Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


2. Chapter 2

Louis POV:
"ay! Nialler come here i need you" i shout from my bunk in our tour bus. I hear the familiar plodding along of a sleepy Niall. I swear he is actually a four year old, all he does is sleep and eat.
i feel a bounce on my bed and look up to see my cheery best friend. "Whats the crack" niall says in this best Mullingar accent, No wonder why all the girls go mental over him, hes a guy with an accent!
Remeber that girl Ally that gave me that letter the other night? i say as i feel my cheeks flushing red. "oh yeah the amazing looking one" he says while winking at me in his trying-to-be-a-player kind of way. NIALL i shout starting to get pissed off, i really like her niall! ive never felt this way about a girl by just looking at her! shes drop dead gorgeous.
My mind flys off to my own little world thinking if Ally. She has long straight brown hair that just flows over her shoulder without effort, she was slightly tanned and had such a cute face. What got me though were her deep brown eyes. They give me goosebumps everytime i think of them.
My daydream came to a crashing end when i hear Niall making Kissing noises in front of me and then Haz wolf whistling at me. I flushed red almost instantly. Shut up i scream at the boys!
"Anyway about this girl" says Harry turning the conversation serious again. I looked her up on twitter i mumble starting off the conversation, and she Dm'd me so i replied and i sort of told her she was fit and now she hasnt replied and now i think i scared her off" i say rushing the sentence all in one breath. "Relax man" Niall says in his reasuring and caring voice, I say shes just stunned, he continued, You are a member of the biggest boy band in the world and you just tweeted her, think about how much of a big deal this is for her!" "I agree with Nialler" Harry said as he patted Niall on the head. Ok i mumble, do you mind if i have time on my own to think ? i shoot them a half hearted smile.
My mind started to drift as they got down off my bunk to leave me sleep. I lay down on my bed and my mind went straight back to Ally. How could a girl i have never met make me so crazy? Ive never felt like this before, What is this feeling?
I was just lying down staring at the roof of our tour bus when my phone went bleep. I knew this was a tweet from either the boys or Ally. I am a weirdo that i set my phone to tell me when she tweets. I looked at my phone to read the tweet. "did this really just happen? i dont know if i should reply back?" i read. I was amazed that Niall had actually been right about how a girl actually felt! Ok i was going to DM her again, i typed quite fast and sent the message before i had a chance to change my mind, i looked at the conversation to read the already sent message "yes do reply to me i would love to get to know you " im happy with that i thought to myself, but she will be one of those crazy fan girls that i wont be able to talk to, she will just freak out on me, i slammed my head back down on my pillow in fustration. But my phone went bleep again and it was her.
We talked for hours and hours, she was so cool and calm about it, well i did have to send her pictures of me proving it was me and i made sure to get picture of her in return. She was lovely and she was exactly my type of girl. I had to have her. She will me mine...

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