My Crazy, Weird, Boring, Normal, Annoying Life...

Hi!! So this is just My Crazy,Weird, Boring, Normal, Annoying Life. And it is just that. This is my life. So it gets a little crazy, weird, boring, normal, and annoying sometimes. Prepare the be entertained....bored out of your mind...then weirded out.... :)

This is me......


3. Right Nowwww

Okay hey guys so as I was saying I'm in my room right now and My hair is crazy and my brother Tyler just showed up with his Girl Friend who I have never met but I have seen her before and I look terrible like I just woke up!! Ughhh Im all like I'm going to meet My brothers new Girl Friend for the first time looking like I just woke up??? Ugghhhhhh!!! This is the annoying part of my life! And just to show you how much I care I am typing this with my eyes closed and I'm not going to proof read it just to make it even more reall!!! I dont want you guys reading some proof read peace of book with this lovey dovey cliche moments so this is going to be reall!!!!!!!! yep!!!!


Okay so I can hear them talking out there and there all like IDK and stuff Idk I don't want to meet his OMG I THINK THEIR COMING IN HERE! AHHH SAVE ME PLEASEEE!!!I LOOK HORRID!! UGHHH SHOULD i LIKE CHANGE REALL QUICK AND DO MY MAKEUP REALL QUICK BEFORE THEY COME IN HERE!! OMG I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! HELP ME! I'm all sweaty and stuff and its gross! and His Girl Friend is here and ughhhh i don't want to meet her like this! Just leave already!! Pleaseeeee!!!! Oh and BTW my room door does not have a lock..well it does but it doesen't work... so that is not an option and when i get dressed I'm all like hey don't come into my room because I'm getting dressed but I don't say that because as you know im shyyyyy!!!!! Ughhhhhhh!! ahhh! I'm like freaking out and i'm like typing at the speed of light and omg it think their coming in here! what do i do?? omgoomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmgomgogmgmoogmgmomggmgmogmogmgomgommgogmgmomomgomgmgomgomgomgogmgogmogmgomgomgomgommogomgomgmogomgogmogmogmgomgmogmogomgo FREAK OUT OUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUTUTOTUTOUTOUOTUOUTOUTOUTOUTOUUOTOTOUTOTOUTOU HELP ME MEMEMEMMEMEMEMEMEMEMMEMEMEMEMEMMEMEMMEMEMEUGGHHHHHHHHHHHUGHUGHUGHGUHGUHGUHGUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHHHHHHHHlol llol I just had like a total freak out I think i'll proof read. wait.....i think their gone...............................................Okay well this was not productive at all...lolbut like what if his GF comes into my room and sees it and is all like omg IM MEETING HER okay so I jsut was made to go out and say hi to my brother and he wass all like hey whats up?? and I wass all ike idk and hewas all ike getting good grades in school and i was all like ............uhmmmmm and mom was like no and I was like ...kind of...and he was like takiing after us? and I just backed away slowely and I didn't really meet his gf but Now Im all like ughh and my laptop just turned off on me because it died and im all sweaty and stuff and im like quick get all the stuffed animals off my bead beofre she comes in and says hi and get a first impression with I do not want and she is going to domce in and be all like hey your ugly and ill be all like okaaayyy thennnna dnd weelll live ahppiliy ever after but i don't want that i want for once to have a good impression on one of my brothers gf's!!! ughh whyyyyyyyyyyyyy...... BYE GTG IM GOING AND I HAVE TO GET DRESSED AND PEOPLE CAN SEE INTO MY WINDOW AND PEOPLE CAN COME INTO MY ROOM AND I HAVE TO GET READY IN 5 MINUTES! UGHH

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