How To Move

All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!!


42. Chapter 42:

My day was almost over when my phone rang. The class I was having at the moment were writing on their novels so I excused myself and walked into the hallway to answer.

“Hello baby.” I smiled slightly into the phone but when he answered my smile dropped.

“I’m not going to be able to pick you up so you’re riding with Robbie.” He left no room for questions and I couldn’t do anything but agree.

“Of course.” I tried to sound sweet, ease the anger I knew he felt. I hoped that he hadn’t found out that Louis had visited me today. If he had I was going to hear about it later.

“Make sure dinner is ready when I get home.” I responded with a small ‘yeah’ and he hung up. I felt fear rip through me and I leaned against the wall. I placed my hands on my stomach and willed myself to breathe. I wasn’t afraid of him hurting me, I was terrified he would hurt Louis. Taking a deep breath I walked into the classroom and looked at the class.

“What do you say about finishing early today?” Everyone yelled yes and I laughed slightly. “Then pack up your stuff and go home!” They all hopped out of their seats and practically ran out of the room. I laughed at them and started packing up my stuff as well. I did so fairly quickly and walked out. I said goodbye to students on the way and went outside. I instantly noticed Robbies car and walked over to it. I jumped in and he looked at me with his dark eyes.

“You’re early.” He stated. I nodded and smiled at him.

“Just couldn’t wait to get home to Michael.” I turned my gaze to look ahead and heard Robbie laugh. I didn’t flinch when I heard it but I had the feeling he knew what was waiting for me. He began driving towards my apartment. I didn’t speak to him at all but he tried to start up conversations with me. When we arrived at my building he drove into the garage instead of just parking outside. I became worried but didn’t show it. When he had parked the car I tried to get out but the door was locked. I turned to look at him and he had a sick smile on his lips.

“Open the door Robbie.” I looked ahead instead of meeting his gaze. I saw him move closer to me and as his hand was placed on my thigh I panicked. I knew better than to fight him, since he was much stronger than me. His hand slowly went in between my legs and I felt tears form in my eyes. “Please stop.” My voice was a mere whisper and he just chuckled at my reaction.

“But I don’t want to stop.” He kissed my cheek and placed his lips next to my ear. “You need to remember our little agreement love. You please me and I don’t rat you out to Michael.” I took a shaky breath before nodding. His hand grabbed me hard between my legs and I winced in pain. “I’m only going to make you do a hand job today. I figured you’re going to need the energy for him tonight.” I swallowed and nodded. I hated doing this but if he told Michael I’m dead. “Go on.” He leaned back in his seat and removed his hand from my private parts. I swallowed again and tried to contain the tears as I caressed the outside of his pants. I knew he got aroused quickly so I unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear so that his dick was out. Without looking at it I began running my hand up and down on it. He moaned and I closed my eyes, trying to imagine I was doing this on someone else. Just like I did whenever I was with Michael as well. It never took long until he finished and today wasn’t any different. He finished in only minutes and when he was he unlocked the door.

“Go get yourself cleaned up cupcake. No one likes a cry baby.” His words were harsh and I didn’t respond. I got out of the car and walked into the elevator that would take me to my floor. Inside I broke down completely. My life had gone from worse to hell. All I wanted was for Louis and the boys to be safe and by being with Michael they were. He knew I had lived with them and told me that if I ever left him he would kill them all.

I walked through the door to the principal’s office and noticed a man sitting in front of him. I was really confused as to why this man was here but I didn’t say anything. I stopped just inside the door and looked at the two men, I could not see the other man’s face yet.

“You wanted to speak to me.” I smiled at the principal and he nodded. He gestured towards the man in front of me and smiled.

“Yes I did. I have a friend here who really wanted to meet you. Says you two know each other quite well.” I smiled and nodded to his statement. I waited for the man to turn and when he did I felt as if the floor had vanished underneath me. I couldn’t think about anything but the raw fear I felt. I started to back away slowly and had made it to the door when the man stood up and pushed me against the wall next to the door.

“Oh I don’t think so love.” He had his hand around my neck and was pushing me onto the wall by that hand. I gasped in lack of air and tried to remove his hand. I looked at the principal and all he did was look at his papers, ignoring the scene. “Seems like you took a wrong turn somewhere doesn’t it? Why else would you risk your family’s life just because you’re stupid.” He shrugged as if he didn’t know the answer and I tried to swallow. My eyes were huge and I stared at him in terror. He loosened his grip around my throat only to punch me in the gut with the other hand. “Now are going to act like a nice girl or am I supposed to show you who’s in charge?” He knelt beside me as I fell to the floor. My stomach hurt like hell and I had tears running down my cheeks. He gave me a look that told me he wanted me to say it. I took a shaky breath and nodded.

“I won’t go against you again.” He nodded and stood up.

“Get up before anyone see’s you.” He turned his back to me and spoke to the man behind the desk. “Thanks for everything mate. I’ll need someone to keep an eye on her at all times.” He nodded and Michael continued. “I knew I could count on you Robbie.”

I walked into the apartment I once called my own but now it was ours. I looked around quickly and walked into the kitchen where I instantly began cooking dinner. I was going to make chicken and rice. When I put on the rice I went into our bedroom and fetched my computer. I turned it on and logged on to Skype quickly. I noticed Yvette being logged on and I called her up. She answered in an instant but sounded worried.

“Hello Jo.” I sighed and felt the slight anger build up against her again.

“Do you know what you have done?” She looked confused and I understood she didn’t know Louis had come to the school today. She shook her head and looked at something behind the screen. “Is Niall there?” Before she could answer he answered for her.

“Hi Johanna.” I ignored his hello and spoke directly to Yvette.

“Tell him to leave the room.” Yvette looked behind the screen once again and nodded. I heard someone walk away and soon a door opened and closed. She looked back at the screen and waited for me to speak. “Louis came to the school Yvette.” She gasped and made a ‘oh’ motion with her mouth. I ran my hand over my face and sighed deeply. I looked at the screen again and gave her a hopeless stare. “Tell Louis it’s not safe. He needs to stay away for his own good. I don’t want to see him.” I heard someone put a key in the lock and looked at screen once more. “Look I got to go. Make sure he stays away.” I logged off Skype and turned on some music on a low volume. I heard him walk into our bedroom to change clothes and when his steps started towards me I started to get anxious. I wondered if he was really mad or just fuming. He walked into the kitchen and I had my back to him as I fried the chicken. He opened the fridge, probably grabbing a beer, and closed it harshly. The sound made me jump but I tried to conceal it. I turned around to face him as I had a small smile on my lips.

“Hi babe.” I looked at him and he looked at me with disgust in his eyes. I knew he had found out about Louis. “What’s wrong?” I stepped forward, running my hands over his strong arms. I pretended to be entranced by his muscles to make him feel manly but he was to mad to let that fool him. He spun the bottle in his hand and studied it for a long time. I looked at his face and prayed to some higher power that he wouldn’t turn violent. Although it didn’t work. Without warning his other hand snaked out and slapped me across the face. I fell to the ground by the force of it. When I looked up at him with a hand on my cheek he stood there like nothing had happened. He was still looking at the bottle which he was spinning in his hand. He was really mad because he was usually a little bit more verbal about things.

“Michael, please. I didn’t know he was coming. I didn’t want him to co-…” I could say anything else because he kicked me in my stomach. I lost my breath and he kicked me again. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth and when I coughed it came onto the floor.

“Get up.” His voice sounded disgusted and I did what he told me. I stood in front of him and had to lean on the counter because my stomach hurt too much. He took a swig of his beer and then sat it down on the counter. He took a step towards me so that he was directly in front of me. He caressed the side of my face that he had hit and when his hand got to my throat he gently placed it around it. I tried not to move and inch because I knew that if I did his hand would tighten. He pushed me so that my back was against the counter and then he lifted me up so that I was sitting on it. I gasped lightly as he did so because my stomach still hurt. He looked at me mesmerized and his hand ran down my body slowly. He caressed my breasts and my stomach and then grabbed my hips with both of his hands. His fingers dug into me and it hurt but I didn’t flinch.

“You’re mine.” I nodded and spoke a quiet yes as he pulled my crotch towards his. “And no one else’s.” He looked up at me and our eyes met. I nodded and lifted my hand to caress his cheek.

“I’m not leaving you. I’m right here.” I leaned forward and felt disgusted to be so near to him. “I’m only yours and will always be.” I kissed his cheek and his hands tightened. I flinched slightly because of the pain but he didn’t notice. I noticed his hard on and kissed his lips quickly. “What do you say about me turning of the stove and then taking care of you before we eat?” I spoke in a mere whisper and hope desperately that he would say yes. If he said yes then I wouldn’t have to be beaten anymore tonight. He didn’t say anything as his hand ran over my bum. He gave me a quick nod and walked off to our bedroom. I thanked the lords for making him say yes. As I jumped off the counter I tried to steady my heartbeat as I thought about what I had to do now. I was used to having sex with him, but it tore a piece from me every time. The only way I knew I was going to be able to get through this was if I imagined him being Lou. And as I walked into the bedroom I convinced myself that I saw Louis lying there in bed, waiting for me with loving eyes.

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