How To Move

All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!!


57. Chapter 57:

Feeling happy was strange at first. I didn't know how to act all the time but Louis understood that. So when I did act like one was supposed to when she was happy, he was always surprised. Like when I kissed him. He didn't understand but I really did think he was the most perfect boyfriend a girl or guy could have. I did love him so much and couldn't wait to start living my life with him.

After we had helped Harry carry all of his stuff into his new apartment we left him to unpack on his own, he said he wanted that. Louis and I decided to go buy junk food at McDonald's and Zayn and Liam went with us. Of course they were still a little bit pissed at me for making them come, but I honestly didn't care. I had simply told them that I would never do them a favor in the future if they didn't help, and they quickly realized how much I actually do for them. It was hilarious to watch and the boys faces when I came down with those two were priceless. I truly had to fight back the laughter.

We were currently on our way back to our complex when Zayn decided he wanted Perrie to come over. If course we all protested, not because we didn't want her to come but because we didn't want to make a detour. But Louis quickly agreed when Zayn threatened to spend the entire night at our place.

"Fine but you're not setting your foot in our flat until movie night." Zayn laughed at Louis pout and agreed. We had all agreed to have a movie night a week from now, on Saturday, and that we would have it at Louis and I's flat. When we pulled up outside Perrie's building she quickly got into the car and Zayn's face lit up. He looked so happy to have his fiancé near. Now you might think its weird that they didn't live together even though they were engaged, but they had agreed that because they had such hectic lives and so on that they'd have their own flats. They were moving in together in a few weeks.

"I'm surprised you got them to help out, Jo." Perrie laughed and nudged my shoulder since she sat behind me in the car. I simply shrugged and smiled towards Lou.

"When you threaten to take away something they need, you'd be surprised how eager they are to help." I turned around and winked at Zayn before turning back around. "I'm sure you've tried it before." She laughed out loud and I instantly new she had. I also understood that it had worked. I couldn't help but smile as Louis parked the car. I wasn't going to hold anything back when we got inside, if you know what I mean.

"So are you guys going to have a sex party now?" Liam asked casually, making me blush madly. Louis smiled a huge smile and I slapped his chest. He then leaned closer and whispered into my ear so that only I could hear his words.

"I haven't given you what you deserve in a long time love." His voice was thick with desire and I had to swallow back the moan threatening to escape my mouth. His face twisted into a delighted smirk and he kissed my temple. We walked into the building and I was thankful that all the girls from earlier were gone. Hopefully they would stay gone, but that was maybe to much to ask for. We all walked into the elevator and when it began to go up I turned to Liam and smiled.

"So what are you going to do tonight? Masterbate? Watch porn?" Louis tried to hold back his laughter and Zayn and Perrie laughed out loud. I simply smiled at Liam when his cheeks began to redden. "Oh come on LiLi. You know what I'm going to do. It's only fair you give the same info." He quickly stuck his tongue out to me and then walked passed me. I hadn't even realized the doors had opened. We all walked out into the hallway and parted as each of us walked to our respective flats. We all yelled bye to each other and then disappeared into the flats.

"So, what do you want to do? Flat mate?" Louis winked at me. I smiled and pretended to think about it before wrapping my arms around his neck. I leaned in closer and placed his right earlobe in between my lips. After I had sucked on it for a second I released it and spoke.

"I want to eat food. I'm starving." He groaned loudly and pulled back to look at me.

"Do you have to be such a bloody tease?" I laughed and nodded innocently before walking with our food into the kitchen.

"We bought this for a reason. We should eat it." I winked at Louis when he walked to stand next to me and I noticed he had a small pout on his lips. I leaned forward and kissed him tenderly before pulling back once more. "Plus we need some energy." I spoke matter of factly and Louis quickly pulled me into a tight hug. My back was pressed against his chest and I could feel his quick heartbeat.

"We can reheat it later." His voice was so low and dark with passion I gasped at the sound of it. As I leaned my head back onto his shoulder I closed my eyes and let him win. "I've been neglecting you for too long, love." I felt his hands move from around my waist and he started to caress my sides and my stomach.

"Louis." I couldn't say anything else as my breath caught again because his hands traveled over my breasts. It was true that he hadn't touched me for a long time. But I understood why. I wanted so badly to tell him that, that I understood that every time he touched me the only thing he could imagine was Michael raping me. As if he could read my mind Louis spoke.

"I know you understand but doesn't make it alright. I want you to be satisfied all the time, I want to be the one that makes you moan." He whispered the last sentence as his hands reached lower and lower. I blushed deeply as he spoke the last word because I knew he must've heard me in the shower. I had been taking care of my sexual desires while showering, since Lou wasn't ready yet. Although it turned me on to know he had heard me.

"Louis, just..." I couldn't say anything else as he spun me around Nd crashes his lips onto my own. As the kiss deepened fast his hands found their way to my ass to pull me closer to him. I could already feel his largeness against me and I got more excited because of it. As we continued to kiss I let my hands explore the body that had been so near but yet so far away this last month. When I heard him moan I knew he had missed my touch as much as I had missed his.

"Johanna." He moaned out my name and I simply groaned in response. He smiles into the kiss and leaned back slightly to look at me. I must've looked very flustered, with blushed cheeks and swollen lips. "Do you want to join me in the bedroom?" His voice was a little uncertain and I simply nodded. His face broke into a huge smile and he dragged me towards our joined bedroom. As he closed the door I turned around to look at him. He looks so good in his dirty white t-shirt and khaki pants. Of course I wanted to rip the clothes of his body but I had to admit he really did look like a model. As I watched him he gave me a slightly confused look and I smiled.

"Have I ever told you that you look like a model?" He laughed lightly before shaking his head and walking towards me.

"If I remember the incident correctly you told me I looked like your model boyfriend?" I smiled and shook my head at his remark.
"No one could ever out shine you, Louis Tomlinson." His eyes changed expression instantly, they went from living to adoring as well. I simply smiled a huge smile back to him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"You're still the most beautiful person I have ever met. Inside and out." He leaved down to kiss me passionately and then places his forehead against my own. "I love you." I smiled and felt my heart swell.

"I love you too." He then pressed his perfect lips against my own and began undressing me slowly. I did him the same favor and soon enough we were both naked and situated on the bed. He was positioned between my legs but his limb wasn't inside me yet. He looked down at me with dark eyes and I could almost see the pictures he was imagining. I softly placed my hand on his chest and I could feel his heart quicken.

"Louis." His eyes refocused onto me again and I smiled softly. "If you're not ready, I understand." I really wanted him at the moment but didn't want him to torture himself. He slowly shook his head and placed it against my shoulder.

"I really want this." I sighed lightly and caressed his head. I ran my fingers through his hair and felt him relax slightly.

"I want to help Louis." He looked up at me with sad but hungry eyes. I pulled his head towards mine and gave him a slow kiss as I gently turned us around so that I was on top of him. "I'm all yours Lou. No one else is here." His eyes darkened a little and I knew it was working. I gently ran my hand down towards his naked limb and saw his eyes darken more and more. When I reached my destination I gently grabbed him in my hand and ran it up and down a couple of times. When he placed his hands on my hips I took it as a silent plead to move on.

Before pushing him into me I placed his tip against my opening and slowly and gently spun my hips around in a circle. When he once more grabbed my hips to tell me to move on I smiled and nodded. I took it very slowly as I pushed his huge limb into me. I wasn't used to his size and gasped lightly when his entire being filled me. I desperately wanted to move but his hands held me down. I looked down at him and bit my lips to keep the whimper I knew was coming in.

He was looking at my face at first and then his eyes moved downwards. When they met the point where out body's connected he quickly sat up and pressed his lips against my own. I moaned into the kiss and gasped when he started to play with my clit. It was beyond wonderful and I once more wanted to move. This time I didn't keep the whimper in as his other hand went to my breast. I pulled his body against mine and pouted when he refused to move.

"Louis." I practically whines out his name and he chuckled lightly. Just as I was about to protest more I felt him lift my hips up and I gasped at the feeling of him moving inside of me. We quickened the speed and we both became sweaty real quick. When he had been at it for a long time Louis quickly flipped us over so that he was on top of me once again. I moaned loudly and threw my head back as he slammed into me harder and harder. When I thought I couldn't take it anymore he pulled out of me completely and I opened my eyes to look at him. He had a smile on his lips and as I grabbed his hips he chuckled lightly.

"Oh, she wants more." He placed himself in my opening again and pushed himself into me hard. I wasn't completely ready for at and gasped out loud when I felt a whole new feeling rush over me. I felt myself being near the edge and as he pushed himself into me as deep as he could I felt my body twitch and my nails dig into his back. I almost screamed out his beautiful name as a sensation that no shower head has ever given me flooded over me. Not to long after me Louis pulled out and let his cum end up on the bed.

He collapsed on the bed beside me and I turned my back to him so that we could spoon. When our breathes were back to normal he kissed my shoulder and hugged me even closer.

"Thank you Johanna." I smiled and picked up his hand and brought it to my lips. I gently kissed his palm and then leaned my face into it.

"No, thank you Lou." I turned slightly so that I could see his face. "That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. I love you." I kissed his nose before I turned around once more. I heard him sigh and as I felt my eyes turn heavy with sleep I though I heard him speak.

"You save me so much I wish I could save you too. I don't deserve you. But I do love with all of my heart." I squeezed his hand tightly to show him a kind of heard his words. I then let sleep take over me because I had endless days of this.

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