There can only be carrot (MATURE)

So this is a quite hardcore 1D fanfic I wrote for a 1D obsessed friend of mine some time ago. Ok, so this features carrots and some HarryxLouis explicit love. REALLY explicit. Gay sex, guys.


1. oneshot

Louis ran quietly down the snow-covered street. He moved swiftly through the shadows, avoiding almost every streetlamp. He was wearing soft-soled, blue sneakers which he knew to be almost soundless. Likewise his hoodie was black as coal, allowing him to hide easily.  He turned round the familiar corner and slowed his pace. When he made it to the grey metal-door, he stopped completely and exhaled quickly, exhausted from running. For a minute he stood like that; bowing forward, his hands resting on his thighs, breathing desperately.

He then entered the hotel, soundlessly, through the backdoor. A night-watchman greeted him in the hall. So my disguise is that bad? He continued through the main lobby to make it for the upper floors. He really wanted to take the elevator, but knew the noise would be too risky.  Instead Louis walked 20 floors worth of stairs. He felt himself sweating as he reached the 21th floor, but not from the exercise. No, he was afraid. As he neared room 2986, he started shaking. He got out the chip-card and unlocked the door quietly. It was now or never. Let the others be asleep, please.

The room was totally dark. Louis entered with a self-satisfied crooked smile. He easily kicked of his shoes and continued walking with the smirk still smeared across his face. Suddenly he noticed something was wrong. There was so quiet. Too quiet. Where were Niall’s famous Horan-snores? He entered the living room. He heard a little click and light was everywhere. He saw the boys stand by the floor lamp. All stern-faced and Harry in front, looking at the ground. Louis stopped dead. His heart was beating madly. He had feared this from the beginning. He was imagining horrible punishment scenarios in his head. He knew reality would be worse. Harry was ruthless when it came to Eleanor.  

“Where have you been, Louis,” Zayn asked with an evil, teasing voice. “You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?” Liam joined in with a menacing smile. “Was it really worth it?” Niall asked, his Irish accent sounding like sweet horror. Louis swallowed. Everyone was awaiting Harry’s wrath.

“I just don’t understand…” Harry said quietly, “why.. why you need her when you have me! WHEN YOU HAVE ALL OF US!” Harry shouted passionately in Louis face. “I’m sorry, Louis, but you know it’s unacceptable. I will have to punish you," Harry emphasised the last sentence. Louis felt the smile in Harry’s voice, the dark, toxic smile which he loved. This was honestly why he did it. Not because he actually liked her, no, he just wanted this passionate thrill. He wanted to feel Harry’s love strongly, truly, and this was it.

And the others too. He wanted all their love. They all loved it. Them being the bad guys, Louis playing innocent lamb. And he wanted the kick too. Because he did fear their punishment. It was always horrible, but it turned him on. So terribly much.

“Come over here, Louis.” Louis did as they told. “Get down,” Zayn sneered. “On all four?” Louis asked like am excited but anxious little child. “You’re not stupid, Louis.” His name sounded sweet in Nialls mouth even when he snapped. He got down on all four. “Head down,” he heard someone say. Two of the boys approached him. Next he felt their hands on his hips, pulling his trousers down. And his underpants. One hand slapped him across his still half-covered bum. “Ouch,” he whined. All he got was a few snorts in return. “What a beautiful sight,” Liam said maliciously. Louis was standing on all four, head facing the ground, with his trousers pulled down to his knees. “Do you have it, Liam?” Harry asked. “Yes,” Liam said and handed Harry a big, orange object.

“Well Louis. We know how you love carrots. This one is especially big. We’re sure you’ll enjoy,” Harry’s hoarse voice was completely monotone. Louis shivered as he heard the clumsy steps approach. He bit his lip as Harry bowed down to level their heads. Harry whispered, “I’ve waited for you all night, baby. You’re sexy as hell when you do that,” while looking at Louis’ lip.

Louis saw Harry’s feet as he walked toward Louis’ bum. “This is truly one magnificent ass you’ve got Boo-bear.” Louis panted as Harry’s hand hit him hard three times. He could feel the red marks appearing on his behind. Harry spanked him a few times more until Louis went hard. “Oh you want this carrot, huh?” Harry spanked him again. Suddenly he felt a tongue on each foot. Two of the boys were sucking his toes. One was harsh and ruthless, the other licking gently, playfully. Niall and Liam. He could her the movement of wanking somewhere.

He felt Harry’s hands gentle fiddling his ass-hair. The a soft, warm breath on his buttocks, slowly a tongue started licking all while the hands were moving around Louis’ asshole. A finger plunged hard into him, a scream of surprise escaping his mouth.  “Ah,” he moaned as Harry’s finger worked inside him. Suddenly it was pulled out. “No!” he yelled softly. “Don’t worry, Louis, we’ve got something better planned for you,” Harry said lovingly. The foot-licking stopped. Liam and Niall got up and joined Zayn’s fapping club on the couch.

“You ready Lou?” Harry asked affectionate. Louis swallowed a lump but nodded.

He felt something cold and wet touch him between the buttocks. He had no time to think of what it was, for with one, swift movement it was inside him. Oh, it was long and broad. Oh, so pleasant. But it did not stop, it kept going further and further in. Harry moved it merciless around inside Louis; he couldn’t help moaning loudly with a mixture of pleasure and pain. “Oh Harry, stop it, stop it, I beg you. I’m so sorry. It was wrong to go to her, please, be gentle,” Louis was somewhere in between whining and crying this out.

Harry drew the carrot out of Louis. “We’ll use it some more later. Now I’m horny too.” Harry pulled down his own pants, revealing his beautiful, long, erected penis. He slapped it once across Louis bum before moving inside him. “Oh,” both of them groaned with pleasure.

“We need somewhere private, my love,” Harry whispered leaning his body down across Louis’.  “Yes,” Louis mouthed, spellbound. Harry pulled out. The two boys made it for their room leaving the other three for a more hard-core sucking orgy.

“Harry,” Louis whispered when the door was closed safely behind them. Louis slowly caressed Harry’s torso. Harry wrapped Louis in his arms. Their heads were inches apart. “Kiss me, Harry! I want your love,” Louis begged. Harry bowed his head and kissed Louis slowly, tenderly. Their tongues touched softly. The kiss was sensual beyond compare. Harry bit Louis lip, busting the romantic bubble and instead sending erotic emotions flying in the air.  Louis started aggressively licking and kissing Harry’s neck. He stopped to pull of Harry’s shirt then continued to the nipples. His tongue moved in perfect, round movements around the small pink dots. His lips closed around the skin, making Harry groan with pleasure. His hands cupped Harry’s balls. He squeezed gently and lovingly caressed the other man’s jewels.

Louis bowed, going for the blowjob, but Harry stopped him. “No, Louis, I want to fuck you,” he just said simply. He pulled of Louis’ shirt and pulled him toward the double bed. Harry seated himself. He placed his hands on Louis upper arms and pulled him down, in a long, captivating kiss. Louis was now sitting in Harry’s lap.  He could feel Harry’s burningly touch on his shoulders. Louis leaned down into another long, wild kiss. His hand roughly moved through Harry’s curls, pulling, playing, as their tongues continued tangling. With a fast movement Harry rolled around, Louis now lying on the bed, Harry on top.

Harry rose. Louis turned around. “Give it to me, my dearest,” Louis said. Harry obeyed. Softly and emotionally he penetrated Louis. Harry moved his penis in delicate swirls, providing most possible feeling to Louis. “Oh Harry!” Louis groaned. Harry started to move faster. Both of the young men were speechless with pleasure.  Louis felt the wet pre-sperm inside him. It was happening soon. He felt Harry make long, hard pushes. Oh yes, it was happening soon.

And Louis was right, not two seconds later Harry was pulling out of him, the bed covered in sticky, white sperm. “Thank you, love,” Harry said. “Thank you too,” Louis answered, pulling Harry down for a kiss. “We’re not done yet, Louis.”

Harry got up and picked the carrot from the bedside table. Once more he pushed it into Louis. But this time Louis didn’t tell him to stop. Instead he let his lover fuck him with the carrot. Suddenly Harry stopped. Louis felt Harry’s head by his lower regions. Then the carrot started moving again. But this time only out and round. He heard the sound of teeth chewing something hard. And then he realised.  The thought turned him so much on that he came before Harry had eaten half the carrot. “Oaahhh” Louis screamed as his juices slowly floated out his ass and down his legs. Harry placed an arm around Louis. Louis sat up.

The two boys faced each other with totally content faces. Their eyes shone with  the same gleam of peaceful love. Both were smiling with tranquillity. “Louis,” Harry said, “I love you.” “I love you too,” Louis said while pressing his lips against Harry’s.     

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