In 2049, 13 year old Lisa starts writing an account of her experence fighting for freedom with her fellow rebels. After her little brother is kidnapped by a man in a mask, her world starts to crumble around her. Will Jasper see the light of freedom as Lisa finds out that when in war, no-one is who they say and nothing is as it seams.


7. June 21th 2049

Today was a rush

I awake in the middle of the night to the deafening sound of screams, shouts and explosions. I covered my ears in a desperate attempt to recover my hearing.

Then he appeared

A boy, only about as old as I am, stood at my doorway. His jet black hair rested down on his ears, and he was dressed head to toe in his rescue uniform.

Only worn when saving a rebeller of significance

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my cell as we ran.


We must of ran for at least an hour before we collapsed together in a heap. The midnight moon was progressing as we huddled up for warmth. He pulled out a slightly battered apple and handed it to me. I smiled and took a bite out of the red sphere.

We fell asleep, hand in hand as the morning sky arose from the darkness.

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