How To Move

All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!!


36. Chapter 36:

How to Move

I had gotten dressed

I had gotten dressed and was now at the venue where Louis had decided he wanted the party. The boys had all agreed on that I was to be the one who arranged it all, and I can tell you that it was not an easy job! Even though Louis helped me mostly, and Harry did as well sometimes, I still struggled to make it all work. Thank the lords for the hired people that Louis had gotten. I wouldn’t have managed this without them. About a month ago I had talked to Louis and told him I wanted to see a guest list, so that I could arrange it all after the number and by who was coming. The day after he showed me a list that held some of the most famous people in history and over 300 people! I yelled at him for twenty minutes before calming down and remembering it was his birthday.

But now that I was running around the venue, going crazy because the caterer just told me that there was only food for 280 people at the moment and the rest might arrive a little late, I instantly became angry once more. I began muttering to myself and cursing Louis for throwing a birthday/New Years Eve party. The money he spent on this thing alone was insane! When I dropped the phone Louis got me for Christmas for the third time I simply sighed and sat down on the nearest chair. I took two calming breaths before looking around me to see how it all turned out. The entire room was in the colors black, gold and silver. Louis had chosen those colors because it reminded him of parties he went to as a child.

I fanned myself with the clipboard I was holding, cursing myself for changing into my party dress to soon. I was indeed sweaty and it wasn’t nice at all. I sighed once more and looked down at the phone in my hands. I had given the security guards the instructions to text me when people started to arrive and just as I looked at the phone I got that text. I groaned in annoyance and heard someone clear their throat next to me. The person was sitting down, and I found it strange that I hadn’t heard the approach. When I looked up I Demi sitting there so I smiled at her while giving her a sideways hug.

“You look stressed!” She laughed and patted my back as I leaned away from her. I sighed and shook my head as I let my hand gesture towards the entire room.

“Well this is a lot harder than I thought! Louis wanted me to help but I am nearly going insane!” I groaned again and she only laughed at me.

“It seems to me like you’re being the best girlfriend ever though!” She gestured to the room and shoved my shoulder at the same time. “I didn’t even do stuff like this for my boyfriend when he had won an award!” I laughed along with her and then stood up. I pulled her up with me and she gave me a weird stare.

“If you’re here then you can help. Not my fault you arrived half an hour early!” I laughed as I pulled her towards the DJ booth. The guy behind it was talking to Liam’s friend Andy. We walked over to them and I tapped Andys shoulder to get his attention. He turned around and smiled at me, giving me a once-over look before hugging me.

“Well damn girl! Louis is going to drop dead when he sees ya!” He made a burning noise when he touched my skin and I only laughed at him.

“What ever Andy!” I shoved his shoulder and his eyes traveled to Demi.

“Well hello Dems!” He leaned forward and pulled her into a tight hug. “You looking fine tonight, for any special fellow?” I noticed a slight blush on Demi’s cheeks and only shook my head at her.

“No actually I’m not. I am a single woman tonight, have been for over e year now.” She stated. I understood what she meant by that. A few years back when I was a true fan of Demi she stated in an interview that she wanted to be able to stay single for a year. She had failed to do so, but this year she had managed. She had started dating a close friend of hers, Joe Jonas, and when they ended it was pretty bad. She decided that this time was the last time she got her and swore of guys for an entire year. She had actually succeeded! And by stating that to Andy, she was practically begging him to jump her bones, sorry for the harsh expression. This was hilarious because she isn’t a hump and dump kind of girl, but Andy isn’t a commitment kind of a guy. So after she stated this Andy, who wasn’t the kind of guy to delay his answers, answered with the same smirk she had on her face.

“Well, that has to be celebrated tonight then!” He did an Olé!-move that made me and Demi laugh. I once again shook my head and cleared my throat to get their attention. They both turned their heads to look at me and I gave them a sweet smile.

“The fun doesn’t start yet!” I clapped my hands together and they both laughed at me. I gave them angry stares and Andy saluted me. Sighing for what felt like the millionth time tonight I smacked his hand down and looked at both of them. “Andy needs help with the music choice, since he is in charge of that kind of stuff.” I pointed at Andy and then looked up at the DJ who looked up at the ceiling. I turned to Demi who was smiling at Andys ashamed face. “So Demi, I’m giving you the job of watching Andy, and to see that he does his job. And to help him if he needs it.” With that I gave them a nod and turned around and walked away.

The party starts in 24 minutes, which means the moment I was dreading was only 114 minutes away. Minutes I was slowly counting down.

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