In 2049, 13 year old Lisa starts writing an account of her experence fighting for freedom with her fellow rebels. After her little brother is kidnapped by a man in a mask, her world starts to crumble around her. Will Jasper see the light of freedom as Lisa finds out that when in war, no-one is who they say and nothing is as it seams.


8. June 22nd 2049

We both awoke sharply. The rain was pouring down on us and drenched us to the bone. My saviour reached for a nearby bush. He had stashed a jacket in it the night before. As he put it on, the silver nametag glistened.

Ty Harrison

Ty. A manly name. It repeated over and over in my head until I was cirtain it was real.


We walked for hours until we saw it.

The main hedquarters, we knew it. We were taught these things in classes in the bunker time and time again.The pictures were nothing compared to the real thing. The walls were crum,bling from attacks and stained with the blood of enermies.

Then a heard a voice. Quiet but hearable.


Lisa? Help me.

I knew it was Jasper

Inside me something snapped


I pulled my hand away from Ty's and ran toward the fortress. Pulling my dagger out of it's holder I thusted it towards my direction, along with my left hand. It penatrated right through the oncomming door.

I ran up the stairs, not thinking about oncomming guards. The stairs lead to the open roof. Unoccupied.

Apart from the leader of the F.A.F


I screamed out the demanation of the location of Jasper.

The leader turned round

Emi cradelled Jasper in her arms.


I only saw red and ran towards Emi. My nostrals flaired and mussles tensed. I plummeted the palms of my hands into my former friend. She, and Jasper fell over the side of the 40 ft fortress. stood there my, mussles still tense, but not from anger, from regret, not from hatrid but from sadness, not from agression but from worry. I dared not look at first but I couldn't hold it any longer.

I looked over the edge

Ty was laying on the floor, a shaken, but alive, Jasper in his hands

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