin for about 6 years and i never realised how amazing all the lights looked in the night time. Chloe had gone because she had gotten a text from Harry to say he wants her to come back down to the room, i wonder why i sarcastically thought to myself. Shannon wanted to bring Zayn to the bar just to hang out for a while so that left Emma, Colette and myself. The three of us were so unbelievably close. I loved them to bits and i was so jelous of them, not in a bad way but just because they are just drop dead gorgeous. Emma was tall, with deep brown eyes, perfect long curly brown hair that i would actually kill for and a figure that would drive any guy crazy and she had such an amazing personality to go with it. Colette was just as gorgeous, she had short brown hairthat always was perfect, i adored all of her clothes and she was just mental!. We all had went to secondary school together so we knew each other for what felt like forever. We could nearly tell what each other were going to say. I can honestly say i love these to girls with every piece of me and i trusted them with my life.

        "hey guys" i say fairly sheepishly, i need to ask your opinion on something" i continued. "yeah sure hun bun" smiled Emma, "Whats the crack?" added Colette. The two of them really seemed to be like my mothers, they always looked out for me and had my back and were behind me 100% no matter what i done. I thought that introducing them to the boys would go to their heads and that they would ditch me but they didnt, if anything it had brought us closer!

     "well" i started, "being here with Louis has really made me realise how much i actually like him, I honestly dont know if he feels the same way or not but i would rather him tell me now how he feels instead of leading me along and then crushing my heart" "ok so what do you want to ask us?" said Colette very concerned and confused. " Well tonight i was thinking about telling him how i feel about him but i dont know if i should or not?" i said while twisting my hair in my fingers which i do when im nervous. "Hunny, i can tell how much you care about him, i see the way you look at him, go for him!" smiled Emma leaning in and hugging me, "oh and he looks at you in the same way so i dont think your heart will be broken" added Colette joing in on the hug.

     Our hug was interupted by a text on my phone. I pulled apart from the girls to read my texts. FROM BooBear ;) : hey love, can you come back to the room for a while? sorry to bother you but I nedd to talk to you about something xx"   The look on my face said it all, Louis never ever sent a serious message. I was scared and worried, i felt like crying, He was going to ask me to go home and say that he doesn't have feelings for me, i thought to myself fighting off the tears. "I got to go back to the room for a while" i whisper to the girls. I saw the worried look in their faces, " Louis said he wants to talk to me,dont worry i'll tell you later" i said with a half hearted smile. I started walking towards the dorr that lead inside. I pulled out my phone and clicked to reply to Louis. TO BooBear ;) Yeah sure, i'm on my way." I had made my mind up, i was going to tell Louis how I felt one way or another because i think im falling in love with him...     



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