A Year From Now

When Amy Windsor bumps into Zayn Malik at the hotel they are both staying at she never in a million years thinks that in the near future she will be walking hand in hand with Zayn around their penthouse in London. Read to find out more...


7. Goodbye?

After that night Zayn and I had spent most of our time with each other, going for walks along the beach, hanging out with Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall and surprisingly, spending time with my family too. Holidays have to end at some point though and it had hit me on the day before I was about to leave that I may never see Zayn again. The thought of that made me feel sick. Seconds later my phone buzzed with a text from Zayn, it was like he could read my mind. The text said

'Meet me at the beach, we need to talk. Z xxx'


The beach had become a regular meeting place for Zayn and I and I would miss it when I had to leave. When I arrived Zayn rushed over to me and took my hands in his.


'Amy I love you and I don't want you to go. I want you to come with me and the boys to New York tomorrow' Zayn said.


'I love you too Zayn and of course I want to go with you but I doubt my parents will let me' I said sadly.


'They've already agreed' Zayn said smiling.



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