A Year From Now

When Amy Windsor bumps into Zayn Malik at the hotel they are both staying at she never in a million years thinks that in the near future she will be walking hand in hand with Zayn around their penthouse in London. Read to find out more...


3. Is this real?

'You're what?' I asked Zayn.


'I am in love with you Amy' he said, smiling.


'But, but you c can't be. I'm j just a normal girl and your, well, you!' I stuttered out.


'Amy, believe me when I say this' Zayn said, taking my hands in his and looking into my eyes. 

'I have never met any other girl as beautiful as you and I am sure that you have brains alongside beauty. From the moment I saw you at the pool today I knew there was something about you. To other people love at first sight may sound stupid or impossible but to me it is not. I got butterflies when I first saw you and I have them again now' he said, still smiling. I smiled back and he moved closer to me. He took my face gently in his hands and kissed me. It was magical and totally unbelievable.


'Is this real?' I whispered.


'Yes' Zayn laughed.


We spent the rest of the night walking hand in hand along the beach and eating the picnic that Zayn had prepared, under the starlit sky. Later on we exchanged numbers and Zayn walked me back to my room. I walked into my bedroom and said to Sophie

'Pinch me'.

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