Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


3. Chapter 3

*authors note* hope everyone is enjoying it pleas eplease let me know what you think of it :)

Ally's POV
I've been talking to Louis for about a month now. He is such a genuine and nice lad. I've actually started to get proper feelings for him and not just silly fan girl "love"
i have a few really close friends so they were the only girls i told how close i have gotten to Louis. We always have had a major fan girl crush on the boys! We all had our one favourite. Emma liked Liam, Colette liked Niall, Chloe was beyond obsessed with Harry and Shannon liked Zayn and lf course i had my feelings for Louis.
So hows Louis said Colette as she winked and nudged my elbow. I was dying to tell her what Louis and myself were talking about last night but i wanted to wait for the rest of the girls to arrive because it was massive news. Oh you will have to wait until later i smirked while winking at Colette.
It was about a half an hour later and we were all just chilling in Colettes house while watching Rio, It's Emmas favourite movie so we all let her watch it. Ive got some news for you girls! i say randomly and realise im smiling like a fool. All their heads turned in curiosity. Are you going to tell us then? chuckles Shannon in a playful laugh. Well, i start, Me and Louis were chatting last night, and like it was planned all the girls whistled, i flushed red not really realising it. Any way i continue trying to brush off the embarressment, he asked me to go see his concert in Belfast, because he emmm wants to see me in person i say quitely. All the girls just screamed, Oh and he wants to know if you all want to come with me and meet the boys?The room fell into complete silence. I raised an eyebow and cleared my throat because there was no reaction, i could hear a pin drop if i listen close enough. And like someone pushed a button all the girls ran over and jumped on me and screamed with excitement, Do i take that as a yes? i say half laughing half gasping for air YES of course it is you dumb shit! i dont know about you guys but harry is going to be coming home with me Chloe said very confidently. We all laughed and the went back to watching Rio, while grinning like clowns!

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