In 2049, 13 year old Lisa starts writing an account of her experence fighting for freedom with her fellow rebels. After her little brother is kidnapped by a man in a mask, her world starts to crumble around her. Will Jasper see the light of freedom as Lisa finds out that when in war, no-one is who they say and nothing is as it seams.


2. June 16th 2049

The rebellion has just won the war, when a masked man comes out of  crowd with Jasper at gunpoint. He throws Jasper to me but he has a bomb fastened to him, counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2. I scream. Then I woke up.

I woke up gasping for breath. I swore quite loudly, that was the 13th night in a row that I had had that nightmare. I quickly ran and checked on Jasper. He was sleeping soundly, cuddled up on the floor, covered only by his beloved blanket (handmade out of scraps of clothes). We lived in a little apartment in the rebellion bunker. One was given to each operative, though at my level (I'm basically at the bottom of the group, just here to help where needed), our apartment is only one room. I separated it into 2 bedrooms using handmade curtains. I went back to my bed and soon drifted off again.

I was woken up to the sound of chimes. I sat back, still half in my slumber and listened. 5, 6.


I rose with a jolt. 7 chimes meant 7 o'clock, I was an hour late. I quickly got dressed in my 'uniform' (camouflage) and gulped down half a carton of 2 day old milk. I usually dropped Jasper off at the day-care, but I was in a rush, so I told Jasper not to answer to strangers and what-not, just to be safe, I locked the door.

I ran down to sign in and, after getting shouted at by leader, quickly reported to my station. It was a training exercise again. Shooting practice, of course. I aimed at the target, when the person next to be brought my gun down. I shot into the floor and demanded to know what was so important.

I was staring in the eyes of an F.A.F operative. He held a gun to my head, I held my breath. Emi kicked him in the leg and he hit his head on the concrete floor. Emi is my best mate, and my battle partner. I heard screams, I turned round and kids were running from a building in the distance, before it collapsed.  I heard an announcement that all fighters were to pull on a full scale attack, and everyone lower in rank was to go to the safe base until father notice. I ran there with Emi and we, along with the others, huddled there terrified. Blasts and gunshots echoed round the room, just adding to our fear.

When it was over, there was a deprived city before my eyes, painted red with blood and corpses. I could still hear the screams of injured soldiers and small children running to their older siblings. Then a thought stuck in my mind.

I left Jasper.

I grabbed Emi's hand and ran over to our apartment. The window was smashed and the door broken down. I searched inside and out but I couldn't find him. I walked into his room. It had been thrown into dismay, his bed flipped over and toys scattered. I heard a smash and ran over to my side. A masked man sat on the ledge and winked at me before throwing back some cloth and running out.

Jasper's blanket la crumpled on the distressed floor.

I broke down in tears, sobbing into the blanket.

The nightmare was coming alive.

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