In 2049, 13 year old Lisa starts writing an account of her experence fighting for freedom with her fellow rebels. After her little brother is kidnapped by a man in a mask, her world starts to crumble around her. Will Jasper see the light of freedom as Lisa finds out that when in war, no-one is who they say and nothing is as it seams.


6. June 20th 2049

I found out something new today, a jail cell is incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in.

After I was dragged away yesterday morning, they took me to this cell and told me the charges; treason, going against the direct orders of a superior and endangering the life of fellow rebellers. I wasn't paying attention though, all I could think about was Emi and the grin of her face. It hit me as hard and a million punches.

My trial is in the morning, I could be decommissioned for this. I just feel so angry, I try to save the life of not only a fellow human but my brother, and I'm punished for it.


What a world we live in.


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