How To Move

All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!!


61. Epilogue:

My eyes travelled down the length of the mirror as I gazed at the pearl white dress I was wearing. Today was the day we all had been waiting for. Today was Louis and I’s wedding day. It’s been six years since we all first met and it’s been tough, but we’ve survived and now we love each other more than ever. The boys had slowed down their carriers, trying to focus on family and so on. There still hasn’t been a boy band to become bigger than them, but their fame was dialed down since a few years back. Zayn and Perrie got married about four years ago, and they were expecting their first child. Niall and Yvette are currently engaged and they have two beautiful twins, two girls Sasha and Melanie. I was Melanie’s godmother. Liam started seeing Danielle a few years back, they were on and off constantly and no one quite understood what was going on. To say we all were surprised when Liam eloped with Sophie is an understatement. They are celebrating two years as married this year. And then there was Harry. Harry had flings. But he never seemed to actually find the one. He often followed along when Louis and I went to visit Dina, but every time we asked him if he liked her he just shrugged it off.

Dina had now gotten out of prison. When we told Simon that we were waiting to have the wedding because we were waiting for her, he freaked out. He screamed at us for a little while until he realized I wasn’t going to change my mind. So instead of working against us and trying to hide this all from the press, he made us promise we were going to do an interview about it all. Louis and I agreed and here we were. At our wedding day. With all of our loved ones here.

As I was saying, I was standing in a small room inside the church looking at my dress in the mirror. The girls had left me alone, they noticed that I was about to smack them silly. Even though it looked like I was looking at my dress, I was mostly thinking about all of these years. A lot has happened and if I didn’t have Lou I wouldn’t be here. If I didn’t have any of the boys, or the girls for that matter, I wouldn’t be able to function properly. I was so busy thinking about those silly things that I didn’t notice someone walking into the room.

“You look beautiful.” I lifted my gaze and noticed Harry standing a few feet behind me. His voice was so gently as if it would break if he spoke any louder. Seeing the hurt behind his eyes I lost the ability to answer him, so I just smiled softly. I broke away from his gaze and looked at my dress for real this time. It looked like a strapless dress but had lace sleeves that started above the shoulders. When you looked at me from behind me you could easily see the arrow on my shoulder. The dress was long and big, but not the kind of big that just looked wrong. No, this dress was like a fairytale dress. When I moved, it moved along with me and it moved perfectly.

“I really am happy for you, Johanna.” I smiled to myself but I knew he could see me. We stayed quiet for a few minutes more, he kept on watching me and I kept my gaze on the floor. Just as I heard him take a breath to speak I interrupted him.

“What happened to the cat?”

“What?” He looked at me with a confused stare and slightly amused smile on his lips.

“Your cat?” I turned around and looked at him. “When you guys came to Lund you told me that I was going to watch your cat.” I paused and looked at the ring on my finger. “What happened to the cat?” He thought about for a few seconds and then I saw recognition flash across his face, followed by guilt.

“Oh.” He scratched the back of his head and looked at the ground. I smiled at the act and thought it was funny that I still made him uncomfortable. “I uhm…” He paused again and when he looked back up at me he smiled a sad smile. “I said that because I thought you were a cat person, and I really wanted you to come and live with us.” Now it was my turn to say ‘oh’ and feel uncomfortable. He had liked me from the start, even when I didn’t do anything to deserve it. And I had placed all my energy on Louis, who treated me badly. I didn’t regret it, but I felt bad for Harry.

“I’m sorry.” I looked at my hands and he walked over to me. He gently grabbed my hands and squeezed them.

“Don’t be. I’ve never seen Lou this happy. And even though I’m not a hundred percent happy all the time, it will come for me.” He leaned forward to kiss my cheek and before I could respond or he pull away the door opened and a girl gasped behind Harry.

“Get off my boyfriend.” I heard Harry groan low in my ear before he leaned back and glared at the girl behind him.

“I’m not your boyfriend.” He spoke between clenched teeth and started walking towards the door.

“Not yet.” She spoke in a low voice but we both heard her. “Anyways, his majesty is looking for his clown.” When Harry walked passed her she slapped his ass and then threw the door close.

“Dina, can you please not do that in front of me. I would like to keep my breakfast down.” I clutched my stomach and actually felt a little sick, but that wasn’t strange. For a couple of months I’ve been sick every single day.

“Oh please, the things I’ve seen and heard you and Lou do.” She shuttered and made a disgusted face. “I’m just sexually frustrated. Five years without a proper fuck is like… I don’t know… A month for you.” I gasped and threw my hairbrush at her.

“He’s good, not my fault.” I shrugged and looked at her with amused eyes. “Plus, I thought you said you had several bitches or whatever?” I sat down in front of a smaller mirror and Dina began fixing my make-up for the final time.

“Yeah but that wasn’t like a proper one. You know like you and Lou last week when you decided to experiment.” I groaned out loud and she giggled.

“Seriously? You hear and see everything don’t you?” She laughed and nodded her head. Before she could answer me though, the door opened again and Yvette and Sophie walked in. Since I wanted all of them as bridesmaids and only one could be my maid of honor, I chose Sophie for that job. Even though Dina begged me, Soph and I promised away that position to each other a long time ago. Dina leaned down so that she could whisper in my ear.

“I’m a criminal baby, that’s what I do.” She leaned back and winked at me before walking to the couch. She sat down and put her shoes on. I turned back around looked at myself before we would finally walk out into the church.

Everything was a blur until that final moment when I stood behind the closed doors with my oldest brother on my arm. He and I never saw each other much, but when I called him and asked if he could escort me down the aisle, his answer was yes in an instant. Having Nick by my side made it all a little less frightening, and as I looked up at his smiling face I couldn’t help but regret missing his wedding seven years back. As if he knew what I was thinking he smiled down at me and whispered in my ear as the music started.

“Let’s just enjoy this and we can talk later, you can meet Michaela.” I nodded and the doors slowly opened as I heard everyone stand up inside. Grabbing onto Nick’s arm tightly I began to move my feet forward. At first I was looking at the floor but my gaze quickly lifted and met Louis’. I thought that I had seen him truly happy before, but I now realized that was just a fraction of what I saw now. His lips were curved in a soft smile but his eyes were glassy with emotion. He looked like he was seeing an angel for the first time and it made my heart swell. In no time at all Louis stepped down those three steps to meet Nick and me at the end of the aisle. Nick whispered a few words to Louis but they were too low for me to hear. As Nick stepped back and went to stand with my mom and the rest of my brothers. I didn’t notice when the people sat down but when Louis grabbed my hands and I felt a shock of electricity coursing through me I snapped out of my thoughts and listened to the priest.

*At the reception*

Since me and Louis decided to skip the vows at the wedding and do speeches for each other. We were sitting at our table, that was facing all the other tables in the room, and I was currently laughing my ass off because Dina, Sophie and Yvette were performing ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ by Abba. They had choreographed it and all. When they finished we all clapped like crazy and I stumbled up from my chair, with the help of Louis, and tripped over to the girls.

“Oh my, now that was the best performance I’ve ever seen!” I laughed as I hugged each and every one of them tightly to me. “Even better than the boys!” The girls laughed out loud as well and I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me.

“Why is it that every time I walk over to you, you say something mean about me?” I looked at him over my shoulder and shrugged lightly.

“This time I didn’t though, they were amazing.” He laughed and nodded his head. He then looked at the girls and thanked them all before ordering me to sit down at our table. “I love you.” I kissed his lips quickly before walking over to our table and sat down besides his mother. She and I really got along and I truly understood why Louis had the kind heart he had. Before Louis started talking Johanna, it’s hilarious that both she and I have the same name, leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“If he starts joking, I will slap him silly.” I giggle lightly and Louis started speaking just as I was going to answer her.

"I wasn't really going to have a huge speech, just wanted to let you guys know that the drinks are free for another five minutes." He started to walk off the stage and I rolled my eyes at his behaviour.
"Oh, and by the way, I love you babe!" I laughed as he walked off the stage and looked over at us. When he noticed his mother’s angry stare he laugh and I couldn't help but join him, he was really adorable and predictable.

"Louis, if you don't get your ass up on that stage again I will tell your mother!" Harry shouted and we all laughed loudly at his joke. In the corner of my eye I saw Johanna pull her fingers across her throat. It only made me laugh more.

"Okay okay!" Louis made soothing motions with his hands and walked back up onto the stage and grabbed the mic once more. "Of course we all knew I wasn't serious, mom." He pointed towards her and even though she tried to stay serious I heard her chuckle quietly. "Johanna and I talked a lot about how we wanted to do this, the speeches to each other and all that stuff. I said that I was happy with no matter what we decided, and Johanna of course yelled at me for not caring enough." Louis paused and we all laughed. It was true, I had yelled at him that time and a lot of other times. "Babe, I did care. About you." He held his hand over his heart and looked directly at me before looking around the room and continuing. "Finally we decided, mostly Johanna, that we were going to do the traditional vows that everyone says in the church and then have big speeches at the reception. What she failed to tell me at the time was all the bloody people you have to thank, I mean it's a lot of you guys." He paused again as we all laughed and before he continued I yelled out.

"Stop blaming me Lou! Get to the lovey dovey stuff!" Everyone laughed and Lou winked at me as he stuck out his tongue, it looked hilarious.

"What evs! I guess I should start with the actual speech then." He took a deep breath as he grabbed a paper out of his pocket. "I wanna start with the people that we both are grateful to, and then I'll get to the lovey dovey stuff. Everyone satisfied with the agenda of the day?" Everyone yelled yes and laughed as Louis unfolded the paper. "If I don't thank you here then I just forgot and you will get a thank-you-card within a few days." I rolled my eyes at his joke but still smiled largely. "So first of all I wanted to thank the boys, who have all been there for me during all of these years. Johanna also wants to thank you for not shunning her like I did." They all turned to me with large smiles and I nodded my head as I mouthed 'thank you' to them.

"Next up we wanted to thank our mothers and fathers, even though one is not in our lives anymore. I personally want to thank Johanna's mother Charrie! If it weren't for you then I would never have met my wife over there." I giggled when he called me his wife and felt my heart swell. My mom waved him off and he blew her a kiss. "I also know Johanna wants to thank my mother for all the same crap, but god knows that if anyone is angel sent from heaven it's Johanna." I blushed madly and Louis continued. "Anyways, we would also like to thank all of the people who came here today! Some of you came all the way from Sweden, which must've been a hassle for you. I know Johanna wants to thank you guys herself but I also want to thank Yvette, Sophie, Perrie and Dina for being the bestest of friends to her when she has really needed it. And last but not at all the least I want to thank Johanna's brother Nick, for magically appearing and walking her down the aisle. I know that meant the world to her and it truly meant the world to me too." He turned his paper around and I found myself holding my breath.

"And Johanna." I smiled and nodded towards him when he looked at me. "I can't even say that I'm grateful that I met you because there aren't words to describe how much I actually needed you. I treated you like shit in the beginning, and I will never stop apologizing for that, but you didn't leave. I was in an unhappy relationship at the moment, I'm sorry El." He turned towards Eleanor that sat next to her own husband. She waved her hand to Louis and nodded her head to make him go on. "And you Johanna, without even knowing it, gave me the courage to end it. And just look at us all now! We're as happy as can be. I know we have a lot of shit behind us but together we can move forward. I didn't know it then, but I always had the feeling that Jo and I were meant to be." He took a deep breath and my face started to hurt because I was smiling so much.

“I love how you go to any length to protect the ones you love. I love how make us boys pancakes even though you’ve started hating them now. I love the fact that I get to remind you how beautiful you are every day, because you always seem to forget it. I love how you always see the good in people, even though no one else does. I just…” His voice trailed off and it sounded like he was crying. ”There are too many things for me to stand here and tell you that I love. I love everything about you, even the fact that you sometimes fart in your sleep.” I blushed and hid my face in my hands as everyone laughed at Louis’ words. I was going to kill him later. “Today, you said yes to spending a lifetime with me and I still can’t believe it. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I am going to spend the rest of my life showing you just that. I love you Johanna Tomlinson, then, now and forever.” I pressed my hands to my chest right above my heart as Louis placed the mic on the speaker next to him and made his way towards me. I almost couldn’t hear all the people cheering because I was so enchanted by the man in front of me. When I met him, he was a boy and I was looking at a full grown man. I knew he was going to protect me and keep me safe for as long as we were both alive.

“I love you so freaking much.” I whispered into Louis’ ear as he pulled me up from my chair. He hugged me close to his body and I began smiling even larger. I was so happy to be in his arms, and they made me feel so safe that I never wanted to leave. But I soon leaned back, pecked his lips quickly and stepped out of his arms. “My turn.” I winked at him before waving the girls over. Even though my dress was pure perfection, I needed help doing absolutely everything. So they quickly helped me up onto the stage. I didn’t have my heels on, but the dress was still a hassle to handle. I grabbed the mic Louis had been using before and started speaking into it.

“So now it’s my turn.” I swallowed back the slight stage fright I had and looked over at Lou’s smiling face. “For those of you who were around the first year I lived with the boys, you all know that the first time I stepped up onto a stage I broke up with Lou.” I saw Louis raise an eyebrow and I corrected myself. “Okay, I didn’t exactly break up with him, but I did hint at it and then I left. And it broke my heart. I was so certain that I was doing the right thing that I didn’t even stop and think about it. I thought that if I removed myself from the lives of the ones I loved that they would be safe, which turned out to be only mildly true. Anyways, I wanted to thank the ones that had been there for me during that horrible year before I met Lou and the boys, but also during the time I wasn’t with them at all. Yvette, you were my rock and it did kill me inside to see you see concerned about me every time I was heading home. You are like a sister to me, like a big annoying sister who tells me what not to do most of the times.” Everyone laughed and I saw a single tear slid down her cheek. “And Soph, I know you’ve put up a lot of my crap and you were the one who I had to stop talking to first.” She shook her head and I simply smiled at her.

“I know you don't agree, and I know that I may or may not be wrong. But what I’m right about is that you are an amazing friend and I would never again break up with you. And Perrie, we’ve known each other as long as I’ve known the boys, and for some reason you chose me to have as one of your best friends all those years ago. My heart beats for you and for the boys so much I don’t know what I would’ve done if I never met you.” I turned to my dark skinned best friend and smiled. “Dina. Dina, you’ve done more than any friend could ever ask for. I’m not saying I support the thing you did to two people in particular, but I know you have my back. And for that exact reason I love you. I told Louis five years ago that I wouldn’t marry him without you here, so we waited. And now we are all here. Under the same roof.” I turned to everyone else and smiled. “And to Louis, I wish that there were enough words to explain how much I love and appreciate you. But I do have the rest of my life to show you how much I do love you. Before you, I never believed in true love. I always thought that a person had to settle for something less, because true happiness wasn't real. But then you came along and you showed me that there was something more." I paused and Louis smiled softly giving me the courage to go on.

"I guess that the only way to explain it without sounding dumb is; before I was stuck in this route. I didn't know how to move out of this pattern, which only consisted in me running from things. You made stop in my tracks, think about myself for a moment and them you made me move on. Before I was in a coma state, and you taught me how to move." Louis had glassy eyes and I felt tears run down my own cheeks. I know that the words I was speaking were so agonizingly true, and it made me happy. He made me happy. "As you said before Lou, we've gone through some shitty stuff, and we will go through some more shitty stuff. But we will make it because we have each other. I might yell at you because I don't think you care, but I do know you care. And no matter how many times you make me so furious, you still manage to make me a thousand times happier the next second. And I love you." I looked over all the people in the room and thought about my next move.

"And if everyone could raise their glasses, and I could get an alcohol free one over here, I have one last surprise for my new husband." I looked at Louis and he actually looked a little scared but still had a smile on his lips. When Yvette gave me my champagne flute I held it up and waved Louis over. "Louis, come here." He ran over quickly and pecked my cheek quickly before raising his own glass next to mine. "I just want to make a toast to me and Lou, and our next coming happy years." I turned my head towards Louis and smiled largely because I was going to reveal it all now. "I hope you stay as hot as now and that our baby boy or girl in my tummy gets most of your genes!" Before he could react everyone started clapping and I yelled cheers. Louis stood there, with his mouth open, just staring at me. He looked like he didn’t believe me.

“Really?” He asked with a low voice. His free hand slowly made its way to my stomach and pure happiness surged through me. “You’re actually pregnant?” I smiled at him softly before nodding.

“I really am Lou.” I leaned closer and wrapped my arms around his waist. “I’ve known for a week now but I wanted it to be a surprise. We’ve been trying for so long.” I leaned back and both Lou and I had tears in our eyes. We really had been trying ever since the doctor told us it was safe for me to get pregnant. For a long time nothing at all happened, but now it was all happening at once.

“Wow…” His voice was filled with wonder and happiness. “A new wife and a baby, all in the same day? What more could a man ask for?” I shrugged lightly and placed my arms on his shoulders.

“An actual cat maybe?” Louis laughed and nuzzled his nose against mine.

“Harry told you?” I nodded my head and then looked over to where I knew he was sitting. At the moment he was looking rather sad but he was talking to Dina, which was good. “He’s going to be alright you know.” I let my gaze fall on my husband as I felt my heart sting a little for Harry.

“I know.” I smiled and nodded. When I hugged Louis tightly to my body I felt his relax a little.

“It’s been a beautiful wedding, but I’m so glad it’s almost over.” I laughed out loud and looked up at the amazing man in my arms.

“Me too. I could really use a break from everyone right now.” He smiled and I saw a glint of something naughty in his eyes. “We can’t leave yet love. We haven’t had our first dance as man and wife yet.” He smiled brightly before stepping back and bowing in front of me. His hand was stretched out towards me and his face reflected the love I felt towards him.

“Mrs. Tomlinson, would you honor me with a dance?” I giggle lightly as I placed my hand in his.

“Oh why yes I do Mr. Tomlinson. But do hurry, my husband will be back soon.” I giggled as something dark flashed across Lou’s face.

“Oh I will never leave you love.”

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