How To Move

All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!!


53. Chapter 53:

“Johanna?” Louis whispered from his spot behind me on the couch. I had almost fallen asleep and opened my eyes as I stretched slightly.

“Yeah?” My voice was a little husky because we hadn’t talked in a while. He hugged me closer and put his mouth by my ear.

“I think we should go see Dina.” I turned slightly so that I could look at him. I smiled and he kissed my cheek softly.

“I would love that.” My eyebrows furrowed together and I looked at him with confusion written all over my face. “But why do you want to see her?” He smiled gently and wiped a strain of hair out of my face. I couldn’t help but smile because I loved the way my stomach always fluttered every time he touched me.

“Because I saw how happy you were to read her letter.” He paused and kissed my forehead. “I just want you to be happy, and going to see her will make you happy.” He pecked my lips quickly before climbing over me and starting to walk towards the kitchen. I somehow felt that he had another agenda for going to the prison and that he wouldn’t tell me. I stood up and followed him into the kitchen and he offered me a coke, which I declined. I stood there staring at him as he drank from the can in his hands. As I tried to figure out why he would want to go there it suddenly hit me and I stood there gaping at him.

“Lou.” He looked up at me and tried to look innocent but I didn’t buy it. “Do you want to go because you know Michael is there?” He turned around quickly and hid his face from me. He shook his head and pretended to pour his coke into a glass.

“No, I want you to see Dina.” I sighed but didn’t walk up to him. I had the feeling he didn’t want to be touched at the moment.

“Louis, I believe you when you say that, I really do. But I can feel that there is something more.” His shoulders slouched a little bit and I let out another sigh. “You’re not going to do anything stupid are you?” He turned around slowly and shook his head. He didn’t lift his head to look at me but I could see his sad face.

“I just want to make sure he really is in there.” His words made my heart swell and when I walked over to him my eyes looked at him lovingly.

“He is, and he will be until the end of time.” I hugged him close and then leaned back to give him a hard kiss. When we broke apart I looked at him with serious eyes and spoke with a very stern voice.
“I still want to go, and when we are there you are not to run off trying to see where he is. We can ask them if he really is in there but we are not going to see him.” Louis nodded and hugged me so tight I almost stopped breathing.

“You really are the bestest of girlfriends ever.” I giggled lightly and punched his shoulder softly as he leaned back.

“I know!” I began walking to our bedroom and I felt him follow me.

“So…” I giggled once more and looked back at him with nonchalant eyes.

“So what?” When I turned around I couldn’t help but smile and groan at me childish ways.

“So you’re not going to say it back?” I laughed sarcastically and strolled over to the dresser in our room.

“Say what back?” He groaned again and spun me around so quickly I almost lost my breath again. I couldn’t help but giggle at his face expression. He was looking at me with a pout and sad eyes, even though I could tell he wanted to laugh badly.

“That I am the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world.” I pretended to think about it and then looked at him with a huge smile on my face.

“I don’t know, Lou. I mean Zayn did fake propose to me that one time…” I spoke with as much sarcasm as I could muster and he just gave me a dry look.

“Very funny. I did say I was sorry about that.” I sighed lightly and looked at my left hand dreamingly.

“I know. I just think the ring would’ve looked wonderful on my finger. Well, after we took it out a little bit.” I smiled and looked up at him. He grabbed my left hand and held it to his chest as he looked me into the eyes.

“The only ring that is going to be on this finger is going to be the one I’m going to give you.” I blushed a deep red and my smile grew so much I thought my face was going to burst.

“So you want to marry me?” He opened his mouth and realized what he had said. He only faltered for a second before he composed himself and nodded a strong nod.

“Yes. Someday I would love to make you my wife.” I blushed even darker, if that was even possible, as my heart swell so much I thought my chest was going to explode. His eyes were filled with so much love and I just knew he meant every word.

“I like that.” I nodded in approval and placed my arms around his neck. “Johanna Tomlinson. Has a good ring to it, doesn’t it?” He nodded and leaned in to place his lips against mine. The kiss started out lovingly but soon turned into something a little bit more heated. I began to run my hand down Louis stomach but he grabbed my hand before I even reached his pants.

“I-..” He shook his head and backed away from me. “I’m sorry. I can’t.” I smiled weakly as I walked over to him. I placed my hand on the side of his face to make him look at me. When he did I spoke.

“It’s okay Lou. In time.” I smiled and pecked his lips quickly. “We should get dressed.” He nodded and I turned around. Suddenly he hugged me from behind me and I smiled like a goof.

“Thank you, again.” I kissed his hand and nodded before walking into the closet to grab a shirt. While I was in there I heard him sing a few words. “Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the one who needed saving.

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