Let me be your Last First Kiss...

This is a Louis fanfiction because im in love with Louis and there isnt many fan fictions about him out there so here you go! hope you enjoy it :)


1. Chapter 1

I was sitting on my best friend Emmas bed just chatting when i heard the usual beep of an interaction on twitter coming from my phone. I lean over, mid conversation, to grab my phone thinking its just a usual tweet from one of the girls ,but oh no,it wasnt... I dropped my phone and couldnt talk! He had tweeted me! He actually replied to my DM! am i dreaming? please God tell me im not! Louis Tomlinson has actually replied to my tweet!
I better introduce myself, im Alison but all my friends call me Ally, Im 19 and live in Ireland. I know im a bit old for being a total fan girl but i am! how couldnt you be? i worship the ground the boys walk on. I have followed them from day one. I have stacks of photos and magazines all over my room. I have their tweets pop up on my phone the second they tweet so i can be one of the first few to reply to them! i know what you all are thinking, i need to get a life but One Direction are a huge part of my like, i mean their music just has a way of getting through to me.
A few days ago Louis Tomlinson, the one and only followed me on twitter! I know i actually cant believe how lucky i am! im one of very few people to actually get noticed by Louis! let alone actually get followed by him! To say i was reduced to tears was an Understatement. I was speachless! I had went to see the boys first gig in Ireland, and of course i made sure i was at the front. While Louis sang his solo in Little Things he walked towards me.he looked me straigh in the eyes! I had written him a letter and hoped i could get close enough to give it to him. He took the letter off me ad winked at me! i had my twitter name on it so i guess he got it from that, but it meant he had actually read my letter! and he had actually bothered to look me up!
i was bored at home so i decided to DM Louis. Sure why not? whats the worse that could happen? he doesnt reply? or unfollows me? well its worth a try!
In my message to Louis i said "im a massive fan and im so unbelievably greatful You followed me, I was the loser 19 year old that was in the front row of your concert in Dublin(the night before he followed me) and that i was the one that handed you the letter"
I was so busy jumping around that i had actually forgotten to read the message! What sort of a dope am i? Ok this is the moment of truth, i thought to myself as i reached towards my phone, Ok breath. There is a giggle from the corner of the room, i hadnt realised i was actually talking out loud until emma had told me! "just look at it you fool" she said im a playful giggle
i unlocked my phone and my mouth hit the floor, his message read, " Hi love, thank you for the letter, i really enjoyed it, you are not a loser, in matter of fact i thought you were quite fit :$ "
OH SWEET JESUS!! i must be dreaming?!? did Louis Tomlinson from the biggest boy band in the world actually just call me fit? i had to reply, sure maybe, in my wildest dreams i might actually get another message from him. What am i even thinking? Why would someone like him be interested in Someone like me?

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