How To Move

All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!!


59. Chapter 59:

When Louis put the ring on my finger I squeaked so loudly that a minute after there was a knock on the door. After Louis opened the door we both saw Niall and Yvette stood there. Before they could say anything I excused myself and walked passed them with a huge grin on my face. I tried to hide my hand, since I didn’t want Nick to be the one that announced out engagement. When I realized I didn’t have any pockets I stopped and called Lou over to me. He placed his hands on my hips before planting a kiss on my lips.

“You okay?” I nodded eagerly and pressed my forehead against his shoulder.

“I just realized that I don’t have any pockets.” I waved my hands slowly, without showing the ring, and he nodded.

“How about you put it on your necklace?” I nodded with the huge grin still on my face as he unclasped it. He then brought it down to my hands and I quickly slipped the ring onto it. He then clasped it around my neck once more and placed it inside my shirt so that it wasn’t showing anymore. I placed my hand over it and pecked Louis’ cheek.

“You guys coming?” Niall and Yvette had walked passed us as we had been standing there totally captured in each other and they were now at the door. I smiled towards them and nodded as Louis placed his arm around my waist. We began to make our way out of the building when Nick called Louis’ name. Louis pecked my cheek before turning around and facing him.

“I just wanted to check on you guys. You left the studio so quickly it seemed like something was wrong.” He actually seemed concerned to me but Louis just became furious.

“Yeah everything is fine. So why don’t you just butt out and leave us alone?” He spoke with a smile on his but I could feel his body tensing. I placed a hand on his arm and felt him relax a little bit more.

“Mate, I was trying to be polite.” Nick’s hands were up as if he was trying to protect himself and I narrowed my eyes. Something didn’t feel right. I had the feeling something had happened from the time I had stepped out of the control room to when Louis knocked on the bathroom door.

“Lou…” My voice trailed off as I laced my fingers with his, almost begging him to let whatever happened go. He broke his stare from Nick and looked at me with eyes that quickly became happy. Whatever had happened didn’t trump our extremely recent engagement. When a big smile spread across his face I reach up and pecked his lips quickly. I then turned to Nick with the best smile I could muster. “Thank you for today Nick. The other boys were sad that they couldn’t be here.” He nodded but kept his eyes on Louis. I quickly got bored of their little spat and pulled Louis towards the doors where Niall and Yvette stood waiting for us.

“What did he want?” Yvette asked looking directly at me. I just shrugged and glanced at Louis quickly. He was looking at the ground and I found it strange that he wouldn’t look up at me. But I decided to confront him about it all when we got home. We walked outside to the car where Andy was waiting to take us all home. There were a ton of girls outside, screaming random things to the two boys with us.

“Louis I love you!”

“Niall! Louis! Chickenfingers!”

“Niall look over here! Oh my God, Niall!”

The screams just kept on going and going and I thought I had gone deaf. That was until I heard one girl scream something that wasn’t very nice at all.

“Louis, break up with her! She’s fat and ugly!” Several girls chanted ‘yeah’ and ‘yes’ after her but I didn’t have time to turn and look at them. I was pushed inside the car and Louis was holding onto my hand tightly. Getting annoyed and forgetting that this was a happy day I pulled my hand free and moved away from him a little bit.

“Jo…” His voice trailed off and I knew he had heard the girl. I just raised my hand to silence him and refused to look at him.

“I told you that would happen.” When he started to apologize once more I turned my head to look at him. He truly looked sorry and also a little bit afraid. It was almost as if he thought I was going to leave him, for that little thing. I placed my hand on the side of his face and sighed. “Louis, relax. I knew that would happen. And I’m not mad at you. It’s just…” My voice trailed off this time and he grabbed my other hand.

“I know.” He kissed my palm and then wrapped his arms around me. The entire ride home he held me tight to him and I didn’t mind at all. Even though I was going to get a lot of hate, it was all going to be worth it because I love him. When the car stopped outside our building me and Louis jumped out of the car first and then waited for Niall and Yvette.

“We’ll see you guys later. We are going to Yvette’s flat.” Niall poked his head out the door and waved us goodbye before closing it. The car drove away and we walked inside. We both stayed quiet on the ride up to our flat and when we walked through the door I threw myself in Louis’ arms. He laughed lightly and hugged me tightly to his body.

“I love you.” I leaned back and smiled at his words. They warmed my heart like no sweater ever could, and it was all I needed. I pecked his lips quickly and then leaned back to look at him.

“I love you so much Lou.” My voice was filled with so much truth that I almost stuttered out the words. Never in my life had I ever felt like this before. “Thank you.” I pecked his cheek. “Thank you for saving me.” I pecked his other cheek. “Thank you for not giving up.” I pecked his nose. “Thank you for loving me.” I stopped when my nose touched his and my breath got stuck in my throat. I couldn’t believe that this amazing guy had chosen me over all the others. Slowly placing my lips onto his in a passionate kiss I felt butterflies in my stomach. He made me feel so loved.

“It was no hassle at all babe.” I giggled lightly because I knew it hasn’t been easy for him. But he never wanted me to worry. I sighed and pecked his lips before letting him go and walking towards the kitchen. “Really? You’re just gonna stop hugging me like that?” He walked after me with a pout on his face and all I could do was laugh.

“I was thirsty.” I shrugged and grabbed a glass from the cabinet. I filled it with tap water and leaned against the counter while drinking it. He sat down on the counter in front of me and watched me drink. “Do you have to do that?” His eyes snapped up from my mouth to my eyes and he looked confused.

“Do what?” He had a cheeky grin going on and it was hard to stay serious.

“Stare at me while I drink.” I stated as if it was obvious, which it was. He simply shrugged and looked away from me. I noticed something in his eyes and became worried. I walked over to him and placed myself between his legs as I made him look at me. “Louis.” He looked at me slowly before dropping his gaze to his hands.

“I don’t want to ruin this day, I’m just pissed at Nick.” He shrugged it off like it was nothing. I lifted his chin up with my right hand.

“It’s fine. What did he do?” I felt like a mother, telling her child he could trust her. If it wasn’t for the serious face Louis had on, I would’ve laughed at the situation. He cracked a small smile that reached his eyes, but I could still tell there was something majorly wrong.

“When he noticed you walking out of the room he make a snarky comment.” He shrugged but I could tell it really bothered him. I sighed and placed my forehead against his shoulder, holding him tight as I asked him what Nick had said.

“What did he say, exactly?” I squeezed Lou’s hand and heard him take a deep breath.

“He said something like ‘and there goes the oh so loyal girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, leaving the building before the interview has even finished’. I snapped and told him to fuck off.” When I raised my head to look at my recent fiancé I couldn’t help but notice the worried expression on his face. “I turned around and looked at Yvie, and she looked really worried so I followed you.” I shook my head slightly and squeezed his hand tightly.

“Even though I appreciate you following, and I do agree to what happened when you did.” I was referring back to his perfect proposal and he smiled happily. “I just don’t think you should’ve left the interview like that.” I lifted my hand to caress his cheek and I searched his eyes for something. “Nick may be Harry’s friend but he is a leach. And he is going to make sure the press is all over you for leaving the interview.” He nodded and pulled me closer to him by grabbing my waist.

“I know. I just hated the fact that something bad could’ve happened and he tried to make it out as you being a bad girlfriend.” I giggled lightly and Louis looked at me with confused eyes.

“I just love the fact that you are so concerned about my wellbeing, even though I am as healthy as can be.” I smiled largely and threw my hands up in the air before resting them on his shoulders. He laughed lightly at my escapade and shook his head. I could see the anger from earlier slowly leave him and happiness take place once more.

“Do you know what I just realized?” I looked into his wonderful blue eyes and shook my head, I had no idea what he just realized. “That I am looking at the future Mrs Tomlinson.” I giggled as he pecked my lips affectionately. I wasn’t used to the idea just yet, but I did love the sound of it.

“Oh really? What if I want us to have my last name?” He thought about it for a second before he wrapped his arms around me and smiled a huge smile.

“Then we will use your name.” He shrugged as if it didn’t really matter. I smiled but realized I really did want his name. There was no last name I would rather have than his.

“No.” He looked at me surprised but extremely happy at the same time. “Well, I wouldn’t want to confuse your fans. You know, those twelve year olds are not as bright as you think.” He laughed out loud and I cracked a bright smile. He pecked my lips quickly and then leaned back to brush the hair out of my face.

“So…” His voice trailed off and just hummed as I played with his fingers. “What do you want to do today?” I looked up at him with a huge smile on my face because I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of the day. Even though I had thought this morning that I wouldn’t be able to go visit Dina, since the interview finished early we now had time.

“Can’t we call up Harry and go visit Dina?” He looked like he thought it was a good idea to go visit Dina, but he was a little bit confused about the Harry part.

“Why do we have to call up Harry?” I laughed at how adorable he looked and pecked his lips quickly.

“Because I want to set them up.” He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side.

“Harry and Dina?” I nodded eagerly and clapped his thighs. “Harry, the bloke who currently has a crush on you, and Dina, the girl who is serving time for killing two people?” I rolled my eyes at his description of the two but still nodded my head.

“You don’t know Dina the way I do. I think she will be good for him.” I nodded to my own words and thought about the two as a couple. “I also think he will be good for her, to get her out of trouble.” I smiled pleadingly towards Louis and he sighed. Sooner than later he nodded his head, agreeing to go to the prison. I jumped up in glee and kissed his cheeks at least three times each.

“I’ll call Hazza.” I nodded quickly and ran into the bedroom where my phone was still on the charger. I grabbed it and quickly called the number to the prison. When they answered I booked us in and said goodbye quickly. They had told me we could come in an hour from now, so I began walking out to the kitchen to tell Louis. I heard him talking to Harry.

“Yeah well she wants you to come.” He paused and I stayed behind him to hear the conversation. “Come on Harry. Can’t you do this for me? I’ll explain later, she’s standing right behind me at the moment.” I snapped my gaze up from the floor, surprised he had noticed me. He was looking at me with an amused smile on his lips and I stuck my tongue out to him. He then flipped me off as Harry said something to him. “Thanks mate. We’ll pick you up within the hour.” Without waiting for Harry to respond he hung up on him and looked at me with cheeky eyes.

“What?” He laughed and came over, hugging me tight to him. I smiled up at him and he looked down at me with an adoring smile. “You know, your eyes are really blue sometimes.” He smiled and tugged a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Your eyes are the deepest blue I have ever seen.” I blushed at his compliment and smiled lightly. “So I bet mine are just fading away next to yours.” I giggled like a little girl when he spoke and hid my face in the crook of his neck.

“Oh, how you embarrass me with your words Mr Tomlinson.” He kissed the top of my head and then lifted my chin with his hand.

“It’s not my fault you’re gorgeous.” He kissed my lips passionately and I almost fainted. His simple touch sent heart racing, but this made me go insane. I wanted nothing that to jump his bones right then and there. But instead I leaned back because I felt his phone vibrate. He groaned slightly, with a pout on his lips, as he looked at his phone.

“Who was it?” He read it and soon his expression turned amused.

“It’s Niall.” He laughed out loud before looking at me with curious eyes. “Something about you having a twitter but that you won’t give Yvette the username. He wants me to pry it out of you.” I laughed at how badly Lou was at this and began walking to the door, ignoring his questioning stare.

“Do you wanna drive or shall I?” I looked over at him and he rolled his eyes at my lame attempt to avoid the subject.

“We are taking Shellwave and there is no way you’re allowed to drive her.” I snorted with laughter as I glanced at his serious face. It was amazing how rich boys loved their cars. “And I wanna know your twitter name doll.” I flipped him off as I put my shoes back on and walked out into the hallway without caring if he followed directly behind me.

“I’m not going to give you it, not until I delete all of the tweets.” I smiled over my shoulder when I heard him lock the door. He quickly walked over to me and placed his arm around my waist while we waited for the elevator. When the doors dinged open we walked inside and he pressed the right floor button.

“You have embarrassing tweets about how much you love us right?” I blushed when he kind of wished right and then the doors dinged open.

“Even if that was the case, I’ve tweeted about other stuff too. Like how much of a jerk you are and so on.” I winked towards him as I kept walking towards the car. He quickly caught up with me and threw his arm around my shoulder.

“I am not a jerk, just slightly less kind sometimes.” He shrugged and dropped his arm as he walked to the driver side. I got into the passenger seat and put on my seat belt. Louis jumped in his beloved car and started it up with a huge smile on his face. I simply rolled my eye at him and ignored the fact that the car got him more excited than I could ever do.

“Yeah, because that’s not the exact translation for jerk.” My voice was laced with so much sarcasm that I almost hated it. But instead I decided to laugh. Louis quickly put his hand over my mouth and I gave him an bitchy stare as he kept it there so I couldn’t talk.

“Nah but seriously, if you’ve tweeted anything mean about us boys…” He made an ‘ouch’ noise with his mouth and looked at me with fake seriousness. “The fans will think you are a gold digger.” I laughed through his hand. When I decided I wanted to respond to his little attack I licked his hand. He quickly pulled it away and wiped it on my leggings.

“That’s what you get.” I shrugged and leaned back in the seat as he continued to drive towards Harry’s place. “Oh, and I am a gold digger. If it wasn’t for the money I would never tolerate your obsessiveness with tea. It’s freaky.” I shuddered and looked at him with a mocking stare. He pouted and turned into the parking lot outside Harry’s building.

“You know you love me, and all my little things.” I snorted with laughter as he used one of his own lyrics and looked at him with a very mocking stare.

“If you don’t stop being so conceded I will tell the world that Ed wrote your line so that it was about you, not some girl.” He gasped out loud and placed a hand over his heart.

“How?” I laughed and evil laugh and began to get out of the car when I noticed that Harry was walking towards us.

“Ed and I got acquainted at your party for me.” I shrugged and smiled to Harry who looked at me with a confused stare. “I don’t wanna sit up front with that twat.” I spoke with an extremely happy tone and Harry just laughed, shrugged and jumped into the front seat. I got into the back and Louis stuck out his tongue to me in the review mirror. I simply laughed and hit his shoulder lightly. “Drive sucker. The man is in the car.” I leaned back and put on my seatbelt as Harry just chuckled at my words.

“So how did the interview go?” You could hear the already knowing tone in his voice but he still wanted to hear what Louis had to say. I remained quiet as the boys spoke.

“You listened to it?” Louis quickly glanced at Harry and Harry nodded. “Yeah, well then you know Nick is a fucking asshole.” Louis shrugged lightly as he turned a corner.

“After the way he spoke to you this morning, I can agree with you. I never thought he would say something like that. Ever.” Harry sounded really disappointed in Nick and I couldn’t blame him. I knew he and Nick was great friends, they partied together and stuff. He probably thought he could trust him.

“I wasn’t even all that mad at him before he made that comment about Jo.” Louis shook his head and stared at the road. “I just hated him after that.” His teeth were clenched as he spoke and I silently put my hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah well, he just lost us for future interviews. His lost.” Harry shrugged and lightly punched Lou’s arm. Louis smiled softly, looking thankful for having his friend there. I dropped my hand and let them have their moment.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m not even going to waste air on it anymore.”

“Good.” Harry laughed and Louis joined in. I was happy that I had made Louis call Harry, because even though it was a little bit tense between them, they still needed each other. Not too long after they had finished their conversation we arrived at the prison. Louis parked the car in the same parking lot as before and we all walked into the big building together. I walked up to the reception desk and told the man behind it that I had called earlier. He quickly nodded and called someone up to tell them I was here. I walked over to where Louis and Harry was standing and joined in in their conversation.

“But I don’t think you’ll find her offensive.” Louis spoke and I instantly knew they were talking about Dina. I laughed quietly and punched Harry’s arm lightly.

“You’re a twat you know that? You haven’t even met her and you assume that she is a horrible person?” He looked at me with amused but still sceptical eyes.

“She killed two people?” It wasn’t a statement rather than a question. He wasn’t sure if that fact made her a bad person, but he wasn’t going to forget it in the first place.

“Okay, first of all it was in self-defence. Second of all, you do remember who she killed right?” I actually found myself getting angry when he kept on accusing her of being a bad person when in reality she was one of the kindest I had ever met. Yes, she was a rouge one and she had done some bad things. But she never failed her friends. I knew that she would never turn her back on me and I wouldn’t do that to her either.

“Miss?” The man behind the desk called on me and I turned around. I smiled towards him as he continued to speak. “You can go in now.” He nodded towards the same door Louis and I had walked through the last time we were here. I nodded politely and said thank you before pulling the boys towards the door. A guard let us through and we walked into the same room with round tables as before. Memories of that day came back and I looked at Louis to see if he was okay. As if he knew what I was thinking he looked at me and smiled. My heart fluttered a little bit and when I grabbed his hand he gently kissed my cheek. I needed to be there for him at the moment and he for me.

“Well, this room is rather boring.” Harry shrugged and sat down at the table next to where he had been standing. Sighing I pulled Louis with me and we sat down as well.

“I really wish you would try to act as if you want to be here Harry. Your attitude really does suck at the moment.” I rolled my eyes at him and looked at the windows in the room. They all had barbwire on the outside and it made the room look a little bit more cold.

“Well I see you’ve grown a pair since last time.” Dina walked into the room and my gaze quickly snapped her way. Without thinking I let go of Louis’ hand and jumped up to hug her. She hugged me back tightly and buried her head in my neck. I cradled her almost like a child as I felt her relax.

“I’ve missed you missy.” I whispered in her ear and held her a little bit tighter. I think I heard her sniffle but when she looked up at me she had a tired smile on her face. “Gosh you look old, Booh. Do you not sleep anymore?” I was really worried for her, because I knew that she didn’t like being in here. Now she was stuck for another five years.

“It’s difficult but it’s getting better.” She nodded her head as if she was trying to convince herself as well but I choose to let that slide. Louis cleared his throat to make us aware of them being there and Dina snapped out of her little daze.

“Hello love.” Louis stood up and hugged her. I could see him tightening his arms around her and she smiled at the affectionate gesture.

“Louis. Great to see you back here.” She left his arms and looked at him with a happy smile. “I’m glad.” He smiled towards her as he pulled his arm around my waist. I was happy he did because I needed his support. This room make me very uncomfortable. Dina’s eyes fell on Harry who was still sitting at the table. He was watching her with vary eyes, but had a curious smile on his lips. He stood up and pulled out his hand when he walked up to her.

“Hi Dina, I’m-..” He didn’t get to finish his introduction because Dina cut him off.

“Harry Styles of One Direction.” She nodded her head and grabbed his hand to shake. It wasn’t until now that I noticed she had handcuffs on. “You know my name and I know yours, how convenient.” She smiled sweetly and Harry looked pleasantly surprised.

“It’s hard not to know your name, this one doesn’t shut up about you.” His head jerked in my direction and I snorted at him. Of course he would blame it on me.

“I feel like saying Gossip Girls line right now.” She dropped her hand from his and shook her head while looking at the floor. Harry laughed and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Yeah? Please do.” He motioned with his arm for her to say what she wanted. She looked up with a spark in her eye and a slight blush on her cheeks. As she spoke she shrugged her shoulders.

“You know you love me.” She smiled happily towards Harry as he laughed out loud at her remark. He then nodded his head and clapped his hands for a moment.

“Well done. Actually sounded like her. Which turned out to be a him in the end, but still.” He shrugged and Dina laughed. I almost held my breath as I watched the two interact, because I didn’t want them to realize we were still here. Although, it almost seemed like Harry could read my thoughts because just after I had thought about this he looked at me. His smile faltered a little bit and I sighed internally. Why couldn’t the boy just be happy? Instead of prolonging the awkward silence, Louis spoke up.

“I think we should sit.” He was smiling and we all nodded to his suggestion. We sat down in the order of me next to Louis and Harry and Dina in between them on the other side. When the silence was too much one more I laughed and looked at Dina with amused eyes.

“Remember when you dated that guy who just couldn’t do small talk?” Her eyes lit up at the memory and she nodded.

“Oh no! Don’t even bring that up Johanna! Glob, that was a huge mistake.” She shook her head and laughed a little. “He did have a nice ass though.” She looked to her right where Harry sat and down towards his bum. “Not like Harry’s.” She then turned her head towards the left and stared at Louis’ bum. “Like Lou’s here. Now that is something to hold on to girl.” She looked up at me and winked. I blushed deeply and covered my mouth when I tried to hold my laughter in.

“What’s wrong with my bum?” Harry asked all confused. When I saw the look on his face which was a mix of hurt and confusion I couldn’t contain my laughter anymore. I snorted loudly before laughing so loud that the guards outside the door looked inside. When Harry looked at Dina she actually blushed a little bit and shrugged lightly.

“There is almost nothing there.” Harry actually looked at his bum and I wanted to laugh again. He cared what she thought about his bum, but he had talked about her earlier like she was a bloody disease. “But, you know.” She shrugged and looked down at her hands. “It’s not what you got. It’s what you make of what you got.” She looked up smiling at him and he had a sassy expression on his face. I groaned just as he started talking, because I knew he was going to say something very sarcastic.

“Trust me love, I’ve got other qualities that make up for the bum. Other things that are…” He paused as if he was searching for a word. “Bigger, so to speak.” Dina nodded her head, thinking about what he said and then smiled towards him.

“I thought your feet looked abnormally large.” The look on Harry’s face was priceless and I snickered along with Louis. Just like I had predicted earlier, they fit together like two peas in a pod. Although I enjoyed their exchange I could now see anger flare through Harry’s eyes. Before he could say anything I spoke up.

“Oh stop it Harry.” I looked at him with a very serious expression. “You know you deserved that one.” I shrugged and leaned into Louis a little bit more. Harry noticed that and quickly averted his eyes from us.

“Well don’t you two look happy.” Dina turned her attention towards Louis and I. All I could do was smile and nod. Louis squeezed his arms around me tighter.

“We are.” He looked at the guard in the room quickly and then down at me with a questioning gaze. I knew what he meant and glanced worriedly at Harry. Louis understood why I did this and whispered in my ear so that only I could hear. “Stop worrying.” He kissed my temple before looking at me with the same gaze once more.

“What are you guys doing?” Dina spoke and I snapped my stare away from Louis. I looked at her with curious eyes because I didn’t understand what she was talking about. When I realized Louis and I had started to have our own private talk in the middle of the conversation she had started.

“Well…” I started and looked at Louis again. “We have something to announce.” I smiled towards Dina but then looked at Harry with a worried expression. I didn’t want him to get mad. As if Harry knew what we were going to say his eyes fell to the table. His arms flexed a little bit and I could imagine him tightening his hands into fists.

“Go on, say it.” Dina started to become impatient when I tried to settle my thoughts. I laughed quietly and held onto Lou’s hand tighter.

“Love.” Louis whispered in my ear so that only I could hear him. I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked at him. “Do you want me to say it?” His voice was so low and so gently but I knew I had to be the one who said it. The fact that I loved Louis wasn’t even debatable but I never wanted to hurt Harry. And by saying those next words, I knew I was going to.

“I’m sorry.” I looked at Dina again and she just kept on smiling towards me. Even though she and I hadn’t had time to talk today, I’ve talked to her before. About a month ago. So she knew about the drama in my life. “What I was going to say was, Louis popped the question this morning.” I looked at Lou and he had the brightest smile on his face that I had ever seen. “We wanted you two to be the first ones to know.” Dina squealed really loudly and it almost made my ears hurt but I laughed nevertheless. She jumped up from where she was sitting and practically threw herself at Louis and me. The guards be the door were on her in two seconds and Louis started to explain the situation.

“It’s fine.” He made soothing motions with his hands and but the guards still looked tense. “We just told her some news that made her a little bit too happy and excited.” He smiled a charming smile and the guards turned their gaze to me. I nodded my head and smiled and they soon let her go. When they were back at the door I spoke up.

“Damn they were on you fast as lightening.” She simply shrugged and gave me a lazy smile.

“The thing with Michael has made everyone kind of frightened of me.” She shrugged once more but I could see that she didn’t like it. “But back to you! Oh my glob, love! I’m not even sure how to express how happy I am for you two!” She smiled largely but didn’t hug us.

“Thank you darling.” I hugged Louis tightly to my side. “It means a lot to us, to me.” She nodded and placed her hands on the table. I reached my free hand forward and squeezed them.

“Is there a ring?” I nodded and saw Harry swallow hard. I didn’t quite understand why that made him uneasy. My eyes wandered back to Dina and I smiled.

“Do you know if there are cameras in here?” She nodded and I sighed heavily. “I can’t risk it coming out.” I shrugged and she looked thoughtful. She then noticed my hand on my chest, she pointed towards it and then spoke.

“You have it on your necklace right?” I nodded and she leaned forward. Without warning me she pulled my shirt out and looked into it. I gasped in surprise but let her look anyways. When she leaned back I could see that she was containing her excitement.

“What do you think?” Louis asked her. He sounded a little bit afraid of the answer and I adored that. He actually cared about what she thought.

“Are you kidding me?” He slowly shook his head and I’m sure he thought she was going to diss it completely. “I freaking love it.” Her voice was low and it made me laugh. “I wish my future husband gave me something like that.” She sighed a little bit too dramatically. “Oh, but I shall end up with a bum that earns no more than 2000 a year.” I giggled loudly at this and admired her for remembering our inside jokes about the movie Pride and Prejudice. Louis didn’t even comment, he just let it slide. I then remembered Harry and when I looked at him he was looking at me and Louis with glazed eyes. His hands were on the table and as I spoke I reached forward to touch them.

“Harry…” My words were cut off when he recoiled from my touch and placed his hands in his lap. He simply shook his head and I felt my heart break.

“Mate…” Louis spoke this time but he didn’t sound angry, just disappointed. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him with a confused gaze.

“Just don’t.” Harry put his hand up. He seemed really upset and it made me sad. I didn’t want to hurt him. He stood up quickly and walked over to the windows. When he leaned his head against the glass I felt something in me break and a single tear escaped my eye.

“Are you alright?” Dina looked at me with concerned eyes and all I could do was shake my head. No, I wasn’t alright. I hated the fact that something in me didn’t love Harry the way he wanted me too, but I would never wish away my love for Lou.

“Harry.” I spoke with a shaky voice but he didn’t move. “Harry, please look at me.” My voice started to steady itself because I was beginning to feel something else. I was beginning to feel anger. When he once more didn’t turn to look at me I stood up and walked over to him. I harshly placed my hand on his shoulder and showed him so that he was facing me. He had tears on his cheeks but I didn’t care. “Stop it.” He let out a desperate laugh and threw his hands up.

“What?” He looked at me with very sad eyes. “What do you want me to stop? Stop being pathetic? Do you want me to stop loving something I can’t have?” His shoulders slouched even more. “Just tell me what you want me to stop, and I will.” His eyes were on the floor but I placed a finger underneath his chin to make him look at me.

“I can’t make you stop your emotions.” I searched his eyes for something but didn’t feel like I found it. “What I want you to stop is the this crying. I want you to stop feeling like the world is against you, because it’s not.” I shook my head and dropped my hand from his face. “I’m sick of you acting like this and I miss my best friend. So if you don’t stop and I don’t get my best friend back.” I shook my head. “I’m not sure how I’m supposed to go on.” I could still see how upset he was about all of this but he still smiled towards me. I sighed happily and hugged him close. “That smile might be fake Styles, but at the moment I don’t care.” My words were whispered into his ear and when he leaned back his smile had gotten a little bit more real. Not all the way there, but we had time.

“Johanna, we need to leave love.” I looked back at Louis and Dina and nodded. We had been here for a long time and it was time to go home.

“I’m sorry for the drama today Dina.” She just laughed me off and hugged me tight before kissing my cheek.

“It’s a welcomed treat, believe me. The guys in my block are too afraid to even fart if they think I’ll hear it. This is a nice change.” I smiled and kissed her cheek as Louis pushed me aside to hug her. I snorted in laughter as he stuck his tongue out to me.

“I’ll get you for that.” I pointed to him and he walked over to me with a cheeky smile.

“Is it a good idea to make threats while in a prison love?” I shrugged and punched his arm lightly. The guards by the door laughed at our little act and I smiled towards them.

“I’m sorry if I ruined this for you guys.” I stopped at the sound of Harry’s voice but noticed he wasn’t talking to me. He was speaking to Dina.

“It’s fine Harry. Really. I know there is history here, I’m not blind.” She shrugged and pulled him into a hug. He smiled and squeezed her close to him.

“I’m glad I came today though. You’re actually cool, you know for a person in prison.” He tilted his shoulder up a little bit as if he was embarrassed of the words he said. She simply laughed and shrugged.

“Yeah?” She looked at me really quickly. “I guess she rubs off on all of us, huh?” He nodded and I didn’t quite understand what they meant but that. But we said out goodbyes and started to walk out of the building. I was really going to miss her but I promised myself that I was going to visit her more. We drove Harry home first before Louis and I went to buy dinner at a drive through. When we came home we sat down in front of the TV and ate the food in silence. Just as Louis took a large bite of his burger I turned off the sound on the TV and turned to him.

“I have a condition regarding the wedding.” I looked at him with a serious expression and he nodded, since he couldn’t answer with his mouth full. “I want to get married in exactly six years, from this day.” I nodded my head when I said the last part, signalling I wanted to be married on this day out of all the days. He swallowed the food in his mouth and looked at me with a confused stare.

“You want to wait that long?” I smiled a crooked smile and nodded my head.

“I don’t consider it waiting though. Because I’m yours in all ways possible.” I shrugged lightly and looked down at my hands while blushing. “I just want all of the people I love to be there.” When I looked up at him he had a gentle smile on his lips.

“You want Dina there?” I nodded and thought about it.

“I know it’s a lot that needs to be planned and so on. But the only thing I can think of at the moment, and I knew this before you proposed just so you know, is that I want Yvette, Sophie and Dina to me my bridesmaids.” He nodded slowly and smiled.

“I think we can manage that.” He placed his hand around my shoulder and I picked up the remote again. “As long as you know I’m yours and you mine.” He kissed my cheek and I nodded. Of course I knew. How could I forget? Just before I turned the sound back on I spoke, and Louis laughed out loud at my words.

“Plus, Harry really needs a date to the wedding.” He understood I meant Dina, because who would be able to handle him if not her?

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