A Year From Now

When Amy Windsor bumps into Zayn Malik at the hotel they are both staying at she never in a million years thinks that in the near future she will be walking hand in hand with Zayn around their penthouse in London. Read to find out more...


8. Time (End)

I gazed out of the window in mine and Zayn's spacious London apartment, my hands covered the small baby bump that was my stomach. My wedding ring was visible on my ring finger. I contemplated everything that had happened a year ago up until now. It was unbelievable to think that in a year I had met Zayn Malik, went away with him, married him and now I was having a baby with him. I constantly had to remind myself that it was all reality and not just some dream that I didn't want to wake up from.


I still could not believe that my parents had allowed me to go away with Zayn and the other boys for the rest of the summer last year. Apparently Zayn had made an excellent impression on them and earned their trust. He really was magical.


I heard the door open and Zayn shouted with a cheeky grin on his face 'Honey I'm home'.

He handed me a bunch of roses and put his arms around my. His hands on top of mine, cradling my baby bump. He was going to be such a good father.



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