How To Move

All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!!


58. Chapter 58:

When I woke up the next day I had Louis’ arm wrapped around my waist and he was holding me tight. When I looked at the clock and realized the time was six in the morning I silently groaned to myself but smiled when I felt his arm tighten more. I was lying with my back against his chest and as I turned slightly to look at his face his eyes slowly fluttered open. A small smile was on his lips as he leaned forward to peck mine. I smiled into the kiss and felt my heart swell from his touch. I wanted this to be my every morning, and it could be. When he was satisfied with the kiss he placed his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

“What time is it?” His voice sounded tired but happy at the same time. I couldn’t stop the large smile that spread across my face.

“It’s six in the morning.” I kissed his nose when he grunted in unhappiness and laughed lightly while sitting up. Louis however decided he didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that I wanted to get up and pulled me down again. I giggle as he did so and tried to pry his hands off me. “Lou, I need to pee.” He buried his head in my shoulder and shook it as he spoke.

“No you don’t. You’re just imagining things.” He sounded so childish that I couldn’t break free from his grip any longer. I stopped fighting and looked down at him the best that I could.

“Louis.” He slowly looked up at me and gave me a half smile. I turned my body so that I was lying sideways, facing him completely. “I love you.” I smiled as largely as I could because I truly was happy right now. Every time I looked at Louis I knew everything would be alright.

“I love you too.” He leaned forward and kissed me sweetly before leaning back and placing his head on the pillow again. “But I’m not letting you go so you can pee.” I groaned loudly and almost cursed him for knowing me to well. I tried to pry his arms off me one more time but failed and sighed deeply.

“I will pee in bed, and then you will have to clean it up.” He sighed also and soon released me. I pecked his lips quickly before jumping out of bed and putting on a long shirt. Since last night’s activities neither of us had wanted to put clothes on. I practically ran into the bathroom and peed like it was the best thing in the world. When I finished I quickly washed my hands and then brushed my teeth. When I walked into the bedroom Louis were sitting up in bed but I could tell he was still naked, even though his private parts were covered. I blushed deeply as I climbed into bed next to him and snuggled into his side as he looked at his phone.

“Looks like Paul had something important to tell me last night. He called me five times.” He chuckled lightly and I giggled. I placed my hand on his chest and looked at his phone.

“You should call him.” I yawned the second I quit speaking and Louis chuckled at me. I stuck my tongue out to him and he captured it with his mouth. He started frenching me but was interrupted when his phone rang. He groaned loudly and when he looked down at it Paul’s name was written across the screen. I laughed lightly and kissed Lou’s cheek lightly. “Answer.” I hugged him closed and felt him put the phone against his ear.

“Hello Paul.” He sounded tired and I tried not to laugh at the fact that he sounded annoyed too. I couldn’t hear what Paul was saying and Lou only answered with simple ‘yeah’ and ‘uhu’. When he hung up I was really confused. We stayed quiet for a few minutes before I spoke.

“What did he want?” My voice was soft and I drew circles with my fingers on his chest. His breathing had quickened during the conversation but was now starting to ease.

“Apparently some papz overheard me speaking to Harry to other day about how you were off limits. And there is now a rumour about you secretly dating Harry.” He shrugged and ran a hand over his face.

“Louis, you know there is nothing going on right?” I looked at him and felt confused. He looked frustrated but I couldn’t tell by what. When he looked down at me he smiled and placed a hand on my cheek.

“I do. I also know Harry has a crush on you.” I took in a sharp breath and looked at him with worried eyes.

“Don’t be mad at him. Really it’s my fault, being nice all the time. And that combined with him being as lonely as he is.” I shook my head and felt really bad for Harry. “He’s just placing his affection on the nearest female.” When I looked up at Lou he was smiling down at me once more and I became relieved.

“Johanna, calm down.” I hadn’t realized my breath had quickened but as he spoke those words I slowed it down. “I know it’s no one’s fault. I wasn’t comfortable with him living here, but now that he isn’t I know he will find someone.” I hugged Louis tight to me and smiled into his naked chest.

“You really are the best boyfriend ever. And best friend ever.” I looked up at him and pecked his lips before leaning back to look at him. “But what did Paul want then?” I felt a small smile on my lips as Louis kissed my forehead.

“He wants me and Niall to go to an interview. Today.” He smiled and looked at me hopefully. “He was warning me about the fact that they might bring it up.” I could almost hear him plead to me that I would let him go, and it actually made me laugh.

“Louis, you’re a grown up. You can go to the interview if you want to.” I pecked his lips quickly before getting up out of bed and put some panties on.

“Do you want to come?” I scratched the back of my neck and looked at him with thoughtful eyes.

“When is it?” I smiled as I grabbed clean clothes.

“I think he said around eleven. Do you have something to do today?” I shrugged and shook my head as I sat on the edge of the bed, facing him.

“I was just thinking I might visit Dina today. It’s been over a week since her sentence and she might be lonely.” I thought about it for a few seconds but before I could speak again Louis did.

“Well you can go if you want to.” I shook my head and scooted closer to him.

“I want to go with you. I can visit her another day. Plus I want to bring Harry and that might not be a good idea if you’re in an interview about the rumours.” I winked at him and laughed lightly before walking out of the room and into the bathroom to shower. When I finished I put on a pair of leggings and a knitted shirt. I wanted to be cosy while waiting for them to finish their interview.
As I walked out into the kitchen Louis was sitting on the counter drinking juice and looking at his phone. I silently shook my head at his constant phone looking and walked over to the fridge.

“So is your interview a radio or TV interview?” I looked at him sideways as I poured a glass of juice for myself. He looked up at me with a smile and shrugged. He then realized he knew the answer and spoke.

“Oh no wait. It’s for Radio 1, so radio.” He slapped himself on the forehead and I laughed. I smiled as I walked over to him and noticed the food from last night on the counter. It was still in its containers but when I looked at it, it looked gross.

“I’m not eating this.” I pointed at the bags next to Lou and he glanced at them.

“Throw them out. We’ll get something at the café by the corner.” I smiled and nodded. After thinking about it I realized he was still rather naked.

“Louis, go get dressed. I’m hungry.” I pecked his lips and stole his phone. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. I heard him mutter something underneath his breath but I was certain it was nothing but positive words. With his phone in hand I looked through his twitter and Facebook account. The temptation of writing something on his wall on Facebook started to get to strong but before I could hit send someone snatched the phone from my hands. I squealed in surprise and looked behind me to see Louis standing there. I gave him an innocent smile and shrugged.

“So sad my boo left yesterday. Sad smiley face. Wish I could have him near but apparently he loves his banana more than me.” Louis looked up from the phone after reading the status I was going to post. I once more tried to smile innocently but he simply shook his head. “You’re a troublemaker, love.” I shrugged and stood up from the couch.

“What can you do?” I put my Converse on and grabbed a thin black jacket before turning towards Louis again. He was putting on his Toms, as usual, and he then grabbed a blue jacket that matched his eyes perfectly. I smiled at him as he laced his fingers with mine. When we walked out of the flat he locked the door behind us and we began walking towards the elevator. After he had pressed the button he turned to me with a slight worried expression.

“I know you don’t like paparazzi’s but there is going to be some.” I smiled affectionately and caressed his cheek with my free hand.

“Louis, it’s fine. I’m with you and that is what counts.” I leaned forward and kissed him quickly before the elevator doors opened. We stepped into it and rode down to the entrance floor. As we walked out onto the streets a guy with a big camera walked up to us and asked Louis for a picture.

“Excuse me, Mr Tomlinson?” Louis actually offered him a smile and nodded his head. “Could I get a picture of you and your girlfriend?” My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head because I was so surprised. Louis and I had been photographed together before, but that was when neither of us knew about it. This would be the first official photo, well maybe not official but close to it.

“If it’s alright with Jo.” I wanted to scream at him for making me choose but decided not to do it. I simple nodded and smiled. Louis placed his arm around my waist and leaned close to whisper into my ear. “I’m sorry, just relax and smile. You’re beautiful.” I blushed deeply at his words and after taking several photos of us the camera man walked away after saying thank you as well. We continued to the café but didn’t speak to each other until we had ordered and were sitting down at a table.

“I can’t believe it.” I looked at Louis shocked and he laughed at me.

“Well you better. People are going to want to take pictures with you because you know me and the boys.” His smile was large as he spoke about the other boys and his fans.

“Well, I mean. I knew this was coming. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.” I shrugged and sipped on my Chai Latte. I looked down at the table as the waiter placed my warm sandwich there as well as Louis’ scrambled eggs.

“I know it’s hard-..” I interrupted him before he could continue.

“It’s not hard Lou.” I looked up at him and smiled. “I don’t care all that much. I just want people to think that I am pretty enough to stand next to you.” I shrugged as if it was nothing but I could tell Lou wasn’t falling for it.

“I’m not going to tell you how beautiful you are to me, because I am not my fans. But just have it in mind that they are jealous of you.” I blushed and nodded. He reached his hand towards mine and I let him take it. “Most of them are going to realize that you did something right, to get with this hot piece of ass.” He winked at me and leaned across the table to kiss me. I blushed a shade darker and averted my eyes from his.

“You sure have a way with words.” I took a bite of my sandwich and loved it. During the rest of the time we spent at the diner we small talked and ate our food. When we got home the time was nine, which meant getting ready to leave for the radio station soon. Even though we lived near the boys had to be there an hour before it started, just in case of bad traffic and mobs. We quickly picked up Niall and Yvette at his flat and then went down to the waiting car. Andy was driving us there and when we arrived at the station it was really crowded. Even though the interview had been set up yesterday there were hundreds of girls outside and the screams were crazy.

We were quickly ushered inside and I didn’t even have time to listen to some of the things the girls were screaming. When we were in the lobby of the building some guy showed us to the elevators and told us to go up to the twelfth floor. We did as we were told and when the doors opened on the twelfth floor I was in shock. As I have mentioned before I was a big, in secret, fan of the boys and had watched plenty of documentaries with them. One of them had been produced by Radio 1 and when we walked into the hallway towards the waiting room I recognized it all too well.

When we walked into the waiting area a man sat there waiting for us, or well for the boys. The man turned around and I realized it was the one and only Nick Grimshaw. I had met him before, at Louis’ party for me. He walked up to the boys’ first and said hello and hugged them. When he turned to Yvette his smile got a little bit bigger and he hugged her tight before asking how she was doing. She answered that she was good and asked the same back. He then answered he was good too. When he turned to me I could see the inner war he was having with himself. He knew what I had done to Louis all those months ago, I knew that he did because he kept talking about it on his show for months.

He stared at me for a long time before he surprised me and pulled me into a quick hug. When he released me I was about to say start saying that I should leave but he spoke first.

“I’m really sorry for trashing you on my show, Johanna.” At first I just stared at him and didn’t believe that one of the biggest radio hosts in GB was apologizing to me. I then realized what he had said and smiled widely to him.

“It’s alright. It’s not like it was totally uncalled for.” I shrugged and saw Louis shake his head behind Nick. I shot him a look to tell him to keep his mouth shut. Nick didn’t even noticed Louis and I’s silent conversation as he turned towards him and Niall.

“Are you guys still set on talking about the incident on Alan Carr?” His voice wasn’t accusing or anything but you could tell he really wanted the story. I stayed quiet and looked at Louis who answered him.

“You know we are, Nick. Alan is the only one in this business who stayed on her side through this all.” Nick quickly put his hands up in surrender and nodded his head.

“I see what you mean.” He laughed to make the situation a little less serious. “Can I at least mention you have a girlfriend?” Louis nodded his head and Nick turned to Niall. “And your relationship? Can we talk about that?” Niall looked at Yvette who was standing right next to him and she nodded.

“Yeah, sure. We’ve been official for a long time so that’s cool.” Niall shrugged and Yvette nodded to his words. Around the time I left Louis they both decided they wanted to make it official, they also thought the press would be more interested in me leaving Lou. They had of course been right because almost no one gave Yvette hate for the first two months. But she got some, naturally, but she handled it all with grace. She wasn’t the kind of person that thought too much about what other people thought of her. As long as she was content with the person she was, she just couldn’t care less what other people thought.

“Awesome. I’ll talk to you later, got to go set everything up.” Nick smiled towards all of us and walked out of the room.

“He might be a great host but sometimes he is a terrible person.” Yvette spoke as soon as the door closed and shook her head as she did. Niall laughed at her words and nodded in agreement.

“It’s not his fault that he only gets part of the information.” I shrugged as I spoke and looked at the floor. Louis placed his arm around my waist and used the other to make me look at him.

“Don’t defend him.” I pushed Lou’s hand away and looked at him with angry eyes.

“How can I not? Louis, it’s my fault you suffered for so long. Alan was the only one close enough to you guys to actually get told the truth. I’m not going to start disliking someone based on what they’ve been told by the media.” I quickly sat down on the couch behind me and crossed my arms. I tried to take steadying breaths to make myself calm down.

“It’s not like he asked.” After Niall had spoken I turned my angry gaze to him and stared at him.

“Would you have told him if he did?” He opened his mouth and then shut it quickly and shook his head. “Thought so.” I leaned forward and placed my head in my hands. I sighed deeply and noticed Lou sit down next to me. Niall and Yvette walked to other side of the room to give us some privacy.

“Johanna, are you alright?” I nodded my head weakly as I looked up at him. He looked perfect today. His hair was perfectly styled to look messy and his eyes looked extra blue today. When I looked at him my heart stopped for a few seconds, before it rebooted and beat like crazy.

“I just feel sorry for all of those interviewers and magazines that trashed me.” I shrugged and looked at my hands. “Lou, it’s really not their fault.” He sighed deeply and then buried his head in the nook of my neck. I smiled affectionately and grabbed his hand.

“All press is good press right?” He sounded so sad. I laughed a soulless laugh and nodded.

“It sure is.” I looked up at the clock and noticed it was still another half hour until the interview was going to start. Louis soon sat up straight and leaned back against the couch, and I leaned against him. We sat there talking about everything and absolutely nothing. Niall and Yvette joined us and we talked about the movie night in a week. When there was ten minutes left until the interview was going to start a woman came into the room and asked us to follow her.

“You guys are going into the room now. Nick is just finishing up the first half his show and is going to play music for a bit. The interview is an extra part, not usually there. Ladies, you are going to come with me and you can sit in the control room.” We all nodded to her as she kept on walking towards the studio. When we reached a door she told the guys to walk in and asked us to follow her. We did as she asked and when we walked into the control room we instantly saw the guys through a big window. The lady showed us a couch we could sit on and still see them and we both sat down.

“So it’s about five minutes left until air time. Do you girls want anything? Drinks? Coffee?” Yvette shook her head and said thank you but I was feeling rather thirsty. I was hungry too because we didn’t have time to stop for food, but I didn’t say anything.

“I’ll have a water if it’s not too much of a hassle.” She nodded before quickly walking out of the room. I watched the boys talk to Nick through the big window and Yvette was looking at her phone.

“Do you ever think about getting a twitter account?” I looked at her surprised because I hadn’t expected the question. I blushed a little as I thought about what I was going to answer.

“I actually already have one.” She quickly slapped my arm and I winced in pain. “Hey! Why did you do that for?” I kept rubbing my arm where she had hit me and stared at her with narrowed eyes.

“Oh, shush! Just tell me the name of it.” She sat there ready with her phone but I just shook my head.

“I’m so not giving you it.” I shook my head again and the woman who went to fetch my water came back. I smiled towards her and said thank you as she handed me the bottle. I instantly cracked it open and drank a lot from it. When I put the cap back on the lady turned to us again.

“The interview is about to start now.” I nodded to her and Yvette did so too.

“Just so you know, you are so giving it to me later.” I stared at her with a deadly gaze and she put her hands up in defeat. I knew she would still ask about my twitter, but she understood that I didn’t want anyone at the radio station to know it at the moment. I opened my bottle to drink some more and when I did Nick started talking.

“Hello lovely listeners! I am here with two very lucky blokes that got laid last night!” When I heard that I choked on my water and Yvette began patting my back, even though I could tell she was shocked as well. “That is right ladies! I am here with the now unavailable Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.” I almost laughed out loud when I noticed how pissed off Lou looked and how amused Niall looked.

“Hi I’m Niall!”

“And I’m Louis! And we’re from One Direction!” Nick played a short tune that sounded like a crown cheering and I couldn’t help but actually laugh a little. Louis still looked pissed but he hid it when he spoke. Even if he was angry with Nick for speaking like that, he wasn’t there for him. He was mostly there for the fans. They started talking about the bands fifth album and how they were postponing having a tour with this one because they wanted to spend some time at home. Nick asked them about Zayn and Perrie’s engagement. He also asked about Harry’s new flat and how that’s all going. It was going good so that’s what Niall said when he noticed Louis getting a little bit angry again. Nick then decided to smoothly move on to the subject of me, Harry and Louis.

“So boys. I’m sure you read gossip magazines. Am I assuming right?” Niall laughed a little and nodded his head even though the listeners couldn’t see him.

“Well, I don’t know how it is for the other boys but that’s kind of a guilty pleasure for me.” Niall shrugged and laughed a little bit more. Louis turned around quickly and looked at me. As I gave him a stern look and practically told him to be nice he turned around and spoke with a happier tone in his voice. It seemed weird but Lou seemed off today.

“Honestly? I only read them when I know it says something about me or someone I know. It’s always fun to hear the stories they make up.” He laughed lightly and Niall bumped his shoulder lightly.

“I take it that you’ve read the story about you and Harry and a certain young lady?” I almost laughed out loud when he said ‘young lady’ because he made it sound like I was a teenager.

“Yes I have. And I just couldn’t stop laughing. Neither could Johanna.” He sounded like he had laughter in his throat when he spoke. I realized he was so used to lying to the press that this came naturally to him. He and I hadn’t read the story and we certainly did not laugh about it.

“So you’re saying nothing is going on between Johanna and Harry?” Nick was trying to fish the answer out of Louis. I could tell he wanted to know one thing but he was going to be disappointed.

“They are really good friends and that’s awesome. Johanna, Perrie and Yvette…” He pointed to Niall and said Yvette’s name with a little clearer voice. “Are both good friends with all of the boys.” Nick nodded as if he understood that Louis wanted him to move on and he turned to Niall.

“So you and Yvette have been out and about with your relationship for six months now, right?” I noticed Yvie sat up a little bit straighter on the couch and I also think I saw her blush.

“Yeah. We are celebrating six months tomorrow actually.” He sounded so happy just speaking about her it was all so crazy.

“Any bumps in the road so far?” I reached out my hand to Yvette and she squeezed it tightly as we waited for Nialls answer. He laughed lightly and hummed into the mic.

“Not really. I mean, the biggest fight we ever had was when she yelled at me for coming to her school. I kind of got mobbed and she thought I died for a minute.” He laughed and so did Yvie. I looked at her with confused eyes and she looked at me with happy ones.

“That’s actually true.” I kept staring at her and then spoke.

“Where was I when that happened?” She quickly looked down at her hand that was wrapped around mine and sighed deeply.

“It was the first time you were at the hospital.” I almost flinched at her words and released her hand quickly to stand up. I excused myself from the room and walked to the nearest bathroom. I couldn’t believe I missed one of the milestones in my best friend’s relationship, all because I was too scared. I locked myself in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror in front of me. The image looking back at me wasn’t something that I had always been proud of. I never understood how my mother could say she was proud of me no matter what. So many stupid mistakes. Never once had I made the right decisions on my own and I always ended up in trouble.

My mind was reeling and I didn’t know how to make it stop. I kept on thinking about how I wasn’t good enough for the people around me. I didn’t deserve Harry, Yvette, Zayn, Niall, Liam or Perrie. I didn’t deserve Dina or Sophie. And I didn’t deserve my mother telling me she was proud of me. But my mind wasn’t only on the thought of me not deserving the people who love me. When Yvette had mentioned the first hospital stay the memories came rushing back.

I came home one day, actually feeling happy because I had read something in a magazine that a co-worker had left in the teachers’ lounge. I had read about Louis and the boys, and how Louis recently announced that he had never been more thankful for his fans. He actually seemed happy. So when I got home after work, someone had told Michael about me reading this magazine. Reading it was fine, my reaction was however not. Apparently I had been smiling and placing my hand over my heart ‘lovingly’ so when he found out about it he was furious. It started with him pulling my hair. It ended with me breaking my arm and telling the doctors I fell in the stairs at home. I knew they didn’t believe me.

Suddenly a knock disturbed my thoughts and I jumped in surprise. I quickly cleared my throat and wiped away the tears I didn’t even know had fallen.

“It is occupied in here.” I started running water to make it sound like I was actually going to the toilet and the person outside the door spoke.

“I know. Jo, open the door.” Louis’ voice sounded through the door and he sounded worried. I quickly wiped my cheeks again before unlocking the door and letting him inside he small room. As soon as he had closed and locked the door he pulled me into a tight hug. And that’s when I lost it. I didn’t even know why I was crying so much but the tears just kept on falling. I let out sobs that sounded like a strangled baby and clung to his shirt. He kept whispering comforting words in my ear and he rocked me back and forth. When my crying died down a little but he squeezed me one more time before leaning back and looking at me.

“I’m sorry for not listening to the end of your interview. I just need to…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence. Even though I could’ve lied to him and told him some bullshit about needing to pee, I knew he wouldn’t believe it. When I looked at him in this moment, I slowly began to realize he truly was the only one who had been treating me right all the time. Yes, he was a dick in the beginning, but since then he has been trying to make it up to me. He never once left my side even when I left his.

“Johanna…” He leaned his forehead against mine and sighed deeply while closing his eyes. “The interview isn’t what’s important at the moment. All that I care about is you, and you are hurting.” He opened his beautiful blue eyes and looked at me with a sad expression. “I know you think your every move hurts someone, but the only thing that hurts me is seeing you cry.” He wiped away the tears that were running down my cheeks still. “I’ve got something to show you.” He released my hand and lowered his hand from my face so that he could unbutton the first button on his shirt. When he did I noticed a small cold chain around his neck. I realized I hadn’t seen that before, not even when he was naked. He started to lift the chain and I realized what it was. Before I could even see the pendant I gasped and placed a hand over my mouth.

“Louis.. Is… Is that?” I couldn’t even speak the words correctly without stuttering. I placed my other hand on his chest and felt new tears come to my eyes. When I looked up at him he was looking down at my face with a soft smile.

“Ever since I saw that video I’ve been hoping you would find your way back to me. And then I realized I was supposed to bring you back home. But I always, always knew we would be us again. No matter how little of it, I just wanted you close to me all the time. I haven’t taken it off since that afternoon.” He let out a small laugh as tears began sliding down his own cheeks. “I must’ve watched that video at least a hundred times.” He shook his head and wet his lips as he thought about what to say next.

“Louis…” My voice was a strangled noise and he smiled at the sound.

“I know I say this all the time Jo, but I really do love you. I love you so much it hurts sometimes.” He moved my hand so that it was over his heart and I could feel it beating really fast. “It hurts because I can’t stop my heart from doing this every time you touch me. When you cry I want to go on a killing spree until the wanker who made you cry is gone and you never have to cry again.” I felt more and more tears slide down my cheeks as he kept on ranting adorable things. I loved him so much. “This necklace. 1 true love.” He held it up and I stopped breathing for a few seconds. “Was all that I needed to remember myself that no matter how far away you were, my heart was yours and your heart was mine.” He cleared his throat and I thought I saw a certain fear flash across his face but he hid it quickly.

“Lou… I really love you too…” I didn’t know what else to say as he stared down at me with glassy eyes.

“Johanna. I’ve never had anyone like you in my life before. I thought I had found love, and then you came and all it took was for me to look at you.” I almost snorted and was going to protest but Louis put his hand over my mouth. “What I am trying to say that I have thought a lot about this. And I know it’s a really bad timing right now but I just have run this past you.” I nodded and he quickly looked around and then whispered underneath his breath. I think it was something like ‘this is so not how I wanted this’ but couldn’t be completely sure. He was still holding his necklace and began to take it off. When he had he slid something off it and placed the chain around his neck again. “We have been through so much together. And we are going to go through stuff in the future that is going to be hard. We are going to fight and hate each other, but we are always going to love each other too.” Not really understanding where this was going I smiled and was glad my tears had stopped. That was until I noticed Louis starting to kneel in front of me. When that happened I gasped and tears began to flood my eyes.

“Johanna Elisabeth Petersen, I love you more than life itself. I want to spend my life making you smile and making you laugh. I want to have a beautiful family with tiny Johannas’ running around the house.” I smiled an extremely happy smile through the tears and he kept going. “I know this might be too soon and I don’t even have a ring box, I’ve been carrying the ring with me for a month now. But I am so certain that we will last, and I am not letting you go again. Not ever.” He cleared his throat as he grabbed my hands a little bit tighter. “So what I am now going to ask is something that I am so sure of, that it is impossible for me to think about it any other way than something wonderful and amazing.” He looked at me with such loving eyes and my heart hurt. Not because I knew I was hurting him, because I wasn’t. My heart was hurting because I knew that no matter what, Louis wouldn’t let me go.

“Johanna Elisabeth Petersen. I love you so, so much. Will you do me the honours of becoming my wife?” He opened his hand and showed me the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He looked at me for what felt like forever and I just couldn’t move. He had asked the most beautiful question of all time and the speech before was beyond perfect. When I felt myself become more and more in control of my body I started nodding my head. I nodded it so much I thought it was going to pop off. A huge smile spread across his face and he jumped up from the floor. His arms were around me in an instant and I was laughing when he lifted me off the ground. He soon leaned back and pressed a ton of kissed on my face. My nose, lips, cheeks and all of the places on my face was being kissed as I just stood there laughing.

When he leaned back to really look at me he quickly spoke and I continued to cry. “Gosh, I love you so much.” He paused for a second before speaking up again. “Wait, that was a yes right?” I laughed and crashed my lips against his.

“Yes Louis. A thousand times yes! A million times yes!” I laughed and pressed my lips against his again. He grabbed my left hand and placed the beautiful ring on the right finger before looking at me and kissing my lips affectionately. When he leaned back I rested my head against his shoulder and looked at the ring around my finger. It was so weird. I was so happy that I really didn’t care what happened in the future, all I need is Louis and I’m set.

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