Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


4. Chapter 4

its the night before the concert, i get to see Louis! He was such a gentleman. He had gotten tickets for all five of us and backstage passes and sent them to my house! He had also written a sweet letter saying he was so excited to see me and that we should enjoy ourselves! me and the girls were all staying in my flat tonight and first thing tomorrow morning Emma was going to drive us all to Belfast where we were staying over night after the concert.
we were all packing our bags so we would be ready in the morning when my phone started to ring. Its Louis shouted Colette from the sitting room. I was always on skype with the boys and my friends were always chatting and getting to know the boys so seeing Louis name on my phone wasn't very unusual. I sprinted down the hall to hear Colette chatting to Louis on my phone, i stopped for a minute to realise how perfect everything was at this moment. I was actually happy with my life. Louis was such a sweet heart and i started to grow very fond of him and how he was so caring.
I walked back into the sitting room and went over to Colette, Do you mind if i disturb you having your very important phone call? i say jokingly
Hi Louis i say cheery, Louis always had a way of making me happy. Hi Love how are you? Im good Boobear what about you i say while giggling. Something about talking to Louis made me feel like a twelve year old having my first crush. My mind snapped back to my conversation to Louis when i heard him say come out to your front door, his tone had become very giddy and excited. Why i say very confused, just do it for me? i could sense him pouting on the other side of the phone. ok ok cool your beans i say just reaching my front door.
I dropped my phone and just screamed! This gorgeous guy was standing infront of me, and then four others piled out of the car. I didnt know what to do but thank god Louis walked towards me and picked me up in a tight hug. he spun me around and finally put me down. I finally managed to mumble out i must be dreaming, someone pinch me please! Ok and Louis did exactly that, ouch! and i hit him playfully in the arm. Oh by the way what are you doing here? i giggle blushing red at the same time. I couldnt wait to see you mumbled Louis smiling shyly. CAN YOU TWO PLEASE HURRY UP IM COLD shout Harry, ok i laugh but be quite all the girls are in the sitting room i want to surprise them!
We all snuck into the hall, I have an idea Liam whispered lets have a piggy back race and just run into the sitting room, they wont know what hit them! he says getting really excited.
I was on Louis back, Niall was on Liams and Zayn was on Harrys, ok on the count of three just run whispers Harry. THREE, TWO, ONE GOOOOOO! We all charged down the hall not realising Harry had actually counted backwards and bounded into the sitting room. The boys all shout Hi We're One Direction and the girls just go crazy!

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