Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


5. Chapter 5

 We were all after calming down and were all lying on the couch, when it actually dawns on me, i never asked why the boys were actually here.
I was sitting sideways on Louis's lap so i turned to face him and said, Lou, why are all you guys actually here? He looked down at me a smiled, because your all coming to our hotel for the next few nights. My jaw hit the floor! Is this actually happening? The girls heard Louis and all turned their heads and grinned like fools! when are we going? asked Emma lifting her head from Liams shoulder. As soon as you girls are ready and when them two are done he said and nodding his head to the right. I looked to where Louis had just said and there, infront of everyone was Chloe on Harrys lap snogging the faces off each other. Jesus i knew he was a ladies man but he works fast i said with a laugh.
This was just perfect. The girl of my dreams was sitting on my lap, cuddling into me, the boys were all working in getting girls of their own and Harry, Well Harry was doing what he does best and being his isual ladies man. I was actually really looking forward to spending the next few days with Ally.
I cleared my throat, Right then are we ready to go? I looked over to Chloe and Harry because they were the ones i was really talking to, but no they were still quite busy. I shot a look a Ally and like she could read my mind we snook over to the two and tickled Chloe. Harry jumped and groaned in pain, i guess Chloe had gotten a fright and bitten his tongue, oops! Are we ready i say a second time. Yeah i guess moan Harry who was giving me evil eyes, i looked to Chlor who was fixing her hair and had turned bright red.
Allys POV
We pulled up outside the hotel. I could tell by just the car park that i would never in my wildest dreams be able to afford to stay here for one night let alone a few days. We all piled out of the van and i was just after getting out when Louis grabbed my hand and shyly looked at me. I looked down and our entwined fingers and looked back up at him. Those gorgeous blue eyes were staring back at me, i mean these eyes sent shivers down my spine, everytime he looked at me it was electric, His voice shot me back down to earth. "I better hold onto you, just incase i lose you" he says in a cheeky voice before shooting me a cheeky wink and grin and pulling me into the hotel to check in.

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