Niall and Alex

Alex is just a normal girl living a normal life in Florida. She's never been into boy bands and only listened to country music. Some of the "popular" girls at school make fun of her for it. All this changes when she runs into Niall Horan. From that moment her life has been turned upside-down.


1. Alex's POV

     I grabbed my coat and ran out the door. I was late for school, again. I realized I forgot my bag and had to go back inside. It was always like this on a Monday.

     After I got to my car I drove to school and got to class right before the bell. I sat down in my seat and the teacher walked in. "Good morning class," Mrs. Ewing said. "Please get out your homework and I will be around to collect it." I reached into my bag and looked for my homework. It wasn't there. In all the rush I must have forgoten it.

     I was dead. As nice as Mrs. Ewing was she couldn't stand it when we forget our homework. I sunk down in my seat. When Mrs. Ewing got to my seat she asked me where my homework was. I told her at home. She put her hands on her hips and looked at me.

     Then my little brother, Lloyd, walked in. Lloyd was only in 3rd grade. The school I went to had 1st-12th grade, but the elementary wing was all the way passed the midddle school wing. I didn't understand why he was there.

     "Can I help you, Lloyd?" Mrs. Ewing said when she noticed him.

     "A yeah," he replied. "Alex forgot her homework so my mom told me to bring it to her." Mrs. Ewing looked at me, but I just smiled innocently. She walked over to the door and took my homework.

     "Thank you Lloyd. Your sister is lucky to have a brother like you," Mrs. Ewing told him.

     "I know," he said smiling. "That's why she owes me one." Then he walked back to his class.

     I hate it when he pulls the 'she owes me' card. It seems like I can never get him to owe me. Either way he was still the best brother I could ask for. We're really close no matter how much of a brat he is.

     The rest of the day went on as usual. When I got out I walked to the parking garage near the school. It costs more money to park at the school than at the parking garage. Since I'd been late I had to park on the roof. I got into the elevator. There was a man with a hoodie.

     I got a weird feeling when I stood next to him. I turned to look at his face but he turned away. "Nice day isn't?" I said hoping he'd respond. He hesitated but said,

     "Yes, nicest I've sen since I got here." No matter how hard he tried, he could not mask his Irish accent.

     His accent was downright perfect. I swore I'd heard it before. I thought a minute than it hit me. "Hey," I started, "Aren't you..." His hand covered my mouth. His hood slipped a little and knew exactly who it was.

     "Please," he said.

     He removed his and I closed my mouth. We both faced forward. "Niall Horan," I whispered. Niall sighed. "Don't worry, I'm not a crazed fan," I assured him. "I don't even like boy bands." Niall looked at me shocked. Then the elevator door opened. I walked to my car, turned as I saw him get into his car, then got in and drove home.

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