A Year From Now

When Amy Windsor bumps into Zayn Malik at the hotel they are both staying at she never in a million years thinks that in the near future she will be walking hand in hand with Zayn around their penthouse in London. Read to find out more...


1. Holiday

"Amy, Amy look its Zayn. From One Direction. Look Amy!" My 9 year old little sister Sophie whispered to me.

"Yes Sophie, I see that but we can't bother him. He is on holiday. We are just going to walk right past him and pretend that we didn't see him." I explained to her.

Of course we couldn't just walk up to Zayn Malik from One Direction and talk to him. Who were we to talk to him?

"Come on Sophie, let's get the sunbeds over by the pool." I took Sophie's hand and led her towards the beds. It meant we had to walk past Zayn but he was reading a book and I just kept my eyes on the sunbeds. I don't even think he knew we were there.


I was lying on the sunbed, flicking through the pages of my magazine when an article about One Direction appeared. It suddenly dawned on me that I, Amy Windsor, was staying in the same hotel as Zayn Malik and probably the other boys from One Direction too. It was unbelievable. In fact, I doubted that my friends would have believed me if I told them.


What seemed like hours later I was being awoken by Sophie. She was shaking me gently.

"Ugh, Sophie what is it?" I asked tiredly.

"It's him Amy, Zayn. He's coming over, he's coming over here." She said excitedly.

I seriously doubted that Zayn would be coming over to see me and my little sister but sure enough, when I looked over to where his sunbed was I saw him walking towards us.

"Hey." He said.

'Ok Amy, keep calm. He is just a normal boy' I told myself. And then I thought 'ha a normal boy? As if!'.

"Hi." I said.

"I'm Zayn." He said.

"I know who you are. Um sorry, I mean I'm Amy and this is my sister Sophie." I said blushing slightly.

"Well Amy, I just wanted to give you this note." Zayn said as he handed me the small piece of paper.

"You want to give me a note, why?" I questioned.

"Just read it, hopefully I will see you later. Oh and goodbye Sophie, make sure your sister reads that note". He said.

"Oh I will Zayn. Bye, it was nice meeting you."




I sat at the dressing table and swept my hair into a messy ponytail and plaited it. A pastel, purple coloured maxi dress hung on the door frame, the note from Zayn lying on my bed. I had eventually read the note when I got back to my room earlier in the afternoon. The note said

'Meet me at the beach, 7pm. Zayn x.'

I had sat and read the note over and over again until my eyes started to feel sore. It was unbeliveable. Why would Zayn Malik, the Zayn Malik from One Direction, want to meet me at the beach? I decided that the only way to find out was to go and meet him.




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