A Year From Now

When Amy Windsor bumps into Zayn Malik at the hotel they are both staying at she never in a million years thinks that in the near future she will be walking hand in hand with Zayn around their penthouse in London. Read to find out more...


2. Rose

I walked down to the beach, carrying my sandals in my hands. The sand was cool and soft under my feet. I noticed what looked like a message written with stones, shells and sea glass. I got closer and realised that it was a message. The message said 'Do you believe in love at first sight?' and had an arrow next to it. I followed the trail curiously.


I turned the corner around a small sand dune and I could see Zayn waiting for me there, he had his back turned. He was wearing a sharp, black suit. His hair was ruffled by the light breeze that was whipping it's way around us. 


'Hi' Zayn said.


'How did he know I was there?' I wondered.


'Hi' I said back.


He turned to face me as I walked closer to him. He was holding a single pink rose. He handed it to me.


'Thanks Zayn but, um what are we doing here?' I questioned him.


'Didn't you read my message?' He asked.


'Yes, but I don't understand' I said feeling confused.


'Well, I asked you if you believe in love at first sight. I do and I believe that I am in love with you Amy' Zayn said.



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