Niall and Alex

Alex is just a normal girl living a normal life in Florida. She's never been into boy bands and only listened to country music. Some of the "popular" girls at school make fun of her for it. All this changes when she runs into Niall Horan. From that moment her life has been turned upside-down.


3. Alex's POV

10 Minutes Earlier...

     I walked up into my room. I laid onto my bed. My brother should be on his way home. He rode the bus because the elemntary wing was an hour later than middle school and high school. My mom doesn't get home until after Lloyd. I just laid in my room staring at the celing.

     "I'm home!" Lloyd called from downstairs. He walked up to my room and stopped at my door. He noticed I was staring at the celing. "What's wrong Alex?" he asked. "Something you wouldn't understand," I said. Lloyd just rolled his eyes.

     It was quiet for another minute. Then I looked at him. "Shouldn't you be doing your homework?" I asked.

     "I don't have any," Lloyd replied.

     It was silent for another minute. "Can we go to KFC?" Lloyd asked. "No, mom will be home soon," I replied. Lloyd went to his room. Then I got a text.

Going to be late. Can't make dinner. Make sure to feed Lloyd.


    My first thought was that how did Lloyd know. I didn't think about it too much though. I walked downstairs and combed my hair. Then hollored, "Lloyd! Grab your coat we are heading to KFC!"

     We got in my car and headed to KFC. When we got there we walked inside and something caught my eye. It was Niall. It wasn't just him this time, it was the whole band.

     We got a table and sat down. I kept an eye on the band. "Okay you can get anything under $5," I told Lloyd.

     "Does that include drinks?" he asked.

     I thought for a moment then said, "No." We ordered and ate our food. Niall was staring at me the whole time.

     I looked over at Niall. Lloyd looked at me and looked over too. "Uh, who's that?" he asked.

     I faced him and said, "It's no one."

     "If it's no one then why are you two staring at each other?" he asked.

     My cheeks turned red. "We're not," I growled. Lloyd opened his mouth to say something but I placed my hand on his mouth. "Just finish your popcorn chicken." Lloyd smirked as he stuck another piece of chicken in his mouth.

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